Steven Cheung Relies on Odd Jobs for a Living After Cheating Scandal

Former Boy’z member Steven Cheung’s (張致恒) image and career hit rock bottom after multiple women exposed him of being a cheater in the midst of his marriage with Au Man Man (歐雯雯). Although Steven publicly asked for forgiveness and vowed to change his ways, his career prospect is bleak as he struggles to take care of his wife and newborn son. In order to get by, Steven is reportedly relying on odd jobs at a four-star hotel.

Steven let go of his celebrity image and currently works 10 hours a day in the hotel buffet area. Wearing a chef uniform and a mask, Steven was seen cutting sashimi and slicing roast beef. Steven confirmed his odd jobs in an interview with Oriental Daily, “Yes, I took a day off today and right now I am at home taking care of my son.”

When asked if he is struggling financially and had to do odd jobs to support himself, Steven replied, “I don’t want to respond. Regardless of the road ahead, I need to move forward.  No one knows the road ahead, so I will do my best to take care of my wife and son.”

Steven admitted that he does not mind doing odd jobs, “I learned a lot. I worked 10 hours a day and I have an hour to take lunch. Working is not hard; it’s harder when I don’t have money.”

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  1. Both Kenny and him were from the same boy group, while the former is doing well and can afford a luxury place, the latter needs to let go of his celeb image and take other job. If only he does not have a casanova personality and chose to focus on his career, things may have been different?

    Those girls who did not end up with him, consider it as a blessing in disguise.

    1. @hayden
      Both the boyz have crap talent or in other words ‘no talent’. However one is able to find work and make some decent money while one has been busy using his celebrity status to get with the girls. One is loaded with cash and one is borrowing and begging from friends. What contrast!

      1. @jimmyszeto This proves alot of people in showbiz do not need talent to succeed. lol…since the other one made in the mainland, perhaps anyone can just flock to china starting now doing whatever crappy series to dig their buckets of gold? haha i mean Kenny dude has no vocal or acting talent and he actually made it or he actually made in from HK? haha lol…unreal

      2. @wm2017
        Well talent aside, consider that both boys were in the same group and thus should have taken the same jobs and split pay, you got to question why their wealth is in such stark contrast. Either one knows how to invest or better connections while one is a big spender or steps on peoples toes thus losing opportunities. It probably has something to be with personality and choices.

      3. @m0m0 That is very true. When you have a better personality and character it’s bound to get you somewhere than nowhere. Since this one always seem to have negative news and didn’t they say at one point even a family member revealed he has a sex addiction and should have gotten help. That alone s/b deadly for his good boy image. The other one even thou he might not be talented he’s probably hardworking since he can land jobs in the mainland.

      4. @jimmyszeto You are absolutely right! That’s why I am shocked Kenny dude made it and the womanizer is probably cuter and all but too bad he’s probably like Edison Chen at least the perv mindset. haha lol…

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