Steven Cheung Does Manual Labor Jobs to Feed Family of 5

Married for three years, former Boy’z member Steven Cheung (張致恒) and his wife Au Yin Man (區燕雯) continue to face money problems. Confronted with financial debts, housing eviction, and the need to feed three children, Steven set aside his former celebrity status to do manual labor jobs to improve his cash flow.

Due to Steven’s cheating past, the couple faced immense online bullying and public pressure from the outset of their marriage. Man Man felt distressed and nearly divorced Steven this January, but he asked for a second chance and they reconciled two days later. The couple welcomed the arrival of their third son this summer.

In an “Ask Me Anything” chat session on Instagram recently, Man Man admits being married to Steven has been very stressful, but also notes all of his positive changes as a family man.

Enduring tough times, Steven had no choice but to work several manual labor jobs to make ends meet. Although the couple hired a domestic helper, the family’s budget is extremely tight especially with raising three young children. Despite being a stay-at-home mom without any income, Man Man said they have never applied for public housing.

When netizens asked Man Man if she regrets marrying Steven, she replied, “There’s no such thing such as regret – we can only believe that things will eventually get better.”

It has been over 10 years since Man Man was Steven’s fan during his boyband days to now being his wife. Uploading a throwback photo of themselves 10 years ago, Man Man took a moment to reminisce their youthful days.

Revealing that there were times when she thought about giving up, Man Man revealed why she changed her mind about divorcing Steven. “To take care of our family, he doesn’t mind going in and out of a 30-degree kitchen, washing dishes, toilets, cleaning, or moving heavy boxes back and forth. After he gets off work and comes home, he would still take care of our children and do chores around the house. He hugs his sons every night until 5 a.m. in the morning, and he would get up at 8 a.m. the next day and go to work.

As words of acknowledge towards all of her husband’s sacrifices for the family, Man Man encouraged, “Steven, as long as you don’t give up, no one will give up on you.”

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