Pakho Chau’s Shower Photos Leaked

Pakho Chau’s (周柏豪) shower photos may have been leaked on the internet. The photos appear to have been secretly taken while the man with a striking resemblance to Pakho was caught by surprise while trying to cover himself. As the source of leaks are yet to be known, many netizens recall Pakho’s 2018’s change room photo incident and wonder if they are related.

In 2018, Pakho was secretly photographed in the dressing room and he took to his social media to denounce the perpetrator. Pakho revealed that he was changing after a performance and caught someone secretly taking photos of him with their mobile phone. When Pakho yelled out, the photographer immediately fled the scene and was eventually apprehended.

At that time, the photographer was revealed to have been only 18 years old and confessed to his behaviors. Pakho criticized the photographer for being an adult and should have known better. Angered by the incident, Pakho appealed to the public to condemn the photographer’s actions.

As the 2018 incident happened in the changing room, many netizens argued that the newly leaked shower photos may not had been taken in the same location. Some netizens also questioned whether AI was used to spoof Pakho’s face to the photos.

In response to the leaked shower photo, Pakho’s talent agency shared that they are seeking legal assistance, “We have contacted a lawyer for legal advice and it is not convenient to respond at this stage. We reserve the right to take any legal action.”

Unfortunately, this was not the second time that Pakho’s privacy was invaded. Also in 2018, Pakho was in Jiangmen for a concert when a hotel staff photographed and leaked his ID and passport information. Pakho was shaken from having his personal information leaked and scolded the staff, “Some things cannot be photographed and shared!”

Celebrities React to Pakho’s Leaks

Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) understood the headache of being secretly photographed. In 2011, Bosco was photographed walking around naked inside his then girlfriend Myolee Wu’s (胡杏兒) home. Sympathizing with Pakho, Bosco said, “Being secretly photographed like this is an invasion of privacy. It is completely unethical and immoral. Since he has already contacted a lawyer to handle this, I am an outsider and I will not say too much.”

Reporter also reached out to Pakho’s labelmate Shiga Lin (連詩雅) and asked if she had condemned the photographer and if she would be taking extra caution while in public. However, Shiga’s manager said that Shiga will not be responding to any questions.


Source: HK on CC

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