Wife Calls Steven Cheung “Lazy and Useless”

Married since 2019 with three children, BoyzSteven Cheung (張致恒) and Au Yin Man’s (區燕雯) relationship has been full of struggles and tears. Despite Steven’s celebrity past, the couple has been straddled with financial debts. Stressed as a young mother, Man Man often airs her grievances online and complains about Steven’s “useless” ways. She considered divorcing him many times.

In January 2022, Man Man suddenly announced her divorce decision. When she found out she was pregnant, Man Man took back her words and accepted Steven’s apologies.

The couple did not stay happy for long though. In October 2022, Man Man began deleting all of Steven’s photos off social media as well as unfollowing him on Instagram. She once again became extremely disappointed in their marriage and wanted divorce.

Unable to take it anymore, Man Man complained that Steven was useless. She wrote, “It’s okay to be poor, but you have to be ambitious. If you’re lazy in every aspect, then that’s just being useless.”

Shortly after her initial post, she continued, “You told me that you were feeling unwell and you needed to sleep. Okay,  I’ll go pack since the kids need to go to the hospital at 2 p.m. I just ask that you make them food, get them changed, and I’ll take them when I come back home. But you were asleep at 1:30 p.m. If you want to be lazy on your own, then fine, that’s on you. When you have children, you have to respect them and you can’t let your own problems affect them. I’ve had enough – I have no idea why people like you are even alive!”

Although Man Man was once a huge fan of Steven during his Boyz’ days, her love diminished due to his lazy and nonchalant behavior. When Man Man has reached the final straw each time, Steven would still find a way to earn her forgiveness. In recent photos, Steven was seen holding one of their children. Although Man Man did not elaborate, the gesture was a big indicator that the couple has made up once again.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Remember reading somewhere that females have the tendency to believe that they will be the last woman in the man’s life and the reason for him to change for the better.

  2. Idk, his behavior sounds pretty darn normal and typical of a dad to me. I know plenty of men who are lazy, uninvolved, and bad with their kids who outsource all of that to their wives. The caveat of that is usually the men in these situations have money to throw at any problems.

    But when you’re broke and you still outsource all the childcare and household tasks to your wife, what do you expect? And not just one kid, but three! Her airing these grievances is hoping to shame him, but he’s not gonna change

    1. I am so blessed my hubby is not so… but it is very rare. Since I see lots of my own friends with the same problem.

    2. Lol, way to throw all the good dads under the bus. No, most dad’s are not this lazy. Maybe you come from older generation males, but I would say anyone born after 1980 are normally not lazy with their kids. All the dads I know are just as involved with their kids upbringing as their wives.

      1. @TheYenMan
        Exactly and it is so wrong to stereotype that all dads are lazy. My brothers who are married were born in the 60s and 70s are not lazy at all. In fact, they do more than their wives would ever do. Their wives are the lazy ones. Many of the dads that I know are extremely hands on with their kids. It just varies and depends.

      2. If you don’t fall into the majority of the statistics, good for you! But reality in 2023, especially during/after pandemic, is that most men aren’t picking up the slack. You need studies to prove it? I can provide it.

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