Steven Cheung’s Wife Announces Divorce

Racking up debt, former Boy’z member Steven Cheung (張致恒) had previously asked for his friends’ forgiveness and a chance to prove himself. Accused of cheating and financially strapped since getting married three years ago, Steven’s marriage with former model Au Yin Man (區燕雯) finally collapsed. Today, Man Man announced that the couple has divorced.

Acquires New Residence Amid Growing Debt

Last year, Steven’s residence in Yuen Long was plastered with messages from debt-chasing collectors and his letterboxes stuffed with similar notices. The former Boy’z member is said to have terminated his phone number and furtively moved out of his residence to avoid being found. Steven had denied the allegations, saying he was unable to repay the debts due to joblessness, and apologized to the debt collectors, promising to return the money when he can.

His good friends, singer Bob Cheung (張彥博), Bob Lam (林盛斌), and a few others all admitted to having lent Steven money at some point.  Model Naomi Fung (馮鎵瀠) had revealed publicly that Steven had borrowed money from her with no intention of returning it.

Despite his growing debt, Steven, his wife Man Man and their two boys were seen moving into a bigger home, and taking the taxi out to go shopping and apparently living a comfortable lifestyle.

Man Man Collapses After Cyberbullying

Gossip followed Steven everywhere since he married his fan, Man Man, after she became pregnant in 2019. April Leung (梁皓恩) accused Steven of cheating with Man Man during their relationship, and said she was shocked when he announced he already had a son. Multiple women also exposed him as a serial cheater.

Since the cheating scandal, Steven lost many jobs in the entertainment industry. EEG even cancelled Boy’z Hong Kong Coliseum concert. Steven was forced to take odd jobs such as working at a hotel buffet table to support his growing family. In 2021, Steven joined boxing program We Are Champs <培生擂台> and seemed to have turned around his finances.

Throughout Steven’s marriage, netizens often harassed him and Man Man on social media due to their cheating past. Threats from Steven’s ex-girlfriends and strangers mounted on Man Man, with some even threatening to harm her son. She felt very distressed multiple times and complained on her social media about the harassment, writing, “Can you please let us live in peace?”

When Man Man became pregnant with her second son in 2020, she asked the public for mercy and forgiveness. “Everyone in the world makes mistakes. After they make a mistake, if you don’t give them a chance to change, they will be stuck at this point for all their lives,” she pleaded.

Man Man’s Sudden Divorce Announcement

The stress of being married to Steven seemed to have grown only with time. Today, Man Man announced on Instagram that their three-year marriage is over.

“Separating doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s just a way to make sure everyone can live better. Today, we’re officially divorced. I truly wish that you can find happiness,” Man Man wrote.

The press reached out to Steven, but he has not yet returned any calls.

Sources:, HK01

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Steven Cheung’s Messy Private Life: Multiple Women Expose Him for Cheating

Steven Cheung Relies on Odd Jobs for a Living After Cheating Scandal


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  1. I think most people expected this to be the end result of their marriage especially with all the financial issues and online criticism. I’m just surprised she had a second child with him

  2. I can’t say I feel sorry for neither of them. I only feel bad for the two innocent little boys. Man Man knew he was in a relationship when she started seeing him. Steven should have settled doen when he got Manman pregnant and married her. Instead, he wanted to have ouldnhis cake and eat it too. He cost the group a lot and they never re overed from that concert missed opportunity just because he couldn’t keep his pants zipped. Now two innocdnt children have to suffer from the effects of a brokem home.
    At least they are being honest about getting a divorce instead of parading around and pretending to be still married.

  3. Well, one of the pretentious couples, who is just a business just announced they are going thejr seperate ways. Angelababy and Haung Xiaoming have called it quits, to no one’s surprise.

  4. Trash is trash.
    The way a relationship starts, it is how it will end.
    People have to stop romanticizing love with “he/she will change”
    People are less likely to change with age and some things you just don’t tolerate no matter what age: cheating, financial recklessness, not wanting or not capable of taking care of children, and not being able to hold a full time job. These guy committed all 4 and she still went for it. She’s the bigger problem.

    1. Yes, Man Man should take the blame for being a third party in a relationship. However, for you to make such a judgement call that she holds the majority of the blame is so wrong. I am wondering if you have a thing against women. She did not put a gun to his head and force him to marry her.
      From the minute he asked her to marry him, his wild oaks should have ceased sowing. He had a moral obligation as a soon to be husband.
      She is not to be let off the hook, but Man Man gave up her dreams and career to be a full time wife to Steven and mother to their children. His inability to keep his pants on even caused his band lost of financial gain and added fame. That concert that was cancelled would have catapulted their fame and fortune. How then can she be more at fault than Steven. I was cool with him, but I like to think sensibly before I write.

      1. This caption is a bit misleading. If you read it carefully I think the the article is saying Man Man called it quits due to his past cheating (ie not that he was cheating since he got married).

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