Steven Cheung’s Wife Becomes a YouTuber

Often publicly lashed out by his wife Au Yin Man (區燕雯) for being “useless” and a “lazy bum” in their divorce drama, 38-year-old former HK singer Steven Cheung (張致恒) is in the news again.

Invites Questions to Satiate Netizen Curiosity

Despite the pair’s tumultuous relationship and their struggle with finances, they welcomed their fourth child, a son in September. To support the family financially, Man Man has joined the ranks of YouTubers, inviting netizens to “ask them anything” in her first video featuring Steven!

In her 8-minute 15-second long video released on October 20 on her “lazymama” channel, Steven revealed that the questions had been handpicked by his wife, and they kickstarted the session with “Is Steven’s sex addiction cured?” Instead of taking on the question, he said, “I’ve no sex addiction, so why would I need to be cured,” He then denied ever claiming he has the condition, hinting it is the media that is sensationalising headlines.

Four Kids in As Many Years

Responding to a question on why he cheated, he simply said, “Ya, why? Why did I cheat? Actually, many people cheat as well,” The couple then claimed that their bank accounts were in a bad state and would reach as low as a 2-digit figure. There were also netizens who were curious about why Man Man did not work to support the family.

When she expressed that it was also her wish, Steven butted in and said that his wife is “perpetually in a pregnant state” these 4 years, or she has to care for her kids, as there was a limit as to how much their other family members could help them out.

As for why she “continued having babies even though she was dissatisfied with Steven”, Man Man answered, “(I’m) very dissatisfied, but there would be a few days a year when the relationship is better, now it is also not going well, it’d be different if you’re willing to change, referring to her husband. She then mentioned that divorce is on her mind everyday, when Steven advised her to “better just think, and not act on it”, to which she replied, “That will have to depend on you”.

Netizens Blast Couple’s Insincere Attitude

Asked if she ever regretted marrying Steven, she frankly replied “Yes”, and answered that it was his looks which had initially attracted her. Without answering the remaining questions seriously, they continued teasing that there would be a second part of the Q&A, inviting more questions from netizens.

While several netizens voiced support, most were turned off and criticized the couple for being boring due to the way they beat around the bush instead of seriously answering questions, describing them as being “insincere”. Another advised the couple to interact sincerely with their viewers, adding that they would be better off filming kids or family-themed vlogs instead of giving half-hearted responses.

Source: HK01

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