Rookie Actor Angus Yeung is EEG’s Hidden Treasure

The Mainland Chinese variety show I Actor <演员的品格> premiered on December 22 with a purpose to train a new generation of young actors. Hosted by veteran presenter He Jiong (何炅) alone with award winners Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨) and Jing Boran (井柏然), winners of I Actor will star in a television drama tailor made for them.

One shining rookie star in particular is EEG’s very own Angus Yeung (楊天宇), who has worked with actors such as Raymond Lam (林峯), Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), and Alex Fong Chung-sun (方中信). The 24-year-old has made appearances in dramas such as PTU <PTU機動部隊> and the Mainland Chinese drama Feather Flies to the Sky <鸡毛飞上天>. With his tall height (6 ft) and model looks, it isn’t a surprise to see Angus rising in popularity ranks.

Similar to the singing competition Idol Producer <偶像练习生>, I Actor features 59 rookie actors from various entertainment agencies participating in a 100-day training to win a leading spot in a new television drama. Viewers and fans are encouraged to vote for their favorites, and in the final episode, the judges will choose eight winners with the strongest results. The contestants will have to reenact a famous television drama, act out an original script, and do an imitation performance.


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  1. Quick glance, I thought he’s the actor who play Wayne’s cousin in the sitcom, Love Come Home (I think it’s the series name).

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