Director Oxide Pang Caught Cheating on Wife Angelica Lee

Married for four years, 48-year-old director Oxide Pang (彭順) and 38-year-old actress Angelica Lee (李心潔) seem to be suffering from a fading relationship. On May 23, Oxide was caught on a secret date with young model, Liddy Li (李悅彤). The two spent hours together that night and acted intimately the entire time. When later asked if he still loves his wife Angelica, Oxide initially refused to answer and only uttered an impatient “yes” when reporters persisted.

That night, Oxide was seen with Liddy inside Elements mall catching a movie at 6:00 p.m. They held hands and kissed several times while waiting in line for their tickets. After buying one drink and a bag of popcorn, reporters spotted Liddy feeding Oxide the food. When the movie ended approximately two hours later, the two enjoyed dinner in a nearby restaurant and then headed to Tsim Sha Tsui for shopping. Finally, they took a taxi together and returned to Tseung Kwan O. Throughout the night, Oxide and Liddy were constantly spotted touching each other.

To reporters, Oxide claimed his relationship with Angelica did not change since marriage, only that they now see each other less due to their work schedules. Asked if he had informed his wife about asking another woman out, Oxide replied casually, “No, it’s just a movie.”

Once Caught Cheating Before Marriage

When Angelica married Oxide in 2010, she reportedly did not mind that he already has a 9-year-old daughter. To include more family time in her schedule, she cut back on work and filmed one movie per year. However, this is not the first time Oxide set his eyes on other women. Prior to their marriage, he had already been caught cheating on Angelica. In 2007, he was spotted in a nightclub with model Kama Lo (羅凱珊). Reporters later saw Oxide continuing his night in Jordan with a drunk Kama.

Oxide Heads to Malaysia 

It was understood that Oxide and Liddy have been living together for half a year. Liddy knew that Oxide was married, but still had an affair with him despite friends’ caution. Liddy had posted on her Weibo earlier, “Fate led me to meeting this person…let me continue to experience and enjoy this.”

Some speculate that it was Liddy who leaked news to the press that she was involved with Oxide, hoping to gain from the exposure. When asked to comment on her relationship with Oxide after their movie date was revealed, Liddy said, “I’m not in the mood to reply”.

Despite Oxide’s infidelity track record, he apparently still values his marriage with Angelica. He has reportedly returned to Malaysia to salvage his marriage.

Source:; Oriental Daily

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  1. Let’s see how Oxide wriggle out of this….if Angelica close 1 eye then it’s pretty obvious Oxide is a habitual playboy….feel sorry for her…

    1. U people r crazy, cheating is normal for these people. Being a director, he probably had sex with so many girls that give it to him for free. These people are all horny.
      Anyway he is human like u guys, he make mistakes too, so cheating is normal and u guys ALL WILL CHEAT ONE DAY TOO. U understand. All mankind or most people are born HORNY. Maybe u might not be horny now, but trust me u will be horny aT some point for someone, and u might have a threesome or even foursome. Studies in psychology has shown this. ALL U PEOPLE READING THIS or not, ARE HORNY PEOPLE. This is a fact.

      1. What’s even more crazy is saying that “men can cheat but women can’t cheat (and outcast her when she does)”.

        Now that their marriage/relationship is no longer “exclusive”, Angelica is free to date other men as well.

        “What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.”

        This applies to all wo/men dealing with cheaters out there.

      2. There’s also something called SELF-CONTROL and CONSEQUENCES. Not everyone is willing to accept their partner cheating. And not EVERYONE will cheat.

      3. I don’t deny that sometimes i’m horny.

        It depends whether you are able to control it or not!

      4. wait what about MONKS? i don’t get it. they eat veggie and dont get horny?

      5. @ben,i dont deny that sometimes im horny too,but it depends wheter you have money or not,lol.

      6. @bunny,im sure monks have dreams too,but they have banned it out of their mind,because they have a strong moral and believe that keeps it under their consciousness.

      7. Okok
        The moral of the story is U R ALL HORNY, even monks r horny, seriously they r human too, of course they get wet dreams, and play with them selves,
        I bet u guys will all eventually have sex sooner or later, and u guys will enjoy it and want more, u guys probably will watch porn and pleasure itself at some stage in life. Being horny is not wrong, it’s part of being human, it just depends how HORNY U could be. Anyway Ben, I am proud of u admitting ur horny in this pubic space, u go boy, go play with ur self tonight and enjoy it. U have my support, u can be how horny u like. But don’t hire a prostitute ok, don’t want u to catch HIV

      8. The main problem though he that he morally betrayed his wife. He can be a player for as much as he wants. Just don’t marry and be single, because Oxide doesn’t deserve to have a loyal wife. It ruins the whole purpose of marriage in the first place.

      9. And Yummy are you inferring that if your wife/husband cheated on you, you will forgive him/her because everyone is ‘horny’ as an excuse. You would be a very forgiving wife/husband then.

      10. I’m sorry but your opinion is so stupid. Being horny does not excuse someone for cheating. Everyone gets horny, but it can be controlled so it’s now an excuse for him to cheat.

      11. to Anthony- no I’m not inferring that.
        what i am saying is U R ALL HORNY, VERY HORNY, VERY VERY HORNY. btw, most people are really forgiving fyi, these cheating things happens, not just to celebrities, real life couples too, esp the rich, and they have multiple mistresses, and the wife just usually can’t say anything, esp HK men when they go back to china, they usually cheat

        AND for u Lemminwink…- its ok, u can put ur anger on me, i know u must have had a very hard time in ur previous relationship, BUT CARE TO SHARE. what happened did he/she cheated on u. how did u find out. and U HAVE SELF CONTROL, hahahah, biggest joke here

        doesn’t mean if u don’t cheat right now, u won’t cheat in the future, mankind if full of temptation, and one day u might break ur believe because of UR HORNY DESIRES.

        that is all.

      12. and for u lemmiwink- please refrain from using such slang against me,
        by stupid it means- lacking intelligence or common sense.
        i think ur the one that doesn’t have any, since u still live in a world that is painted with ur thoughts only ,

        GET real girl/boy/Hermaphrodite, get some common sense, and be real. cheating happens, and not everyone has self control, horny is used as a excuse at times and people do forgive there partners.

        HEY girl/boy/Hermaphrodite, just forgive ur past and ex ok, u will feel better

        we will support u

      13. Lolol so if someone rapes another person will you excuse it because that person was horny? If you say yes I’m not gonna bother you anymore because that just tells me everything.

      14. oh boy u really got an issue here, we r talking about cheating in couples, not RAPE.
        get that through ur thick head.

        now ur just being stupid, but its ok

      15. Well it’s good you don’t think that way, but it’s really dumb that you think I’m the only person who thinks cheating is wrong since when pretty much everyone below your main comment disagrees with you lol.

      16. Wait no scratch that, pretty much everyone here disagrees with you.

      17. @Yummy.
        the point is if cheating is so common why should the cheaters have a loyal wife and be married, and why do people like Angelica how to forgive him? It’s just like saying murder incidents are common so that’s that mean we should accept the act of murdering?

        The answer is No. If you want to be ‘horny’ go be a single playboy and you can “enjoy” girls as much as you want without having been called a cheater. The main problem is that Oxide has a loyal wife, he is cheating his wife, not once, but multiple times.

      18. Lemmiwinki- I never said cheating was wrong or right, I am saying u guys are all horny, U R HORNY, u r very VERY VERY HORNY.
        And the people commenting below are just a portion of the population, so in statistic this is not a accurate measure of wat the population thinks, plus not everyone is willing to admit wat they really think in public about such sensitive issues.
        And I never said it infer the fact that faithful wives have to forgive cheating husband, u guys should stop assuming

      19. @lemminwiki- please stop attacking me or using such slang language against me, I would have never use it against u if u hadn’t use it against me. Please SHOW RESPECT TO UR FELLOW CYBER MATES USING THIS WEBPAGE.
        If not I will have to ask u to leave
        That is all, to be continue….

      20. Technically I never attack you, I attacked your opinion. You’re the one attacking me by saying that I was cheated on in a relationship when you don’t even know who I am or know anything about my life. 😀

      21. quote from u- Well it’s good you don’t think that way, but it’s really dumb that you think…..

        clearly u were insulting my intelligence and thinking,

      22. clearly u started all this, by abusing ur fellow cyber mates in this forum

        Please show respect for others and their opinion,

        that is all

      23. Clearly Yummy has trolled you all…..Don’t worry though …Yummy accepts you all to be Horny people,theres no shame…so take your self to a chicken or duck shop and have wild banquet!! #horny4lyf

      24. Lol I started all of this? You could’ve just ignored my comment but decided not to and you’re the one that started this thread anyway so how did I start this? 🙂

      25. Yes I started the thread, but ur the attacker and tag along in this thread. U just added urself to the convo. U have no place in here. Goodbye

      26. Yeah I tagged along onto this thread like a bunch of other people did. To quote you “U just added urself to the convo. U have no place in here” The comment section is open to anyone as long as they give a username and email so everyone has a place in the comment. It’s not part of a super secret club. Clearly logic is not your strongest suit, anyway peace out! B)

      27. ur argument is getting lamer and lamer.
        OFF TOPIC :p

    2. Even if cheating may be a common thing these days, couples should understand the meaning behind marriage. What’s the point of being married if a guy makes out with a girl when he’s wearing the marriage ring? I will advise you watch Ep28 of Never Dance Alone and it shows you that love is more powerful than lust.

      1. Hey Anthony, this convo/thread I started was a joke/prank, it was just to get people talkin and create controversy lol. I don’t think like that of course. And thank u for ur continuing persistence of ur believe in love lol. Ur a great guy, hopefully u remain like this and there r more people like u out there.
        Btw I am a female, not a male as u guys would assume from my thread,lol

      2. Having fun at the expense of other people’s feelings are bad no matter done by female or male.

        If one is unhappy, watch a comedy. No one like being played. The trolls will not be laughing if the one being played are them.

      3. @ kidd- boy this is a thread, and people comment randomly, don’t take it too seriously,

        u r taking it too personal

        just chill

      4. @ Yummy,

        This is a thread. I’m just giving my POV. So, you chill too (if you can :P).

  2. Very disappointed in Oxide Pang’s cheating. I was quite moved by his wedding with Angelica, in which he promised to love her and take care of her for the next 50 years. They had dated for 7 years at the time and Angelica had devoted a lot of time to care for his daughter from another relationship.

    1. I agree…very disappointed in him! I read an article about Angelica a few months ago and I was touched to learn that Angelica devoted so much time to care for his daughter…and treated her as her own. His daughter even lived with Angelica’s family went she was sent to Malaysia (I believe??) for school.

  3. I think it’s disgraceful/ tasteless for him to hold hands, kissing and touching each other in Hong Kong knowing people can recognise him and knows he’s married. He didn’t even try to hide or separate when spotted and questioned by reporters shows utter lack of respect to his wife. We show boycott his movies!

      1. Ah, Jackie Chan lost his balls long ago to Joan Lin. Oxide is a dog.

    1. U guys won’t boycott his movie, u dumb people will just say it and not do it, HYPOCRIPE

      1. Even if people don’t boycott his movie, he’s lost the support and respect from his fellow audience, his friends, his family and more importantly his wife. This news will haunt and bother him for the rest of his life and it will be like a scar on his celebrity profile, and he’ll have to live with it. That’s what you get for cheating.

      2. I guess he doesn’t care, people may comment and lose their respect for hiim, but he is till earnin money, people are still watching his movie, as fair as he cares, he doesn’t give a f… What people think, his got money

    2. agree,he even bother to hide it,zero respect for his wife,what a douchebag!

  4. Angelica must have known Oxide’s poor track record. Since she chose to take the chance and enter into this relationship, she should have been prepared for future infidelities which did occur and the consequences. I guess she did not believe in the old Chinese proverb “one time unfaithful, hundred times untrustworthy”. The issue is whether she wants to continue this relationship or move on. Since there was no mention of her own child with this dirtbag, then the ball is in her court now on what her next step will be. She is still young and attractive enough to land someone else “better”.

  5. I didn’t even know she was married to one of the brothers. I would say divorce him, but I wonder if Angelica is with him to be in his movies. Well, it’s her life, she’s old enough to decide.

  6. I am more disappointed with Angelica for sticking with this douchebag. Obviously she had her fair warnings but ignore them all.

    1. Yup, don’t know what she saw in him…

      1. She’s the one that he loves and they’re the itch in his groin.LOL!

  7. What is this? He has such a beautiful wife and yet he does such thing. I just do not understand man and how could a woman hurts another woman.

    Pity his wife. Boycott his movies and the third party’s movie.

  8. If she stay with him, I will be speechless. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  9. Angelica needs to rid herself of such toxic oxidant.

    Does this dude have brother named Flouride, or Hydroxide something?

    1. Lol maybe he even has a sister named Bleach

    2. His brother has a very normal English name. His brother’s name is Danny. 🙂

      1. That’s disappointing!

        I was hoping he’d named Carbondi.

    3. Perhaps Oxide should be changed to Toxic Pang…that name is apt with his current conduct. LOL!

  10. Wow what a swine. You can do better than this Angie! Heads up!

  11. It’s kind of sad that he is messing around with a ” Lang mo”. His wife is pretty and accepted to marry with him and he also has a daughter . She is so devoted to him and his daughter. Angelica is such a forgiveness person from his previous incident of cheating. Oncce a cheater , always a cheater! His wife just needs to divorce him and move on n find someone better!

  12. I cannot understand how Angelica Lee can tolerate this @$$hole! He never respect her as wife with his cheating habits (and this is NOT the first time)! He just treats her as a babysitter to her daughter from previous marriage! Also, who would recognize his ugly face with the common-face-no-body shape vixen, if not someone leaked out the news in advance that they are dating in the mall? And it’s so obvious it’s the low dirty tricks from her who wants to be the lead actress in his next movie! I bet he is not the first and will never be the last guy she slept with! I really hope Angelica Lee will get back on track her acting career and start living as a dignified woman. This jerk is not worth it!

  13. Its so sad that beautiful and kind lady like angelica lee and vivian chow all ended up with ******* and the fierce tiger lady all ended up with a handsome and kind man.

  14. wow just a movie lol such a jerk! Very disappointed! feel real bad for angelica. No offence but i hope she leave him for good.

  15. Liddy Lin is the one and only truly guilty one. Knowing Oxide Pang is married, she should have stayed clear of him. But these girls are almost shameless and evil to take another’s husband and try to make it right but saying how much they love the man. One day, when someone else takes her guy, she’ll know the pain.

    1. Cheers. I agree

      This liddy is downright cheap and has no values. I will definitely boycott her and oxide’s works.

      To date, I never pay a cent to watch Jackie Chan’s works plus Jack Neo’s works.

      These men deserve to be kicked in their asses.

      This Liddy’ and her parents should be sent to school what values are.

  16. Jerk husband with a very lousy non-name. Who named Oxide anyway? Also, that girl Liddy, shame on her. Doing this ruin peoples’ family. If she thinks from this she gained fame, well public sees her as nothing more than a homewrecker.

  17. it’s okay. he’ll be a better man one day. one day he’ll look into the mirror and cry. WAHhhhhhhhhh~~~*

  18. I’m disappointed at
    – Oxide for cheating on a pretty and good wife
    – Angelica for sticking with a douchebag hubby
    – the third party

  19. hi there

    1. aiyoh!
    2. wants to steal eat must also do it right mah.
    3. just don’t know how to clean his tracks.

  20. wow angelica must be really hurting if she saw those pictures…

  21. It is safe to say that his reputation has been fully oxidized to the point even if OxyClean cannot remove the stain.

  22. I am pissed off again. Reporters revealed that Oxide settled HKD1m with Liddy’s entertainment company.
    He should spend that amount on his daughter by sending her to an international school!,,

    Hkd1m in exchange for free sex for ?? How many months?

    Liddy must be an expensive hooker by this standard. Let’s do Maths

    Assuming they got together for 6mths….
    6mthsx 30 days = 180days
    180 days x12 hours (standard working hours)=2160hours assuming they do it daily non stop.
    Hkd1,000,000/2160=HKD463 per hour

  23. I wonder who reach Angelica first, Media or Oxide?

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