Steven Cheung Gets Second Chance from Wife

Cheating accusations and financial debts are believed to be the major reasons for former Boy’z member Steven Cheung’s (張致恆) marital difficulties with wife Au Yin Man (區燕雯). The former model announced on January 28 that they are getting a divorce, but apparently Steven has successfully changed Man Man’s mind to give their marriage another chance.

“Separating doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s just a way to make sure everyone can live better. Today, we’re officially divorced. I truly wish that you can find happiness,” Man Man wrote on her social media.

However, Steven would not let her walk out on him. Two days later, Steven uploaded a family photo and stated that they will all continue to happily live together.

“People will always make mistakes in life, in relationships, work, family and friendships, but what’s most important is to reflect on it and continue moving forward. I am thankful to my wife for embracing my mistakes in these last two years. After a talk, we decided to continue walking together on the same road. We still have a lot to learn about marriage, so as a family of five, we will continue to cherish and love each other!” He wrote on his Instagram,

With the family referred to as “five,” netizens assume Steven is implying that a third child is on the way. If confirmed true, it is likely a new baby is the reason the couple decided to reconcile.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Obviously it’s hard to judge a family whom I know close to nothing about, but isn’t aren’t they barely making ends meet? Wasn’t Steven in debt just a couple months ago? Where did they get all that money to raise two children & decide to have their third? I’m genuinely confused.

  2. Damn do they not know how to use protection. With all the problems in their marriage, two children is more than enough and having another child will not save their marriage, she may just be staying with him for the time being.

  3. If family of 5 hints the wife is pregnant again, then really do not know what they are thinking. They seem like the type – do it now and worry later. But not mistaken, the guy comes from a wealthy background so maybe they do not see it as a problem

  4. If I was his wife, I’d whack the back of his head with my hand every time if he doesn’t wear protection. I mean it’s bad enough that they’re under constant scrutiny and financial pressure, now they have to bring 3 kids into their mess. Unbelievable. Poor wife and husband are ridiculous – get your tubes tied!!

    1. I feel a deep sense of pity for their kids, but I wish them well. It’s already difficult to raise 1 kid with limited income stream, let alone 3. It’s not the ideal situation to bring kids into this mess, but being poor doesn’t strip someone of the right to have kids. It does sound irresponsible, but even kids living in poor environments can have a happy childhood. I just hope that’s the case for this family

  5. They need to fix their marital problems before having more children, rather than have more children to mend their rocky marriage.

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