Despite Troubling Marriage, Steven Cheung and Wife are Expecting Fourth Child

Former Boy’z member Steven Cheung (張致恒) and his wife Au Yin Man (區燕雯) are known for their “divorce drama” on social media. Calling Steven a “lazy and useless” husband and father, Man Man’s fights with Steven escalated in tenacity and exposed the couple’s financial troubles. After threatening to walk out on their marriage many times, Man Man is shockingly pregnant again.

Yesterday, Man Man hinted there may be a fourth child on the way as she posted, “If God arranged this for me, then I should plan for it and rely on myself to take care of every present that God has given to me.”

A netizen privately messaged Man Man to ask if she was pregnant with another baby. The netizen shared screencaps of their conversation, where Man Man admitted she is about to give birth. As she and Steven have been struggling financially, the couple accepted netizens’ help to pay last month’s rent. Man Man does not have enough money for next month’s rent as she also has debts to pay. Late in paying for her two sons’ textbook fees, they are on the verge of being forced to leave school.

In a screenshot, the netizen tried  to convince Man Man to not give birth to a fourth child given the couple’s dire situation. Man Man replied, “When I knew, I was already four months pregnant. Due to my health condition, I would still lose a lot of blood whether I keep the child or have an abortion.”

About to give birth soon, Man Man realizes a new baby will put a strain on their family budget. “Rent is $13,000 Hong Kong dollars, and my two son’s educational expenses amount to HK$4,000.”

Given the controversies her posts often elicit, Man Man will be opening a new social media account. Although she believes many people do not genuinely care about her, she knows there are still mothers who like seeing her three children and three dogs. So she has decided to charge a monthly membership fee of HK$50 for her content while earning some supplemental money to pay for bills.

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  1. Wow! In these kind of economy, middle class parents with decent jobs will be struggling if they have 4 kids. But these jobless keep pumping out kids.

    1. As you said, they are “jobless”. What other productive things can they do besides f–king like rabbits every day?

  2. I normally feel like people should be able to do what they want with their lives, but can’t help but feel this is irresponsible and reckless in many ways. Not only are they financially not able to support 4 kids, but they’re also bringing them into an unhappy household. I’ve seen quite a few kids that are raised in a household where the parents constantly fight, and it creates a lot of stress and instability for those children (even if the parents individually love them very much). I feel really bad for these kids.

    1. Totally agree with u both on this. What was he thinking? I am sure he can still afford condoms? Even if not able to afford, there are still other ways

  3. My blood pressure went up just reading about their situation. The dude needs to get his tubes cut. No more kids.

  4. I am speechless… this parents cannot cope even with the current kids and they are expecting a forth?? The wife keeps taking about divorcing.. I guess, that have to wait now.

  5. Lol, I’m beginning to wonder if Steven uses s*x to compensate for his wrongdoings.. No offence, but both don’t appear responsible as the above comments stated already: they don’t have stable jobs and can’t support their children financially…and it feels like they’re using G as an excuse to let things be.

  6. She only realized she was pregnant four months in? Even if she has irregular menstruation, it shouldn’t take that long to notice. They both are like little kids taking, who are going to take care of four little kids.

  7. She is responsible for the pregnancy too. They deserve each other, just sheer stupidity. Feel sorry for the kids.

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