Steven Cheung’s Wife Received Scary Threats

Steven Cheung (張致恆), who was exposed for cheating on five women simultaneously, officially married his baby mama, Au Man-man (歐雯雯), earlier this month. In the photos that were published, Man-man was seen sporting a forced smile and a dark expression during her wedding. Today, she took to social media and revealed her expression was because she was paranoid about the onslaught of insults and threats she received from strangers and the victims of Steven’s affair. Still, she insisted that she would stand by her husband despite the circumstances.

Man-man’s message is as follows:

“Everything happened so quickly… Since I was young, I never thought about how my wedding would be like or whether I would get married. I did not imagine this day would come after a series of events. Of course, I feel happy and excited, but I’m also really scared, nervous, and worried.

One month before I got married, I received a lot of messages from victims and strangers that scolded me, insulted me, and threatened me. They even said they would harm my child, so I could not hide my scared and worried expression on the day that I got married. I am only an ordinary person and a first-time mother. On that day, I was looking around a lot because I was scared someone would hurt us. I was really paranoid and didn’t show much expression.

I absolutely was not unwilling or forced to marry him. Actually, to be able to get this step with your partner is a big thing. I don’t know how others view marriage, but it’s something that’s forever to me. Since I chose to marry this person, I will spend the rest of my life with him no matter what happens.

In conclusion, whether you give us your blessings or not, I want to let you guys know I’m not living as one person anymore. I will learn how to live as a unit and work hard to grow every day.”

Source: Oncc

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  1. That’s really sad the wife shouldn’t ever have to experience that. Instead the husband put it all on himself by cheating with so many women. I wonder if he’ll continue to cheat whilst being married. Once a cheater always a cheater.

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