Charlene Choi’s Super Good Looking Trainer

Actress-singer Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) is working hard to prepare for her upcoming web series, the highly-anticipated Female Forensic Scientist JD <女法醫JD>. She is doing her best to stay in good condition and avoid falling ill by constantly working out to improve her overall fitness and health. To give fans an update, the 37-year-old recently uploaded onto social media a photo of herself stretching at the gym next to her trainer, who stole the spotlight with his slim and fit physique. 

“I followed my devil trainer to exercise after a long weekday!” Charlene captioned the photo, in which she was seen dressed in all black activewear, and only the trainer’s backside was shown.

Envious netizens commented that they would be busy looking at him rather than exercising. Even good friend and Emperor Entertainment Group’s senior executive Mani Fok (霍汶希) commented, “You’re so lucky, you have such a good-looking personal trainer!”

It turns out her trainer is none other than her good friend Kenny Kwan (關智斌), who is also among the series’ casts alongside Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼), Michael Tao (陶大宇) and Joseph Chang (張孝全).

In Female Forensic Scientist JD, Charlene will portray hypersensitive forensic scientist Song On Yin, who helps the police force solve cases while trying to help her father (played by Michael) overturn his case. With the help of passionate investigator Lau Zi Ming (played by Joseph), she will finally discover the true killer behind a 20-year-old cold case serial murder. Along the way, she will meet a mysterious girl, Lam Siu Mei (played by Gillian). 

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