BOYZ Steven Chung Becomes a Dad!

After the fantastic response BOYZ members, Steven Cheung (張致恒) and Kenny Kwan (關智斌), received from their concert last year, the public has been asking them to sing again. So when Andy Hui (許志安) canceled his September concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum following his affair, EEG successfully got the time slot for BOYZ. But wait, that’s not all. Today, Steven announced that he is getting married and already became a dad!

Steven’s bride is said to be his 28-year-old fan Man Man (雯雯). The two allegedly threw a 100-day birthday celebration for their newborn last month, and Steven admitted to the news of his fatherhood through his management company, which belongs to Stephen Shiu Jr.

The new father and husband said, “I wanted to share the three good news with everyone, but my fiancée is very considerate and loves me, so she didn’t want to affect the arrangement of my tight work schedule. Although she wanted me to keep a low-profile, please forgive me for my impulsiveness this time. In the future, I will do my best in life, be a good man, a good husband, and a good father!”

Kenny expressed, “Congratulations to my good brother, Steven. It was very surprising and unexpected, but I am so happy that he entered the next chapter of his life. Recently, I have been working with him often and I can see that he matured a lot. I give him my blessings.”

Sources: Oncc (1), Oncc (2)

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  1. Uhhh…there is so much more to the story! Apparently, Steven was accused of cheating with this fan of his. He had a girlfriend and she only found out when he announced his engagement and birth of his son on social media. Steven is getting bashed like no tomorrow. His career is probably over too. Also thanks to Steven, EEG announced that the Boy’z concert will be cancelled! Poor Kenny! I actually like a number of songs by them! People are saying this September HK Coliseum slot is so unlucky!

  2. wow! I hope his “ex” is doing alright, she seems suicidal in her recent post and the comment she left on his post “see you at the hospital”

  3. i mean, he doesn’t exactly have a pristine past. i don’t know what these women see in him to give him chance after chance even knowing his unsavory history. he’s the tristan thompson of the hk ebiz.

    but, even when they do give him a chance, he squanders it away at a moment’s notice. i don’t know how he figures he can get away with abruptly separating from his ex-gf and announce his marriage/child to another within two days?

    dude’s a mess.

    1. @coralie exactly ! How did he think he would get away with nothing ? This is too crazy. I’m preparing my peanuts to hear about the rest of the story

  4. He is poor and owe money to many….His wife to be better be prepared he will stray in future…

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