Steven Cheung’s Wife Reacts to Online Harrassment

Former Boyz’ member Steven Cheung (張致恒) and his wife Au Man Man (區燕雯) have gone through many rough patches throughout their marriage, constantly on the verge of divorce. Besides struggling with financial debts, having three children within four years put additional stress in their marriage. After their publicized argument and reconciliation over the holidays, Man Man shared that she has already moved out, hinting that she is planning on filing for a one-sided divorce.

This came as no surprise, since Man Man often publicly criticized Steven for being “useless,” “lazy,” and unwilling to take care of their three children. Yesterday, Man Man posted a long message on social media sharing that she received many harassing messages about Steven cheating or owing them money.

In her response, Man Man drew a clear line between Steven and herself. “If you are reaching out to me wanting to talk about how Steven has borrowed money from you or has not repaid you then sorry, I also don’t have money…. If you want to expose everything, go ahead. It will not affect me. If you do expose him, know that he’ll have no work and also cannot repay you.”

Man Man added that she has already known Steven for 10 years and is well aware of all his flaws, and knew she would have a big burden to bear by marrying a celebrity with a troubled past. “In conclusion, if your goal is for us to get a divorce, then I can tell you that I already have my path.”

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