TVB to Create Joint Music Award Shows

Since Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) arrival as a member of TVB’s executive management team, he has initiated many changes across the company. Aside from brainstorming creative ideas for new variety show programming, he extended his connections and invited many artistes and production staff to return to TVB.

One of the key executives to return is Ho Lai Chuen (何麗全), who is heading Voice Entertainment. Sharing future plans for the company, Ho Lai Chuen plans to extend the olive branch and allow singers from the three major music labels to appear on TVB again. He believes that TVB is currently the strongest media platform in Hong Kong, and hopes local singers will be given more exposure opportunities.

As he has a long history with Eric, whom he had recruited to host variety shows at TVB in the 1990s, Ho Lai Chuen has been having ongoing conversations about his vision for a more unified approach towards local music awards.

In Hong Kong, there are currently six media platforms, including three television companies and three radio companies. In the past, Ho Lai Chuen had tried creating a joint music awards show with four platforms, but the music labels would decline attendance for a variety of reasons. He did not see the point for singers to attend four award shows in one month and getting similar awards.

Suggesting collaborating with other local platforms, Ho Lai Chuen envisions a joint music award shows which would be more impactful. He hopes that Hong Kong can be like Taiwan where there is only one recognized music awards ceremony. This is his current goal, and he hopes to revive the music industry again.

With TVB’s live streaming shows lessening over the years, Ho Lai Chuen hopes that new variety show Have A Big Laugh <開心大綜藝> will be able to eventually air live. Another new variety show Mama’s Day <日日媽媽聲> is also showing promise due to its ability to resonate with viewers and initiate conversations.

Source: Hket

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  1. about time for a change and hope they can do it again at the HK Coliseum with all the singer from different labels battled it out but I still think it’s too late for CPOP its dying while most people have transition into Western music and KPOP already…

  2. LOOOOL. HK music does not need TVB. TVB needs the singers for the views. Viu tv helped revived the Cantopop genre with Chill Club and Mirror, and now TVB wants a piece of the same pie they destroyed.
    However, I think it’s good for the industry if they can have a united award show to increase credibility, but pls not tvb.

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