Forgiving Husband’s Cheating, Angelica Lee is Pregnant with Twins

Angelica Lee (李心洁) forgave husband Oxide Pang (彭顺) for his extra-marital affair two years ago. The couple has found peace in their relationship once again, and Angelica is currently pregnant with twins.

Oxide and Angelica uploaded a picture onto their Weibo blogs recently. The doodled picture featured Oxide and Angelica hand-in-hand, with Angelica being drawn in an empress costume and heavily pregnant. Both captioned the picture with, “In the new year, we are filled with joy as we prepare to welcome two new lives into our lives!”

Angelica’s good friend, Gigi Leung (梁咏琪), who became a mother last year, wished the couple well and left a comment on Angelica’s Weibo, “Since I found out about the news, I have been so excited and delighted for both of you! With you as a mother, the two little babies are very blessed. I look forward to the arrival of the two little monkeys. Give your belly a kiss on my behalf!”

The Troubled Marital History Between Oxide and Angelica

Oxide and Angelica got married in 2010 after dating for eight years. Angelica became a stepmother to Oxide’s daughter from a previous marriage, and treats her like her own child. Oxide was however frequently embroiled in rumors of him cheating on Angelica, with the most notable one being in 2014, where Oxide was photographed kissing model Liddy Li (李悦彤) and exposed as having had an affair with her for nearly a year. After Oxide broke up with Liddy, Angelica chose to forgive Oxide and the couple issued a joint statement expressing their unity, and hope for a better future together.


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  1. Wow… this is really unexpected. Happy for her but really hoping the husband won’t “stray” again.. you know the saying.. once a cheater… always a cheater.

    Wishing her and the babies the best. Hoping for a safe delivery as carrying twins are high risk.

    1. @happybi same. It’s hard for me not to express some skepticism nor cynicism regarding her hubby’s infidelity. Once the trust is broken, how can she believe that he won’t do it again? Any moment he’s away, won’t she suspect he’s up to no good?

      But she had her chance to let go prior conceiving. Now that she’s about to become a biological mother to two babies, I only wish her the best and hope history won’t repeat itself.

      1. @coralie I honestly can never understand how these people can forgive their other half after such betrayal. It’s a major break in trust and the fact she can still sleep with him knowing he probably had sex with someone else while they are married is a major turn off IMO. But what can I say.. love can be so blind… sigh.

        Wishing her the best for sure as with kids…it’s even harder to break free if he does cheat on her again.

      2. @happybi I could never forgive a cheating partner. I have a perfect example of a straying husband/boyfriend that unfortunately is closely related to me…however, wont comment too much on her decision to forgive her husband.

      3. @coralie does she really love hubby that much to believe he won’t cheat again? now that she is going to be a mother herself, it will be very hard to leave him.

      4. @janet72 yah I concur. but as happybi pointed out, love is extremely blind. And a relationship that long can make one complacent. She’s one brave woman though, for still sticking with him despite his very public affair. Even if I could swallow an Infidelity, a public infidelity is like the worst possible situation to face – everyone knows he cheated! Imagine the finger-pointing, gossiping and talking behind your back…much like what we’re doing now

  2. I wish I could say be happy for her BUT …

    = hopefully it’s also NOT a case of trying to glue a dysfunctional relationship with a baby. babies are not magic glue, nor will they die down a dude who will never be committed or respect his woman enough to say no to temptation

    = he doesn’t even care as much for HIS own daughter from his first marriage … apparently one of the reasons back then that tied her back was this daughter from his first marriage, who’s not even her daughter.

  3. Forgiving is one of the best virtues in life. Let bygones be bygones and not continue to delve on the past. We cannot forge ahead with heavy baggages tag on our shoulders. Wishing Angelica and Oxide a long lasting marriage. Most of all a safe delivery to a pair of healthy twins. God bless.

    1. @accessmeridian89 eh then she can go cheat on him and have another man’s baby. then they can both let bygones be bygones.

      there are certain things in life you shouldn’t allow to be bygones. Cheating is one of them (imo) unless there are kids involved. Even then I would question if staying in a faithless marriage is worth it for the kids, esp if kids can sense the constant tension & unhappiness

      1. @coralie Same for me… cheating and domestic violence for me. Even with kids.. it’s better to leave the situation then stick around and always questions yourself if you made the right decision. Her situation remind me of the Josh Dugger scandal but he is worst and his wife blame herself for it. Crazy situation.

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