Angelica Lee: “My Two Sons Have Arrived”

Malaysian actress Angelica Lee (李心潔) announced on Friday evening that she has given birth to her twin sons in Kuala Lumpur earlier that day. The 40-year-old announced the news herself via social media, writing, “My two sons have arrived. Mother and son are doing well. Thank you for everyone’s blessings!”

A few minutes later her husband, Hong Kong director Oxide Pang (彭順), made a similar announcement on his own social media account. He wrote on Weibo, “[My] twin sons are here! Mother and son are well! Thank you for everyone’s concerns and blessings!”

In 2014, Angelica and Oxide’s marriage hit rock bottom when Oxide’s extramarital scandal came to light. Reportedly on the brink of divorce, Angelica and Oxide managed to patch up their wounds in the end, and the couple found peace. Angelica announced her pregnancy in January 2016.

Congratulations to Angelica and Oxide!

Source: Oriental Daily

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