Rose Chan Parties On With 2 Hot Guys, Spurring Promiscuous Reputation

Since being groped controversially by Benny Chan (陳浩民) in Hengdian, Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) has resumed her spirits and was currently filming new movie Glory Days <光辉岁月>. Aside from veteran actors, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Felix Wong (黃日華), Rose’s other costars in the film included two rising new actors, Shaun Tam 谭俊彦 (Ti Lung’s 狄龙 son) and Edward Chui 徐伟栋 (Michelle Yim’s 米雪 nephew). Face Magazine claimed that Rose flirted outrageously with the male actors on the set, spurring crew members to call her by the derogatory nickname, “Little Tramp”! 

Face Magazine claimed that when Rose’s mother and manager, Ronnie, was not by her side, Rose took the opportunity to “chasing men.” After filming hours, Rose went to karaoke with Shaun Tam and Edward Chui until dawn and going on drinking binges together. Due to her flirtatious behavior, Rose was known on the set as “Little Tramp” while Ellen Chan (陳雅倫)was referred to as “Big Tramp.” 

Rose’s management company issued a statement clarifying the allegations over Rose’s flirtatious behavior, noting that the tabloid released an exaggerated and false report. The statement claimed that Rose got along well with Glory Days’ crew members in Yunnan, China, without anyone referring to Rose with a rude nickname. Since the accusations defamed 19-year-old Rose Chan’s reputation, her management company retained the right to pursue legal action.

Edward Chui Not Interested in Rose Chan

Currently rumored with Rose Chan, Michelle Yim’s nephew, Edward Chui (son of actors, Norman Chui徐少强 and Shirley Yim 雪梨) appeared at a mainland promotional event yesterday. Edward denied the romantic rumors and professed that he was not interested in Rose.

Edward explained that on that fateful night, he, Shaun Tam, and Rose Chan attended dinner with a large group of people. When the tabloid photos were taken, Edward, Shaun and Rose were waiting by the restaurant’s door for the other people. Edward added, “If each time I were to possess romantic interests in each of my female costars, then wouldn’t I be very busy? It does not matter to me, but it is quite pitiful for Rose Chan [to be impacted by such rumors]!”

Rose Chan posted on her Weibo blog last night, “I see the rainbow again. In 2012, I hope that only good things will remain and will be everyone’s golden age.”


Excerpt from,, and Ming Pao

Jayne: I think the stigma of Rose’s earlier scandal with Benny Chan and Joe Ma may remain for a long time. In scandals of such controversial nature, the woman’s reputation is usually more damaged than the men’s, whether the men are married or not. Thus, Face Magazine capitalized on such double standards to push their story further.

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  1. I guess Rose Chan from now on cannot be seen with any of her male co-worker, friend or relative…because she “chasing men”. Her management company should sue the magazine!

  2. Ugh, those magazines should be ashamed. Even if she was flirting, there’s nothing wrong with it since she’s young and single, and then to call her Little Tramp? That’s disgusting. I believe they are sending the wrong message to women- even if they are right for reporting sexual harassment, abuse, etc, the woman will still be shamed like it’s their fault.

    1. That’s media tabloid and the issue of gender biase. If a girl have men friends, she is stigmatised as ‘little’ or ‘big’ tramp. But if it is a man, nothing happened. No name calling and no big deal.

  3. Why is Ellen Chan (陳雅倫)was referred to as “Big Tramp.”??

    1. LOL – because of the following:

      1) the roles she portrayed in the late 80s early 90s movie
      2) she’s film a few soft porn movies in HK

  4. “Edward Chui (son of actors, Norman Chui徐少强 and Shirley Yim 雪梨) “

    I didn’t know that Shirley Yim married Norman Chui. New discovery. Edward does look a lot like his father.

    1. Kidd,
      I believe Shirley and Norman were only married very briefly, when Shirley was in early 20s? Norman in the old days was a big star. I think he had just divorced at the time when RTV’s Reincarnation <天蠶變> was aired?? I think Edward Chui looks so much like Norman Chui.

      1. they also have a daughter named erica chui。she jus won first place for miss chinese vancouver and will participate in miss international chinese in hk on jan 15.

      2. I thought that they were married for many years since I heard they had 4 kids together. I did not know that Norman and Shirley had a son in the circle. Yea, Edward does look so much like Norman.

  5. Rose is not as innocent as she portrays..

    The Joe Ma\Benny Chan incident was not as one sided as later pictures show Rose smiling..

    and now this rumor is just going to show her true side.

    Her management is trying to cover up to protect her image.

    1. I thought it has been revealed before about Rose’s behaviour who’s freely being intimate with guys and sending mixed signal.

    1. I also did not know that Ti Lung’s son was in the circle as well… Boy so many child of veteran celebs are also in the circle. I guess it is easier for them because they have connections. I wonder if Felix’s daughter and Miu’s kids will join or not??

  6. How funny. Rose Chan is single and goes out to have fun and the media calls her Little Tramp”. In the previous article, MC Jin obviously was out having fun – and he is married – yet no name calling “Mr Tramp” for him.

  7. I always have some doubts about Rose Chan’s character. Many things go two sided. If she is a nice little girl, guys will not treat her like this. She must have given some kind of “bad” signals to guys that she is so “casual” that she likes to flirt with guys.

  8. Sure looks so different without her makeup on when she held the media conference about the rape incident.

  9. i dont know why, i don’t like her, and she is the victim. I am an awful person 🙁 . And Edward looks a lot like his father, not sure who the other guy is and who is parents are. Is this movie they are making a tele movie or big production movie?

  10. i swear makeup is such double edged sword. I saw her pix without make up and she effing scared me and this one pix of her with makeup, i’m in love!

  11. well, i guess i am super right about this woman!! She is not as innocent as people think. Her nickname should not be Little Tramp but a “Cork Teaser”!! One hand doesn’t clap.

  12. Wasn’t Rose Chan dating some rich fat guy though?

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