Steven Cheung’s Cheating Scandal Crushed Kenny Kwan’s Miracle

BOYZ member Steven Cheung’s (張致恆) cheating scandal is making waves across Hong Kong’s entertainment circle, and his bandmate, Kenny Kwan (關智斌), is suffering from it.

Having cheated on multiple women with multiple women, Steven’s sunny boy image is now back in the gutter. Steven was only months away from headlining his first ever concert with Kenny at the Hong Kong Coliseum, which would be held on September 14th.

It was a dream 16 years in the making, but because of the scandal, the concert was canceled. And now, the band is now back to square one.

In a four minute long video posted on Facebook and YouTube, Kenny shared his thoughts on the ripple effect that Steven’s scandal had caused. It was a hard video to watch.

“Why am I by myself right now?” said Kenny, sitting in his Phuket hotel room. “From last night to this morning, I have received many messages, sympathies, and questions from friends. I want to clarify everything right now.”

Kenny said he originally did not plan on making any official statements, as he wanted to hear Steven’s side of the story. However, he was unable to contact him, as Steven had “suddenly left the area.”

“Even up to now, I still don’t know how to face and digest this information,” said Kenny, in regard to the news of the concert’s cancellation. “But one thing I know for sure is that I’m very thankful. After receiving news about having this concert at the Coliseum, I prayed at my church. I really considered it as a miracle. This miracle was not only from the Lord, but also from [the fans].” As he thanked the fans for their support and rallying for the concert, Kenny broke down in tears.

“[The agency and fans] have always known that I have waited for this dream for over ten years. All the content that we have filmed this year was for the aim of having a concert at the Coliseum.”

After officially announcing that the BOYZ concert will be “temporarily shelved,” Kenny also shared some thoughts aboiut his bandmate Steven, whom he described as “a good brother of mine.”

“I do believe that he will be responsible for his actions and take on the responsibilities that a man should,” he said.

Kenny did not rule out the possibility of a future concert, saying, “[The agency] has been coming up with many ways to help me fulfill my dream. The future is unknown, but I’ll definitely let everyone know about any good news.”

Kenny was scouted by EEG in 2001, after appearing on the RTHK program Y2K+01. In 2002, in an effort to create the male version of Twins, EEG formed BOYZ with Kenny and Steven. The duo debuted in 2003 with the album La La World <La La 世界>. As Twins’ juniors and frequent collaborators, BOYZ shot to fame relatively quickly and had several hit singles within a year of their debut, including “Never Change” <死性不改> (2003), “Following You” <跟蹤你> (2003), and “Where Are You Going” <去邊道> (2004).

Despite having a fandom that was rapidly gaining traction, BOYZ was hit with negative attitude rumors in the latter half of 2004. Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) had even made a comment about how BOYZ would not greet people at TVB. Steven himself was also making headlines with his partying lifestyle. Nonetheless, Kenny remained to be a close friend of Steven’s—he even helped him apply for school.

After BOYZ split in 2005, Kenny released a solo album, but was unsuccessful. For the next three years, Kenny was jobless with zero income. After reuniting with Steven in 2011, Kenny turned his focus to the mainland, where he found mild success as a television actor. From 2013 to 2014, he remained in the mainland for 11 months, filming four Chinese dramas back to back. He has since used that money to invest in six different properties around Hong Kong, increasing his net worth to over HK$100 million. During this time, Kenny had also lent money to Steven for emergencies.

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  1. Really feel bad for Kenny.
    I’m guessing this news will bring more sympathy to Kenny so he will get more jobs, and in the end be able to go to the colosseum

  2. Kenny sums up what true friend do but Steve reply with a slap on his face…

  3. sounds like kenny worked very hard for everyday he has today but steven just ruined everything. i wonder if steven is really as toxic as they make him sound in the news.

  4. unacceptable, Steven crushed Kenny dream… why such a guy make a bold claim right now should have waited until the concert is over… did he really think all he ex or mistress would just sit quietly and watch?

    he still pathetic and immature in many ways even after becoming a dad, BOYZ was having some hope for a good comeback and he blew it away!

  5. They didn’t deserve to sing there anyway so no sympathy here. There have been much better singer who have never been in the Hong Kong Coliseum to perform. Boyz would have been a one song concert because they only have one song. Would have been that and singing a lot of covers of other famous singers….

  6. Ironically, that September slot is the same one that Andy Hui originally had scheduled to hold his concert before his cheating scandal with Jacqueline forced him to cancel….BOYz took over that time slot and now Steven got busted for cheating…..maybe that time slot is cursed, lol….

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