Steven Cheung Continues to Flirt with Other Women

Ex Boyz member, Steven Cheung (張致恆), has fallen on hard times and has a troubling marriage. After marrying in 2019, his wife Au Yin Man (區燕雯) gave birth to three children and is currently expecting a fourth baby on the way. An emotional person, Man Man often airs Steven’s dirty launch on social media and called him “useless” and “lazy” in being unable to find work. In her latest rant, Man Man said Steven continues to flirt with other women.

In her post, Man Man admitted to being depressed and fighting negative emotions. “I’m certainly a failure. I can’t endure the attacks and pressure from the public. Today’s news has made me become a liar. I’ve received a lot of messages saying that I’m using Steven to gain publicity, because without him, no one would even know who I am. However, I have never thought about gaining fame or becoming a celebrity. I’m merely pushed to my limits and can’t find another place to vent and release my emotions. I never thought of the consequences. I’m just having a difficult time right now.”

Addressing Steven, Man Man wrote, “If you’re going to blame me for generating negative news and impacting your money-making abilities, why don’t you think about whether you’ve actually changed and made yourself a better person in the past five years? I’m at home working hard and exhausted, pregnant and still taking care of the children. You haven’t given us a single penny for food, formula, diapers, or healthcare. I depend on myself to ask for help from friends.”

An exhausted mom, Man Man was angry Steven was “flirting with other women and badmouthing” Man Man even though she has given him countless chances. “I’m pregnant again, but you never thought about changing your ways.”

Turning her Instagram page to a paid platform, Man Man explained  it was to delete haters and supplement income for growing family expenses. “No one likes putting themselves out there like a clown, but if I didn’t do this, my family will be out on the streets.” However, Man Man has decided to cancel her page as a paid platform and vows to return subscribers’ money. “I hope everyone will let me go and leave me alone from now on.”

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  1. They seem to have such a toxic marriage/ relationship. Why did they even try for a fourth baby?? Feel bad for the children.

    1. I almost feel like they’re doing it on purpose…having the kids together…takes 2 to tango as they say.

  2. They are actually enough readers to goes o her paid platform for her o earn money…. really!!

    1. Typo: They are actually enough readers on her paid platform for her to earn money…. really!!

  3. If you don’t want people to judge you, maybe don’t post about it on social media all the time. Yes, you’ll get some sympathy, but the internet is a vast place with all sorts of people and differing perspectives that will also attack you. If you want other people to “let you go”, you should also let yourself go from this vicious cycle that you are constantly putting yourself in.

  4. She’s 1 of these brain dead ppl who hasnt heard of birth control and that she can’t keep or control her man just by being pregnant. Such ppl would never think of the impact of such a toxic relationship on the kids she brings into the world

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