Charlene Choi Breaks Up with Boyfriend of 6 Years

Artiste Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) has made the split with “Mahjong Prince” boyfriend of six years, Anthony Shi (石恆聰)!

Despite both parties having met the parents earlier on and progressing their relationship to co-habiting in year 2019, talk of their separation made its rounds on August 13. Rumors claimed that the cause of the breakup was Anthony’s gallivanting and close interactions with an unidentified “Miss C” from the entertainment industry, as well as the pair’s lack of consensus on marriage.

Did “Miss C” Cause the Breakup?

Personally confirming the news of her breakup to HK media, the 40-year-old denied the involvement of other parties and merely summed up, “We had separated for some time. No third party was involved and it was an amicable breakup. We remain very good friends; of course we had some issues between us leading to the breakup, but it is sufficient to keep these to myself and there’s no need to let others know (pray emoji x 3) Thank you everyone for the concern.”

Known for his partying ways, Anthony, the rich heir of a mahjong business, reportedly did not shy away from meeting up with his female friends even while in a dating relationship with Charlene. Seeing Anthony as her marriage partner, Charlene turned down advances from other eligible bachelors, and spent most of her time outside of work accompanying him.

Revenge Travels with Friends & Family

Apprehensive of getting back into the dating game, Charlene had tried to ignore the circulating rumors surrounding Anthony initially, according to sources. Alas, many of her close friends warned her about Anthony getting too close with Miss C, which eventually led her to the painful decision to make a clean break once and for all.

Unwilling to leave Charlene alone post-breakup, her friends took the initiative to accompany her on vacations. Taking a long break from work, the former TWINS member embarked on a spate of “revenge” travels, first accompanying her grandmother, dad and two cousins to Thailand in May, before heading to Switzerland with her mother. A staycation with girlfriends on returning to Hong Kong then followed, after which she went on a trip to Korea with a few good friends.

The 40-year-old’s first marriage to singer and actor Roland Cheng Chung-kei (鄭中基) had lasted 4 years.

Source: HK01

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  1. first marriage to ronald was 4 years
    dated william chan for 4 years as well
    dated anthony shi for 6 years
    these are all long relationships and it’s evident she wanted it to work out but netizens are so vile. Ronald and Anthony were playboys and not serious enough for her and William was not famous enough for her. Maybe let’s stop for one second because society especially Asian society is gonna start blaming the woman for being single especially now that she’s 40.

  2. Can only say that glad money is not involved in her relationships, at least based on the reports. There have been cases where female artists not only go through breakup/ divorce but have ended up being financially poorer (Jia Jingwen and the speculations of one of Maggie Cheung’s past romances, etc.)

  3. Due to personal reasons, I too cannot handle long term relationship as a young adult till late 20s… I date with marriage intention but my relationship never last more then afew years. Until I realised the reason to this cycle… breaking this cycle was hardwork. To make relationship work is really a 2 way decision. and both party need to want to weather thru the lows and trust in their relationships… My hubby, regards how mental I get, he will never leave me even if I say I want out. He said a marriage is a marriage… He just gives me time to handle my issues wit him by my side… I no longer judge other people’s broken relationship as we never know the background…

    I hope Charlene will find someone she can settle in a relationship in forever…

    1. @Hohliu Your husband sounds like a tolerant, kind, and wise partner. It’s wise to give each other space to cool down first and work out individual issues instead of walking out of the marriage in the heat of the moment. Sometimes issues may even take months or years to settle down, but couples don’t have the patience or faith to believe it will get better.

      1. That is definitely the reasons to many broking relationships… patiences, trust and understanding… Some relationships needs more work then others. Breaking up becomes the more common solution.

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