Steven Cheung Schedules Vasectomy to Prevent Surprise Pregnancy

Despite their marital disputes and ongoing financial struggles, former Boy’z member Steven Cheung (張致恒) and his wife Au Yin Man (區燕雯) just welcomed the arrival of their fourth child. With the expensive costs of raising children, Steven does not want any more unplanned pregnancies and will be getting a vasectomy.

With the couple’s rollercoaster marriage, Steven and Man Man’s decision to have a fourth child was met with public criticism and disapproval. Netizens admonished the couple for being irresponsible in having another child when they are already unable to support themselves.

Just one week after the birth of his son, Steven made up his mind to get a vasectomy. He announced on social media, “Thank you to everyone for your continued advice, support, and encouragement all these years. I feel very fortunate to be the father of four little boys. As I witnessed my fourth son come into this world, it made me think of all the things I’ve experienced these past few years. To provide and support my family of six, I have thought long and hard about this… I will get a vasectomy and bear the biggest responsibility for my family. I already contacted a clinic to perform the procedure. I’ll share further details once the procedure is done. Thank you everyone!”

Steven’s announcement was met with  praise and support. In a matter of minutes, his post was liked over 500 times. One netizen wrote, “You’re a real man!”

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