Steven Cheung’s Wife Hints Marriage is Over

Despite a promising start to his career as part of the popular Hong Kong boyband BOY’Z alongside Kenny Kwan (關智斌), Steven Cheung’s (張致恆) reputation has plunged considerably in recent years. In addition to racking up debt and borrowing excessively from friends, Steven was also ridiculed for his infidelity and cheating scandals.

In 2019, Steven wed his fan Au Yin Man (區燕雯) when she got pregnant. Although many believed that Steven would turn a new leaf after settling down, the 38-year-old continues to be surrounded by negative publicity. Financial debts continued to plague the family of five, with Man Man choosing to forgive Steven numerous times throughout their three-year marriage.

In the beginning of the year, Man Man announced her intentions to separate. When she became accidentally pregnant again, she gave Steven a second chance. Twelve months later, the couple has hit another bottleneck in their marriage, which Man Man describes as intolerable.

“Pretend that I have a mental issue. Pretend that I am making up stories. Pretend that I have psychological problems. However, I can definitively say that I have reached my limit. Everything has surpassed my boundaries and bottom line. There’s no need to guess. It has nothing to do with another woman or other women. It’s simple. Our personalities do not mesh. We cannot communicate or tolerate.

“I grew up in a single-parent household. I thought that if I persisted and worked hard, I can provide my children with a nuclear family home. However, some things really can’t be forced. It can be so tiring just seeing one another every day. Right now, we are preparing everything. At the start of the 2023 new year, I can definitely go back to being myself again and have a new start. Everyone will probably say that I deserve this, that I chose the wrong person, that I stubbornly chose to try it out.”

Although Man Man is known to take her grievances on social media, is this really the final straw in their marriage?

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  1. She’s probably just burnt out being a mom with her kids…i forget how many they have..but I’m guessing that’s what it is…and with stephen going to work and probably coming home wanting a wife to take care of him…ain’t easy…she probably should have realized that before shacking up with him.

    1. Yeah, agreed. One kid is enough to break a marriage if there’s not enough support. They have 3. It’s not easy. Plus they carry loans too. I’m surprised they even decided on a second one, with all things considered.

      1. @Coralie Babies #1 and #3 were unplanned. Maybe their second baby was also a surprise if they did not use any birth control. Steven and Man Man faced a lot of pressure in their marriage, and she seems to air her grievances online too often which also indicates a lack of personal support from healthier outlets such as friends.

  2. With 3 kids…if she does decide to be a single mum, I hope she have means to bee one… I dont know if HK have good welfare support for single parent.. In my Country, we do have good support.

  3. 2019 = accidentally preggie.

    It’s now 2022 … and they have THREE kids?
    This dude sounded irresponsible from the get-go. IF nothing is too stable – one may be an accident, but THREE?!

    The traditional mindset types always say plop another kid to GLUE an unstable or rocky relationship.
    Worse advice ever. Now it is harder for the Woman (especially if she is financially dependent on him), to ever get out, even in an abusive relationship.

    Whether or not there is suport is immaterial. Some single mom clients of mine choose to sit forever on safety nets ( be it husbands or country’s govt).
    Helpful support (debatable in current global situation) in the short run to tide over situations but unhelpful to self. Because it conditions/enables learned-helplessness in some (ie welfare moms parked there forever, with no inclination to do anything to be independent) = > MH issues in some cases. And the children growing up – some end up repeating the cycle.

    1. Well, support in this sense is emotional/physical/material support. Is there someone who helps mom when dad’s gone for work? Is there someone who is babysitting and giving mom a break? Is mom and dad able to communicate effectively on children’s needs? On their own needs? These things make parenting easier and with less friction, the relationship will be smoother.

      Financial support is also vital, but not the ultimate deal breaker for families with kids. It’s the other stuff on top of that.

      1. Coralie,

        Yes a good support system IS certainly beneficial for mom’s well being, and in turn – better parenting when less stressed and on verge of burn out from multi-tasking everything.

        When I mentioned “support” = I meant the Welfare Support.
        It’s NOT sometimes such a wonderful thing – short run ok, long run – NO.
        for eg: Refugees go through hell and high water, folks who had ‘drive’ and motivation … lose it sometimes when the system enables them (it’s ok for survival but it’s not even to provide anything wonderful for kids, as a home. Yet so many park themselves there forever because it is ‘easier’. When folks don’t have a sense of purpose, or feel useful … that can sometimes be when MH, Depression, Anxiety starts festering.

      2. @nomad822 oh yeah I agree with you on the welfare policy. It’s a hard balance between providing a safety net for those in dire situations and being a crutch forever. I know it really breaks people’s drive when they’re being provided for. But on the other hand, they’re also the most vulnerable and could end up in even riskier situations if not helped.

        It sounds like Man Man has no choice right now. She will need some financial support until her kids are a little older. I just hope once her kids are a little older, she will be able to provide for them with her own means.

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