Angelica Lee Celebrates 39th Birthday with Husband

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It has been half a year since director Oxide Pang‘s (彭順) cheating scandal in his marriage with Angelica Lee (李心潔) was exposed. Deciding to forgive him and give their marriage another chance, Angelica has let go of the incident in her heart. “It’s time to move on and look forward,” Angelica said, appearing to be in good spirits at her 39th birthday party.

Celebrating her birthday with Oxide and good friends Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) and Karena Lam (林嘉欣), Angelica shared photos of the lively gathering.

Angelica Lee birthday“Thank heaven for surrounding me with many people who love me, and allowing me to live a life full of love. Birthdays aren’t the most important. What’s more important is spending a lovely evening with a bunch of good friends. That’s what’s most precious! I have the birthday wish that I’ve always had: I hope there will be peace in our hearts, and peace in the world,” wrote Angelica.

Angelica Lee’s Forgiveness

Following the exposure of Oxide’s affair with model Liddy Li (李悅彤) in May, Angelica was criticized as being foolish for condoning her husband’s infidelity and betrayal. Deeply loyal to her husband, Angelica was tolerant of her husband’s mistakes and chose forgiveness.

In an earlier interview, Angelica disclosed her views on love and how she was able to tolerate Oxide’s infidelity, “The basic foundation of marriage is a true heart and to never give up. Marriage involves two people. It is difficult to be your best self, so being with someone is even more difficult. It is very difficult to have to be intimate with someone else for so many years. I won’t let these obstacles scare me. In the end, we learn from these lessons and grow. The most important thing is to understand yourself. To meet someone in this life and become husband and wife is a very precious thing! Everyone has their low tides and becomes adrift. Isn’t the ability to support each other better? So the ending doesn’t matter. The most important thing is the process and whether we truly love each other.”

During the most difficult days of the scandal, Angelica turned towards meditation to resolve the negative energy and think clearly. “After this incident, I believe that we are a family. I am willing to stand by him and continue my life’s path with him and I hope it will be good. I am not a saint. This is my choice and our choice.”

Angelica has put her career on hold and devoted herself to taking care of Oxide’s daughter with his ex-wife. Many believe that Angelica has sacrificed a lot for Oxide, only to have Oxide return her love with betrayal.

“No matter how successful a woman is in her career, she must make a choice when she has a family and children. After you choose, then you shouldn’t regret it or consider it as a sacrifice, because you will learn to grow in the process.” Angelica cherishes her family and loves her stepdaughter has her own flesh. She has decided that forgiveness is the best path for everyone.

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14 comments to Angelica Lee Celebrates 39th Birthday with Husband

  1. Tess says:

    Good for her for being so forgiving and given the marriage a second chance. Looks like she’s happy and hope it stays that way.

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  2. coralie says:

    Love is binding and blinding.

    When you no longer love, you no longer bind yourself to that person.

    Question for her is, does he actually love her? Or does she not care because sometimes having someone is better than no one at all…

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    • jc replied:

      IMO, he probably doesn’t , just likes her for her kooks and wants a mother for his daughter.
      As for her, hard to start over at that age and maybe she’s too into enlightenment /believes in fate and forgiveness to ditch him. U just wonder what shell day when he’s caught cheating again

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  3. jc says:

    Typo ugh, meant “what she’ll say”

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  4. nomad 822 says:

    She’s on such a high level of enlightenment that me the lesser-being cannot compute.

    All the Best to her, and hopefully for her/the daughter’s sakes for such belief and forgiveness = he IS a reformed man.

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  5. windy says:

    Look at that hug, that body language that a psychiatrist would love to analyst as “woman loves the man more”? hahah LOL…OMG… I don’t get it but ppl will probably say who are we to judge? But still if given a choice, any man/woman at any age still should have a better choice to start again instead of staying w/an ugly cheating pig? haha LOL…n that young lover was pretty and young. Let’s see if this forgivenss and love will last a while? Sigh…

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    • nomad 822 replied:

      LOL analyzing body lang aside, love is about giving, true.

      But her enlightened level of love is all give, and his is all take.

      Is that really love?

      There’s NO need to start over again, she can be happier just being along without the emotional baggage. Unfortunately, she also seems very responsible – which is why she’s taking on the care of a daughter who’s not even biologically related to her.

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      • nomad 822 replied:


        she can be happier just being ALONE without the emotional baggage of this dude.

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    • windy replied:

      I mean to say start over again w/different people or start over again ALONE… I totally don’t agree on going back to a cheater.

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      • nomad 822 replied:

        Totally with you. Anything is better than carrying that emotional baggage whilst in that relationship.

        I just think there’s no need to start any new relationship, being independently alone with peace of mind is a good state of well being too.

        Hopefully her faith in him pays off.
        We’re all so skeptical that a cheater will ever change – he was so disrespectful of her too the way he was dealing with the situation.

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  6. azndoraemon says:

    LOL at all the comments. Over thinking a bit…

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  7. Jenny says:

    What will angelica do when her husband cheats again? Forgive again?

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    • windy replied:

      Oh well, lots of women are like this so she is not the only one. Most wouldn’t openly admit to forgive and all that crap thou. haha lol..

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      • MW replied:

        Nowadays, most women just cheat right back and jump ship when they find a better match. 🙂

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