Steven Cheung Breaks Silence Over Family Drama

Steven Cheung (張致恆) and his wife, Au Yin Man’s (區燕雯) publicized fights are disturbing to watch, but also provide brutally raw insight at how difficult it is to maintain a marriage with young children and multiple stressors.

After Man Man’s latest post blasting Steven for his financial irresponsibility and flirtatious behavior, influencer Sean Lam piggy backed on the post. He called out Steven for continuing to borrow money from friends and even claiming that his wife may need to “prostitute herself” if he does not gather enough funds.

Steven, who usually remains quiet and unresponsive to his wife’s posts, finally broke his silence and responded to Sean’s accusations via social media. He exclaimed, “A situation that isn’t anyone else’s business is being capitalized by an influencer. First, I don’t know this person [Sean Lam] nor am I interested in him at all. However, he has taken to the Internet to harass my family time and time again. What does he really hope to gain from this? Does he want to see my whole family commit suicide or something?”

Explaining that his mistakes have caused him to lose his way the last four years, Steven admitted to asking friends to borrow money. “Having been in the entertainment industry for so many years, it is not easy to let go of everything. When I no longer have other means, I asked to borrow money from people, ranging from friends to even junket operators in Macau. I’ve borrowed money through any means possible, because I didn’t know what else to do. However, the more I borrow, the bigger the hole I find myself in.”

No human is perfect, and Steven admitted one of his greatest flaws is avoidance and running away from issues. “Now that I have children, I’m working hard to change this flaw of mine. It’s hard. To be honest, I’m exhausted. This whole time, I’ve been persistent to support my family so I can see my children grow up happily. I’ll work hard to repay all the money I  borrowed. I can’t help if people are harassing me online.”

Steven is willing to take all the criticism, but hopes other will stop attacking his family. “If you guys want to laugh, then laugh at me only. Leave my family out of it. If you guys want to scold or laugh at me, I can stand there and let you do so. If you hurt any one of my family members, then that is something I can’t tolerate. Although I don’t know what I can do, I’ll use all means necessary to retaliate and fight back, because I really do love my family!”

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