Steven Cheung a Sex Addict? Jan Cheung: “He Just Likes to Have Fun”

Steven Cheung (張致恒) just can’t keep it in his pants. After getting caught with a Taiwanese model, Steven’s girlfriend—now former girlfriend Xenia Chong (莊端兒)—announced in a statement to the media that she has broken up with her boyfriend of one year.

“I’m very unhappy,” Xenia said in a text message. “We were still together during Mid-Autumn Festival, but it was already at its limit. I don’t think I have any more explaining to do. I’ve decided to break it up. You shouldn’t be playing around in a relationship. I do not do casual dating.”

This isn’t the first time Steven has been caught cheating. His breakup with Maggie Fu (傅又宣) ten years ago was also because he was caught cheating on her with a girl he met online. Rumor has it that the Brother’s Keeper 2 <巨輪II> star is a sex addict, and has a habit of seeking sex services online since as early as his idol singing days.

In regards to his high-profile breakup with Xenia, Steven’s sister Jan Cheung (張詠恩) said, “He’s a big guy now. This should give him a good lesson. But as his family, I will always be there for him, and support him.”

Asking if it’s true that Steven is a sex addict, Jan said, “He’s not sick. He just likes to have fun.” Mentioning that Steven himself has mentioned that he has a sexual addiction, Jan said, “I don’t know. I’ll tell him to vent out that energy in exercise.” (With girls?) “Not necessary.” (Help him fix his sex addiction?) “Right now, he should focus on his career. I’ll take him to yoga classes with me.”

Although Xenia has broken up with her brother, Jan said she and Xenia are still good friends. “She’s a good girl,” said Jan. (Do you know that Xenia was divorced before?) “Yes, we’ve known this a long time ago. She never treated it as a secret.”

Source: Eastweek, HK01

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  1. I used to think he was a good looking guy. Age hasn’t been kind to him.

    If he knew he couldn’t keep it in his pants, he shouldn’t be dating seriously and be upfront when he just wants fun. It’s sad he wasted his ex-gf’s time. They say people learn, but there are just some ppl who never learn.

  2. Lol, I still find the term sex addict silly. Who doesn’t like sex? That’s like someone saying they’re addicted to fun.

    But yah, this dude’s the guy from Boys right? Guy has really let himself go, and is looking like he should step away from the buffet table.

    1. @theyenman
      LMAO ….step away from the buffet table. haha lol……
      he does seem much chubbier in the face alone but I think as you get older you bound to gain some weight. lol

    1. @muchloser ALL the yoga in the world will not cure him. The man is an addict and he needs professional help. All his relationships are breaking up due to his excessive cheating
      He is trolling the internet for s*x. His sister is living in denial of her brother’s illness. Or, maybe she believes that he is not an addict because he is a celebrity, and celebrities are not s*x addicts, especially in the HK entertainment world.

      1. @bubbletea I meant that as a sarcasm. With many women obviously attending there, how does one think yoga is helpful? In his case, they’re more like eyecandies.

        That being said, what are we ever expecting of them? It’s natural that as a family member you’d support them, but the problem is the ‘methods’. Even if he’s trolling or not, he’s part of the entertainment industry, they know what they’re doing, for the worse or for the better.

  3. In his younger days, his “Boy’Z” partner Kenny already confirmed that he liked to play around a lot and wasn’t very serious about the projects they were doing. That’s one of the reasons why he decided to leave the boy group and become a solo artist.

    I don’t find Steven attractive tbh, not even in his younger days. Kenny is way cuter (even now) but he’s not into girls.

    1. @vell I kinda liked them both, but it was clear Kenny had the better face lol. But he was too scrawny and gave me a weird vibe when I watched his dramas (possibly bcus the rumors are true). They had potential though when they were younger…at least Kenny is still popular.

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