Crying Emotionally, Benny Chan Apologizes to Rose Chan For Groping Her

Last week, photos surfaced in which Benny Chan (陳浩民) forcibly kissed and inappropriately touched 19-year-old Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) in Hengdian, China. The ensuing sexual harassment allegations almost bankrupted Benny’s reputation. To save his career and family, Benny and his pregnant wife, Lisa Chiang (蔣麗莎), appeared at a press conference yesterday to express regret over his past actions.   At the conference, Benny cried even more emotionally than the sexual harassment victim, Rose Chan. Benny stood up several times and bowed deeply to apologize. When Benny left the press conference, his gait was weak and he required support from his manager and wife. Perhaps, serious misfortunes never came singly!

At 4 PM, Benny Chan was accompanied by his 10-month pregnant wife, Lisa Chiang, and his manager, Charlie Lam (林查理), at the press conference. Wearing a black suit, Benny appeared distressed. He helped his wife get situated before attempting to regain his good husband image.  After his manager addressed the audience, the downcast Benny took out his notes for the speech. Holding Lisa’s hand, Benny stated his repentance, “Regarding the unpleasant incident which occurred with Rose Chan last week in Hengdian, I sincerely apologize.” Taking a deep breath, Benny said, “I am sorry,” and stood up to make a deep bow.

Willing to Accept Alcohol Rehabilitation

Sitting down, Benny continued, “I admit that I drank too much and my behavior went overboard, which resulted in improper conduct.  I admit that I acted wrongly.” (Benny blinked quickly with tears in his eyes.) “It was not intentional!  I did not intend to hurt Rose Chan. I realize that this incident made her feel terrible and sad. I apologize to Rose, her family, and people who care about her. Due to my unintentional mistake after drinking too much alcohol, I brought many problems and sadness upon Rose and people who care about her. I have to apologize to them!”

Benny once again expressed his regret in getting drunk and acting improperly. He did not forget to apologize to his wife, family, friends and fans. Speaking of his family, Benny burst into tears, “I am really at fault!” Sitting calmly beside Benny, his wife, Lisa’s eyes also welled with tears. She handed him a tissue and patted his shoulder to comfort him.

Crying for half a minute, Benny resumed his speech, “I feel true regret. Despite my age, I still like to play so much. I do not know what I can do to make up for my wrongdoings. It is fortunate that I received my wife’s forgiveness and trust, allowing me a chance to become a responsible father and husband who is willing to change. I promise that I will put in effort to quit drinking. If the doctor feels that I need to undergo alcohol rehabilitation, I absolutely am willing to accept the treatment. I truly would like to end ties with liquor!”

Claiming that he already learned his lesson after reflecting upon his wrongdoings, Benny once again requested Rose to accept his apology, “Once again, I sincerely apologize to Rose Chan; please forgive me.” At this point, Benny stood up to bow again. He said, “Finally, I would like to apologize to two seniors: Rose’s mother and Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林) Sifu. Sorry!” Benny bowed once again.

Benny Chan’s Wife Pleads For Him

After Benny sat down, his wife, Lisa Chiang spoke, “This time, Benny has truly reflected upon his mistakes. I hope that everyone present will give him a chance. He apologized to me and made a commitment to stop drinking and will work hard for our baby and I. Please everyone forgive him! I hope that Rose Chan forgives him as well.  Thank you!”

The press conference concluded at this point. Perhaps Benny was too overexerted emotionally; he leaned over a chair and cried explosively. When he walked away, his legs were weak and he staggered, requiring his manager and wife to escort him. Benny’s thoughts were scattered and he left behind the notes for his speech at the table.

As Benny was exiting, reporters asked him whether Rose Chan drank any liquor on the night of the harassment incident and whether he would refrain from lustful urges outside of his marriage in the future. Benny replied, “I will not respond anymore. Sorry!”

Hopes Sin Kwok Lam Will Accept Apology

Benny’s manager, Charlie Lam, explained that Benny was very emotional at the press conference since he received his  wife’s support. Charlie hoped that Rose and her martial arts sifu, Sin Kwok Lam, will forgive Benny. As to the possibility that Rose may file a police report in mainland, Charlie said, “We are not worried; Benny’s people relationships (人緣) are quite good. He did not possess the intention to hurt the girl; he had gone overboard in playing after a few drinks. This is not illegal!”

Asked how was Benny’s current relationship with Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Charlie noted, “I will not respond over this issue. I only know that Joe Ma is currently filming in mainland China.” (Is Benny upset that Joe pushed the responsibility of the incident towards Benny?) “No, they have worked together for so long.”


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Jayne: Benny Chan cried too much at the press conference. His statement was decently written, as he apologized many times throughout the speech and bowed. However, the delivery was a little overboard. Anyhow, with his pregnant wife there and a reminder that if Lisa had forgiven him, everyone’s forgiveness will likely follow sooner or later. A new family deserves a second chance.

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    1. ”well, benny has done somegood acting, at lease in monkey – journey to the west and in his recent movie. Sorry is not good enough and how stupid could an averhe star be.”

  1. Everyone do not forget he is an actor…. and also this is not his first time… what a looser… I do not believe his apologie he is worry about his future career…

    1. I do not believe his apologie he is worry about his future career

  2. Well, considering it could be jail time and loss of reputation, I did he did well, perhaps his best acting ever. I believe Rose will accept his apology and move on. Case closed.

  3. i felt his crying was a bit fake tooo…. acting overboard but at least he did do with the formalities.

    1. HAha I agree and Benny is shorter than his wife….he should be happy that his wife forgives him considering she’s about to give birth. His wife is ten times prettier than rose chan. Rose just have the age. I think his wife is quite beautiful.

  4. The crying was forced, especially if you watch the video of the entire conference, about 10 minutes. But the bows and the repeated apologies will earn him a few points.

  5. I couldn’t sit through BC’s apology in one go without ff,cringing all the way. BC’s copious cascading of tears and stumbling made feel me very awkward. This was an extremely ignominious moment for BC but why made it worse by putting on such an egregious performance of remorse and regret? Pity his wife. A terse and ‘dignified’ apology would have conveyed more sincerity than an opera like performance of remorseful tears and gestures. (no eye see – mo ngan tai)

    Just speaking in general and not about BC specifically and definitely not defending him, but people often times don’t realize just how ugly their behaviors were until show up by the pictures, video or audio clips. For instant, I’m a fan of US Top Chef; during a reunion show, one contestant said she was shocked at her own ‘bitchy’ behavior and she is now more aware of her own behavior towards other people. Like in Amazing Race, some contestants too were shocked at how badly misbehaved they were during the race.

    1. Claimine,
      I actually laughed the first time Benny started crying at the press conference. I know I am not supposed to, but Benny’s method of delivery was too over the top and dramatic. I think his wife, Lisa Chiang, handled herself quite well. She also cried, but I feel more for her tears because she may have reflected upon her husband’s violation on the sanctity of their marriage.

      1. Jayne, actually sometimes I thought she was holding her laughters, especially at the end of the press cons when BC suddenly grasp her and broke in to loud tears, it’s just a bad comedy to me 🙂

      2. I feel sorry for his wife for his childish acts. He’s still a teenager drooling over girls. He seems like he’s loosing hair. Sorry just have to say that.

  6. Jayne: My comment is not displayed. I swear I did not use inappropriate words. Can you repost for me? Thanks!

  7. Wow, his wife is 10 months pregnant?? She is ready to pop! Too bad she didn’t go into labor in the middle of the press conference. That might have won BC more sympathy points.

    1. Its due this week. Benny Chan better be a good father…… or not.

  8. lolz im loving the drama. The bigger the drama, the better. You can so tell that these 3 monkeys are out on a public relations circus.

  9. He is stupid enough to leave the speech paper behind. Well, the paper forgot to mention that he should not let people see that he is reading off a script.

  10. the reporter that asked the question at 0:16-0:17 of the vid is kind of funny, she forgot to say apart from his wife maybe?

  11. Someone found the script for the press conference which state exactly when Benny has to cry, lol.

    1. lol a script. That’s why his crying look so fake. Faker than a TVB series

  12. so what have we learned from this entire story? alcohol makes people do crazy and regretful things. do we know who is telling the truth? no, none of us do. its like the whole nicholas versus cecilia nonsense over summer where we kept hearing garbage being spit out. this is hong kong media and you cant change it

    1. Since Rose is no Cecilia and Benny is no Nicholas I think this case is dying fast. Things are already quieter now 😛

  13. Ahaha omg in the fourth picture in the end, it looks like a mum (Benny’s wife) dragging a crying baby (Benny) out of a toy store! Ahahaha! Agree with most people he was very over dramatic with the crying. Don’t think it was necessary anyway.

  14. Crocodiles tears. He only apologized and fake cried because he got caught. Hope his wife gives birth to a daughter. The son would probably turned into a pervert like his father.

    1. If he has a daughter, maybe he’ll name her “Rose.” I just hope when she grows up, she won’t get groped by a middle-aged drunken perv.

  15. I’ve never seen a man cry like this. This is soooooooo fake, and too dramatic! It’s all for show to save his reputation and his job. I think I will respect his apology more if he personally call Rose to give her a sincere apology frist before going on the press.

  16. An insult to the public’s intelligence, would of been better if he didn’t go overboard with his crying.
    Also the pregnant wife add to the sympathy vote !

    1. Only a coward will take his pregnant wife to protect himself. Benny is one.

      1. What if she suddenly gave birth on the scene because of the stress?


      3. Omg you’re so funny. She’s ten months pregnant about to burst anytime. He’s trying to get people to feel sorry for his wife then will eventually forgive him. But he’s not to be blame fully. Rose has her responsibilities. She should know how to protect herself. What a waste of time and effort learning win chun when you don’t even use it to protect yourself. It’s a females self defense martial arts. She probably likes the flirting anyways and lead those perverted loosers along.

  17. This is totally ridiculous. Once again the victim may have to sacrifice. Total corruption.

    Netizen should stop blaming the victim.

  18. His crying is so fake. It’s obvious this is just an act. No wonder his acting career isn’t really successful.

  19. I was laughing and shaking my head when I watched the video – Benny Chan’s such a pathetic excuse for a man! I’ve never liked him as a person or an actor, and always wondered what Charmaine Sheh saw in him. He always seemed distrustful and dishonest, and my hunch has been proven right.

    What a great (NOT) start to being a soon-to-be father. I hope his wife smartens up and becomes extremely wary and guarded about his whereabouts from now on.

    1. I sincerely feel sorry for the wife. He literally dragged her to be sympathy points and expose her to these stress and she must be willing to forgive him because her nearly born child needs a father. Who knows what will happen to the marriage if she wasn’t heavily pregnant?

    2. Charmaine and Benny became history half a decade ago. No need to bring up old story.

  20. Benny is fake but his wife is even WORSE!!! She was wiping her tears on numerous occassions (for what)? did she really jerk that much of tears? and Benny, mind….. your acting skill has deteriorated so much! If you dont cry, i might believe your apology is genuine but the fact tt u r jerking crocodile tears make me hate you even more!!!

  21. Some people do cry and they mean it but this dude seems a bit off. I don’t even want to bother watching his crying video. The picture says it all. What an embarrassment for his wife and the child about to be born. He should be embarrass for himself.

  22. I’m not a fan of Benny Chan but honestly I feel so sorry for him! He had already apologized to Rose Chan so what else does people want from him? Yet he may acted over board at the conference but at least he still apologized. Everyone makes mistake. Should learn to forgive what he have done, a lot of people has their drunk moments, when they don’t even know what they are doing. If he did that when he was sober then I have no say. We should give that poor guy some space since he suppose to be really happy right now seeing his new born baby!

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