Virginia Lok and Sin Kwok Lam: “Joe Ma Did Not Sexually Harass Rose Chan!”

Rose Chan’s (陳嘉桓) martial arts sifu, Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林), and TVB executive, Virginia Lok held a press conference today regarding Benny Chan (陳浩民) and Joe Ma’s (馬德鐘) alleged sexual harassment of Rose Chan in Hengdian, China. At the press conference, Sin Kwok Lam cleared Joe’s involvement in the incident. Sin Sifu noted that he will not press charges against Joe Ma and expressed his forgiveness.

After Sin Sifu sought further understanding of the harassment incident, it was understood that Joe was not in contact with Rose’s private regions [which was unclear from the tabloid photos published]. Allegedly, Joe only asked Rose whether she needed help.

As to whether a police report will be filed in mainland China over the harassment incident, Sin Kwok Lam will confer with legal counsel in China before making a decision. Since the Hong Kong police were already alerted, who will be charged over the harassment of Rose Chan? Sin Sifu indicated that Rose described the incident to the police as it had occurred. It will be up to the Attorney General as to who will be charged.

Sin Kwok Lam Continues to Blast Benny Chan

Although Sin Sifu forgave Joe ma, he continued to blast Benny Chan due to his lack of sincerity in his first apology over the incident. Sin Sifu pointed out that Benny had initially claimed he did not commit any wrongdoings, while noting that he needed to be careful who he met with, implying that Rose had hinged on the harassment incident for publicity.

Sin Sifu had asked Rose why she had attended dinner and karaoke with the men, upon which Rose could not supply an answer. Sin Sifu slapped Rose and scolded her, “You are plain stupid (死蠢)!”

Joe Ma’s Good Name Cleared

After the sexual harassment incident broke out, Joe Ma had noted on his blog that he intended to donate money to the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, which led to netizens’ backlash [that Joe was donating money to charity to clear his misconduct]. At the press conference, Sin Sifu cleared Joe’s intention and revealed that Joe had attempted to contact him through various means after the incident. One of the people who contacted Sin Sifu on behalf of Joe Ma was the  Chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. When the harassment incident occurred, Joe had consulted with the Chairman of Tung Wah and asked how to resolve the matter, upon which the Chairman advised him to donate money to the hospital. This led to misunderstanding that Joe had attempted to donate money to clear his involvement in the incident.

Asked whether Joe’s marriage was on the rocks, Virginia Lok noted, “Joe Ma’s wife is very supportive and currently in Hengdian accompanying him.” Sin Sifu noted that Joe’s wife had contacted him as well. Sin Sifu urged Joe to cherish his wife.

Joe Ma Thanks Sin Kwok Lam in Clearing His Name

Currently filming in Hengdian, Joe Ma met with the mainland press in China last night. Joe thanked Sin Kwok Lam, Virginia Lok, TVB, his wife, his friends, and fans for their support. Regarding recent divorce rumors, Joe said, “They are just rumors!” Asked whether his wife was currently in Hengdian accompanying his filming, Joe did not respond.

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Jayne: A reader mentioned that Rose belongs to a sub-company under EEG management. EEG has a great relationship with TVB, so it was expected that something will be worked out. The joint conference of Sin Kwok Lam and Virginia Lok sends a very strong message that Joe may not have touched Rose inappropriately, but he still did not stop Benny from his inappropriate behavior. From the photos, Joe sat there observing the situation in a blase manner until Benny Chan was finished. Also, Joe’s first reaction to the incident (prior to the publication of photos) was somewhat dismissive that the men were only playing that night.

According to Sin Sifu, Benny had reached his hands into Rose’s shirt. Sin Sifu is Rose’s martial arts instructor, but likely a father-figure to her as well, since she may come from a single-parent family. An involved martial arts master will treat his close disciples as his children and teach them not only martial arts but also lessons in life. They will berate the disciples for any wrongdoing just as our parents would do so. I understand Sin Sifu’s concern over Rose’s well being.

Someone has to take the blame for the harassment incident. Benny Chan has willingly done so, as indicated by his repeated apologies at his own press conference. Ah so much blaming in the first week; now it seems as if everyone is ready to forgive.

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  1. 620 is powerful. Damn even Sin Sifu who looks like he wants Benny dead now bow to 620 to clear Joe’s name but I also suspect it has to do with Rose smiling in her pictures with Joe.

    “A reader mentioned that Rose belongs to a sub-company under EEG management. EEG has a great relationship with TVB, so it was expected that something will be worked out.”

    Sounds legit too

    1. Vivien,
      I think there was a lot of pressure that Sin Sifu faced regarding the sexual harassment allegations. Sin Sifu acknowledged that Joe did not come to Rose’s help when the incident occurred, only asking if she needed help afterward.

      Rather than Virginia Lok’s being a sole powerful figure, it was also due to TVB’s clout. It’s a small industry in Hong Kong and when necessary, it is probably best to leave a future path for others.

      Joe’s TVB contract is ending in December. Had this harassment incident occurred after December, Ms. Lok may not publicly vouch for him in this manner.

      Despite Sin Sifu’s blasting of Benny Chan’s insincerity, Rose did not press charges against Benny in the Hong Kong police report. They just stated the occurrence for the record. Thus the incident may end with the public shaming of Benny Chan.

    2. If Joe Ma didn’t do it, then glad that his good name is cleared. However, if he did it and the victim is forced to forgive and forget, then it is an insult to all the victims out there.

  2. Like the Chinese saying goes: debt of gratitude is the hardest to pay off. Guess TVB would never let Joe forget that i.o.u.

  3. here are what i think about the ending of this case:
    – joe ma saved, 620 cleared his name
    – due to joe ma’s “innocence” someone has to take all the blame, that will be beny, – mr sin and rose will not forgive beny easily, not only because he was wrong but also because mr sin and 620 already had an agreement about joe’s innocence and all “the compensation” to rose for joe’s innocence.
    – benny will continue apologizing and will show how regret he is
    – the audience will slowly forgive and feel sympathy for benny, not only because he apologized but also because he took all the blame
    – every one happy, the case is closed and we will see rose chan more in movies and tv, she will definitely become more popular!

    1. Reader,
      “every one happy, the case is closed and we will see rose chan more in movies and tv, she will definitely become more popular!”

      The birth of Benny and Lisa’s baby will add another dimension to the “happy” ending. Benny will become a “changed” man: devout father and husband, who learned a lesson and was reminded to “treasure his marriage” and career and control his lustful urges in the future.

      1. hopefully benny will become a responsible husband and father.
        his wife is being very supportive to him, he should treasure his wife more and be devoted to her.

      2. @reader: When I read your post above, somehow I think of Nic and Ceci

      3. If what you said indeed turn out to be true, then what a pathetic and disgraceful society that is! No wonder it breeds apathy. Sigh!

    2. Jayne, maybe after a few ten years, he will be regarded as the most sincere man in the world. LOL

  4. Obviously TVB has a hand in this. The pictures are obvious; Joe kissed her. He may not have groped her, but he did kiss her. and why is he “Sin Sifu noted that he will not press charges against Joe Ma and expressed his forgiveness.”

    I would have thought Sin Sifu was the one groped.

    1. @Funn

      Maybe you forget about the expressions in the pictures aka evidences. Joe might hugged and kissed Rose but since Rose was smiling in Joe’s arms and she was receiving Joe’s care when they were leaving, hard to say it’s violation. In Benny’s case it’s different because Rose looked uncomfortable.

      1. No I didn’t forget. But didn’t the statement said he didn’t kiss her? Which he did?

      2. Funn,
        Joe’s press statement said that he did not violate or sexually harass Rose Chan. There was no mention of whether he kissed her or not in the press statement. I also think kissing occurred.

      3. All the pictures taken did not sufficiently prove Joe kissed her. Yes, head position automatically make people think of kissing. But, the fact remains that no picture was able to show them actually lip-locked.

      4. @Kidd: Exactly! We have tvb series to prove that head position/camera angle can give the illusion of kissing when none actually occurred.

    2. I wish to see this photo actually showing Joe kissing Rose. The one I saw only seems to show Joe standing very close to Rose but possibly, as reported, he was just asking her a question. Am I totally way off here??

  5. So Joe is safe now. Wonders what agreements and exchange did Ms.Lok and Sin sifu came across, and wonders what Joe promised with Ms.Lok.

    From observing the pictures, Joe do have his chance to fight back since the ugly scenes are Benny’s. No need to have legal action against Benny anyway, he doing his best digging his hole by keep making a fool out of himself. I understand every press conference have scripts, but please, you have been an actor for half of your life already, even an A list actor, please show ppl that you have talent. At least I’ll feel a little pity for him. He now not only a bad husband, but a bad actor. Is there any value left?

  6. Wow, didn’t’ expect that Ms. Lok will help Joe that much but also probably because of his contract, his photos were not AS BAD (not that they were not bad) as Benny Chan’s. The kissing photo – was it only the one where Rose’s back was facing the camera? So there was no photo showing their lips touched (ala Benny’s)? I guess he was the lesser evil, so it’s probably ‘easier’ to let him go so to speak…

    I saw some of Sin Si fu’s interviews by Now magazine on Youtube and he does seem like he cares about his students very much…

  7. Both Joe and Benny were wrong…actors or not, if a person can not act responsibly when indulging in liquor, then don’t drink. If you drink and drive and get caught, accept the consequences. Oh Benny, so what if your wife forgives you, it wasn’t your wife who was sexually harassed. Idiot Joe, do you think that donating money to a “good” cause will exonerate you from your predatory sexual behavior? I don’t think so. In conclusion, you two are getting to be in Edison’s league very soon! Getting some famous person to act on your behalf to do damage control, maintain your “good name” is just “chicken****”. If you did the crime, do the time! Face your due punishment like a man not a wimp…

  8. I hate to say this but some girls aren’t that innocent in the first place. Maybe a little flirtatious and even like the attention of these guys. It’s not till they know that they are in a public place that they can make a scene and perhaps gain fame from it. Cuz in reality if u were in a public place with some crews that wasn’t even drinking all u had to do was make a bigger scene if u felt uncomfortable of inappropriate touching. Cuz if someone was groping me like that I wouldn’t just sit there and I dont need martial arts to know what to do next. But what happens if it’s someone u like and admire, like lets say Raymond since so many loves him, would that make it more ok at first till he makes u uncomfortable or makes u realize u can capitalize on the issue just like any groupies.

    1. True but it’s hard to say. Even if it was someone I did admire I wouldn’t take it as a chance to gain fame but yes some people might. I can also see her as not doing anything about it because I’ve been into a lot of bad situations myself. A lot of which during the issue/problem I didn’t know what to do. After the event I thought about what I should have done, but during the actual situation I was not thinking so much.

  9. Either way benny did do wrong. His wife is 10 mtns preganant and hes fondling a 19 yr old. He should have some self control… And being drunk is no excuse. Its probsbly not the first time he fooled around with another girl behind his wifes back. Its jus rose wasnt as open as he thought. Hes only sorry that he got caught!!! I wonder wat hus exs charmaine and michelle ye would say.

  10. If u look at the photo… Joe is whispering at her ear not kissed her

  11. I cannot believe that people here are so naive to believe that Joe Ma was really “innocent” all along and it was just a misunderstanding. Photos captured but a snapshot of the situation. And why would Sin Kwok Lam say after he further investigated, he realised that Joe did not touch any of Rose’s private parts? Wouldn’t he have heard it first hand from Rose herself before he met with Virginia Lok to “clear” matters up? Obviously, a deal was made.

    I am not on either side as i was not there to see the incident in person. But it is scary to see how truth can be twisted multiple times in the hands of power.

    1. I’ve been following the progress of this news and i totally agree with you. I highly doubt that Joe Ma was innocent.

      These kind of incidents must happen all the time behind the scenes but this time there was actually proof. It is scary that its being swept under the carpet so quickly and it seems like Joe Ma and Benny Chan did not really pay for what they did.

      They’ll probably start cleaning their image immediately and in a couple of years no one will care or remember that they sexually harassed a young girl.

      1. Joe Ma might not be that innocent, but Sin Sifu also can’t press further because of lack of evidence. Benny’s case has stronger evidence.

  12. If one was of sound mind, one can make a scene if sexual exploitation was evident. Obviously, the girl, whether she was flirtatious or not, should not have been molested by “intelligent” men almost twice her age. However, in a joyous or celebratory setting with alcohol involved, any incident can get carried away quickly without having the time to react. Just look at people drinking and driving. It is often difficult to avoid an accident involving the drunk driver as you do not know what that person will do next. So place blame where it should belong…the men! The men should apologize like men instead of going to other people to deflect or minimize their indiscretion! Enough said!

  13. I have my doubts that Joe sexually harassed Rose. Since day one Joe never admitted to doing so and had outright denied it. Joe didn’t even bother to hold a press conference and only released a statement. Benny on the other hand went all out to ask for forgiveness. It’s clear who has more to lose if this situation is made any bigger.

  14. Wow! Joe is now cleared. Get real.
    Sitting there doing nothing makes you as guilty.
    I guess Joe Ma is a half perverted pig now, right?

  15. @ Jayne

    “Kidd also wondered why Sin Kwok Lam sounds as if he wants Benny Chan dead. “

    I don’t remember saying this. Maybe it has slipped my mind. Or was it pink kidd who said this?

    Anyway, can Rose sue Master Sin for physical abuse? How can Master Sin slapped her?

    1. Kidd,
      Anyway, can Rose sue Master Sin for physical abuse? How can Master Sin slapped her?

      I don’t think Rose would want to sue Sin Sifu for physical abuse. It’s as if she were to sue her father for slapping her while lecturing about life. His intention is good. Sin Sifu said she acted “stupidly” and had low alertness level. My theory is the slap came because there were several inconsistencies in her story and he got upset at her for putting herself out there.

      I am sorry if I misquoted you…

      1. @ Jayne

        I think you meant to quote Vivien but mistakenly put my name instead. I see a comment of Vivien saying Master Sin looks like he wants Benny dead.

  16. O/T Jayne: “Sin Sifu is Rose’s martial arts instructor, but likely a father-figure to her as well, since she may come from a single-parent family. An involved martial arts master will treat his close disciples as his children and teach them not only martial arts but also lessons in life”

    I wonder if Sin sifu gave Gillian chung heck when the Edison stuff came out. Looks like she is one of his disciples too ( So does Gillian know rose then? Is that why Gillian is so supportive vocally? Hmmm. I don’t doubt Joe ma is guilty of something. Either harassment, ignorance, or infidelity. But I guess sin sifu’s disciples were sleeping during the “don’t fall for the charms of idols ” and “sexual harassment” classes.

    1. That would be a great development for this whole controversy, if Edison Chen started dating Rose Chan. But I think she might be too old for him.

  17. Joe Ma is one lucky devil!I guess Benny was too slow in making a donation, money sure talks.
    It’s funny how Virginia says Joe’s wife supports him and is accompanying in China, more like keeping an eagle eye on him.

  18. It’s a conspiracy! Knew he was going to get saved by Virgina Lok. Loathe him much more now. What a douche. He’s just as guilty as Benny in harassing Rose. Ugh.

    1. I disagree. There’s no sufficient evidence that shows Joe is as guilty as Benny. Rose smiling face and the unclear ‘kissing’ pictures made Joe’s case weak unlike Benny’s

  19. Rose got slapped fondled and comforted )lmao yea she def NAIVE …not

    1. People/men just can’t seem to keep their hands off of her. Maybe there should be a moratorium on touching Rose Chan for a bit, whether it’s groping, slapping, hugging, kissing, or whatever…

  20. WHY is Sin Sifu so hell bent on pining down the ‘accused’? Something smell fishy here. He is more of a drama king than Rose. Publicity stunt to promote themselves?
    Public apologies had been extended, police report made, ‘secret deals had been struck’ and what more does he WANT? For all I know, he might be the main instigator.Just get over it and move on, fella. Have a heart, give people a second chance, don’t keep on harping and destroying people happiness and future undertakings.

    1. I’ve seen some ignorant and plain stupid comments coming from people but yours just took the cake.

      How is sin sifu publicity hungry?All along he only has rose’s best interest at heart and is seeking justice for her.I doubt rose has the ability to make a case by herself.

      Rose was sexually assaulted, and this kind of thing is extremely tramautic and will stay with her for the rest of her life.Where is the justice when all they did was apologise and it wasn’t a sincere one at that.I think sin sifu wants to legally press charges against benny now.

      ”Have a heart, give people a second chance, don’t keep on harping and destroying people happiness and future undertakings”

      Seriously??Benny and joe should have thought of this before committing the act. They brought it on themselves and now they have to pay for it. You are not the victim here, i doubt you will be so forgiving and have such a nonchalant manner if someone has committed something terrible against you.

  21. Does Rose still have parents? I noticed it’s only Sin Sifu that’s being all emotional and outraged about her and slapping her

  22. I think this matter is getting quieter now after Benny’s press conference and Si Sifu’s clearance of Joe’s name

  23. O please! He can’t harass a girl and act like nothing. Joe is a coward.

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