Kevin Cheng Meets with EEG Secretly; Eager to Resurrect Music Career

Due to his performance in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>, “Law Ba” Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) became this year’s triple award winning TV King, with his popularity exploding wildly. With his fame and fortune both rising magnificently, Kevin also hoped to release a Mandarin album and resurrect his singer dreams. After Kevin explicitly stated his music dreams, many record companies were interested in recruiting him.

AT 6 PM yesterday, EEG executive, Ng Yu (吳雨) and TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), met at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kowloon. Shortly afterward, Kevin Cheng emerged and chatted with everyone for one hour. Ng Yu was the first to leave, upon which EEG’s concert producer, Alex Fung, continued the meeting with Kevin and Ms. Lok for another hour. Throughout the meeting, Kevin listened attentively, while Ms. Lok took notes of the details.

In a telephone interview with Oriental Daily, Kevin Cheng admitted that he did not possess any masterpieces in his music career and inevitably, felt regretful. Asked whether he had discussed plans with EEG to launch a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Kevin said, “We met to toss around a few ideas. We are uncertain of the possibilities.” (How did the discussion go?) “We had a very enjoyable discussion!”


Jayne: I feel that Kevin should stick to acting and leave behind his music dreams. A short concert series may bring in huge income (EEG is very good in hyping up their concerts); however I think Kevin is a better actor than singer. His voice just doesn’t emote enough in earlier songs.

Ms. Lok is TVB’s “Power Broker,” striking lucrative money-making deals between artists and vendors/ companies.

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  1. I guess since he’s already earning high income, he wants to milk this opportunity to do other things and gain even more. Which is smart considering he’s already in his late 30s or 40s.. wife money!

  2. don’t be greedy kevin!
    we love your acting but it doesn’t mean we’ll also like your singing!

  3. I actually think Kevin has a really good voice but he just gets a lot of really boring songs (the Life Art theme song comes to mind). Good for him if he wants to release another album since it seems like he really likes singing. I just don’t know if he’ll be able to pull off an entertaining concert for such a big setting?

    1. I agree and have always liked Kevin’s voice. He actually does have a good voice but not sure if he is able to actually entertain a whole crowd. There are people that just have a good voice, but are not able to put on an entertaining show… You need more than just a good voice…

  4. I don’t think that Kevin’s voice is that bad at all. I see other actor turned “singers” whose voices are even worse than Kevin’s, however, they still manage to be successful since their fans would support them due to their success as an actor already. There are many soul called singers that manage to succeed in the music scene even though their voices are not even that good so I don’t see how Kevin can’t…. You know the combination of marketing skills and other things really help as well…

    1. I totally agree with you and his singing is actually quite good at least from the little i have heard from him.

      The majority of HK singers can’t actually sing properly just relying on marketing and their blind loyal fans e.g. Twins which is probably the worst “professional” singers.

    2. Because the fact that KC once failed with singing career when his album only can sell 8k copies in 2006. Coincidentally, he won Best actor this year. His mini concert this time also cant sold out with only 2/3k of fans to come. And when he won top 10 songs with JSG (just top 10 song, not best singer or asian-pacific or golden song) he got
      noises after that. These stuffs made his singing career died in 6 years. Guess that he wants a revolution now. Let’s see how his new album works with EEG.

      1. Edit: let’s see how his new album works before having a concert. If it can sell very well then he might have a HKC after 2 albums since his old album is Gold Label’s and he cant use them except the songs belonged to TVB. So the HKC if any might be 2013 or 2014. Before that if he really joins EEG I bet he will be guess in LF’s concert next year. A way to promote and look at other TVB -EEG like Wong Cho Lam and Mag Lam.

      2. I really hope KC can be a guest at LF’s next concert. Maybe they can sing a sexy duet… makes me drool thinking about it.

        I don’t know how ms. Lok divides her attention btwn her 2 beloved boys. So hard to choose…

      3. @josie

        rofl LF is stable career at the top now so 620 can focus on current hit Kevin. Not that hard 😛

      4. EEG is the best in HK at promoting and packaging. Can’t deny that.

      5. @josie: If you want, they did sing a duet (the Yummy Yummy theme) live on KC’s mini concert last time.

      6. Haha, did they hold hands?
        I actually want something hotter. 😀

      7. Hold hands or not I dun rmb. Maybe yes. It’s such a long while. But bromance is quite ok as they had eye-contact.

        How hot do you want? This day LF wore a super deep V tee :P. Wanna hotter? Then KC and LF can strip off together? Hmm! josie! Consider KC’s age :P. Do you see ? to complain that KC is half nude too much. Ok, kidding.

      8. @josie: I know you won’t. Maybe you will dance in 2 toes instead. You should give the blame to PSS and Niki/Charmaine for not shooting pix when they can! Ok, kidding again.

  5. never heard him sing b4, well only 1 with niki, but i dont know, stick to acting,,…..

  6. He really wants to restructure his singing career, go for it while at his prime stage. He just needs better songs and has the potential to get concerts in Hong Kong Coliseum. Im sure 620 will take care of him.

    1. I dunno how well he’ll do for a concert. I guess he can talk, but not so good that it’ll stir up the audience or get them moving. And I doubt he can dance either. I did see him dance before but that was long time ago when he was young. He’s prob too old now to dance and sing fast songs. Maybe Ray will have KC as one of his concert guests one time if his plan to sing again does succeed.

      1. Didnt he compete “Strictly Come Dancing” in China? unless everybody forgets about the TVB dancing competition ages ago…

      2. Fox,
        Michael Tse used to work as a TVB backup dancer before he entered the music and film industries, before acting in TV series again.

      3. @Jayne: I don’t have any problem on this. Wat I mean is MT is even crowned this Strictly go dancing, then KC competed in it, does it have any meaning to his singing career?

      4. Larry,
        You have good eyes, managing to spot Laughing as a backup dancer! Hehe Youtube allows us to relive those glorious moments eh?

      5. Well, I know he dance in one of the famous group, 2 years back with the Laughing Gor hype began.

  7. Kevin’s voice is fine but it’s way he sings that leaves me completely cold.

  8. Once he was in the Netherlands for the miss Chinese of the Netherlands. He and yoyo mung was the guest star. He did very well at the live stage. But, I won’t buy his CD or something like that. He can sing, but I prefer his acting of modelling, hehe 🙂

    The one who can act, is on contact of tvb, and also can sing, is Raymond Lam.

    But after his whole Mavis things and poor TVB drama’s, don’t like him anymore. But he can sing!

  9. If he has money or aid to fulfill his dream, it is okay to give a try. He is in his early 40s, his golden time will be gone soon.

    1. I don’t believe that your golden time in gone in your 40s… Age is just a number since I believe that you can be successful at any age as long as you have the right roles, timing,etc… Look at Wayne Lai, he did not shine until he was in his 40s recently… You can be in your 20s and still be playing supporting roles for 20+ years ane never shine… Therefore, I don’t believe that age can always signify your success rate in the circle…

      1. He is in his best time now, will he be able to keep this fame after 5 years from now? Only time can tell but I do not think so.

      2. Well that is your opinion and I respect that but you are right that only time will tell… Also, people shine due to some roles that they play so what if Kevin gets some more good roles that make him continue to shine?? Who will know??

  10. Singing is one of the fastest opportunities to gain some “fast money”. If he’s so hot in Hk/China now, he might as well milk the cow as fast as he can. Besides, Kevin was a singer to begin with, so it only makes sense that he goes back to his roots when he’s given the chance.

  11. He doesnt have bad voice but boring voice. The type of voice is suitable to songs that can bring ppl to dream. His old album is very good to do such thing. Ok, with EEG at least in the first two albums he will be stuck with this kind of songs.

  12. Kevin obtain a good live vocal but he do not possessed a whole package like raymond lam (LF) where LF can sing live pretty well, dance quite well, corresponding with live crowds tremendously well .There is always a buffer boundary between kevin and his concert spectators .I have doubt he can fill up hongham concert.But some of his polygram ‘s classic songs in 90’s are pretty touching and well remembered

      1. Haha, it’s wat I planned to post. In term of voice, KC is better than some EEG ppl. But in term of entertaining, not sure. Boyz, Sun Boyz, Twins, etc. dun have good voice but they have entertaining skills.

  13. think should just focus one thing at a time. He sings quite well but his voice not unique enough to success.

  14. His voice is ok but something is lacking in his singing every time that made you don’t want to listen to his singing.

  15. I think an album is okay since he gained a lot of fans. But to have a concert, I don’t really know unless he has a lot of supporters besides fans, like friends from the music industry to be his guest performers. Does he ever have a concert before?

    1. He might being guest at LF concert first and only later they will open one for him

    2. He had a mini concert before when he was in Gold Label and after his album was released. But both of his album and mini concert failed so bad last time. He only can sell 8k copies and his mini concert wasn’t full.

      1. Well that was the past… In the past, Kevin did not shine in his acting career either, but look at him now….

  16. I enjoy Kevin’s singing. However, he should start to widen his repertoire of songs. I suppose once he starts training maybe those in charge would know what he should sing, etc. I’m glad he’s given this opportunity to pursue his long time dream to sing as well as act. My only concern is that he may be taking on more than he can chew. I hope he knows what he’s doing and how much he can do.

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