Gillian Chung Continues to Battle Hormonal Weight Gain

Struggling with weight fluctuations since 2015, Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) gained significant weight recently. The 40-year-old was almost unrecognizable with a much fuller face and torso, shocking viewers with her appearance in Chinese variety show Doki Doki Love <怦然心動20歲>.

During the worst periods of her hormonal imbalance, Gillian had gained 20 pounds and she ate seven meals a day. For her wedding in 2018, Gillian underwent a rigorous diet and exercise regimen to drop excess weight so she could fit into her wedding dress. However, the stress of her divorce in 2020 seemed to have taken a toll and the pounds slowly crept back again.

When her Twins partner Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) was asked about Gillian’s new weight gain, she said, “Gillian is actually very healthy. It is only an imbalance in her hormones…. I don’t want to talk about this too much because it will give her pressure. The most important thing is that she is happy and healthy.” 

Though Gillian’s larger size came as a surprise, many are relieved to see that she seems happy. Many commented, “She is still pretty even though she gained weight”; “Her features are so pretty” and “A little bit more meat makes her look really cute.” 

Gillian also expressed that she is actively trying to lose weight. She even shared her weight-loss diet on her social media with fans.   

Source: HK01 

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Gillian Chung Gains Weight After Divorce

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  1. Looks like any other typical HK pork chop………Divorce must be good for her to look like this.

  2. Her situations are similar to Christine Kuo? Wow she ate that much per day? I can only ate 3 meals the most per day or maybe less. She probably getting lazy after her divorce.

  3. “I have the same weight problem due to hormone unbalanced but many dont believe me…”

  4. WOW, I am actually appalled by the comments here, calling her a “pork chop” and accusing her of being “lazy”. It literally says in the title that she is suffering from hormonal imbalance.

    Why in 2021 are we still fat-shaming people with MEDICAL problems!?

    1. @eleven exactly. I was going to say the same thing…. It’s no wonder why Asian celebs go stick thin. All this fat shaming smh

    2. @eleven
      I don’t agree with fat shaming but there isn’t any evidence to support or not support the medical problems which has caused the fluctuations in weight. Celebrities probably understand that they will receive positive and negative comments. It won’t be all one-way traffic…

      1. @jimmyszeto

        Just because celebrities understand, does not mean it’s okay. Don’t make excuses for disgusting behaviour.

        Also, while there is no evidence this was due to hormonal imbalance, to gain so much weight in such a short time suggests problems with physical or mental health. We could be more concerned about her health rather than criticise her look.

        Both my father and I have had hormonal imbalances in the past – my father always felt hungry and weak and had to eat 7-8 meals per day. I lost 10kg went down a few sizes but I got many comments from people saying that I’ve “fattened up”.

      2. @eleven
        You might not like it but the average person reading an article will not be concerned enough in thinking deeply into the life and mental state of a celebrity unless they are a die hard fan. They will just read the article and leave or just read the article and make a comment quickly on what they have seen and leave. Understand that you have got those weight comments and it won’t feel good. Relatives always comment on weight and height especially the chinese. I’ve been on the overweight side most of my life and have heard all sorts of nicknames. Even ‘fatboy’ nicknames behind my back and directly from family friends and relatives. It does not feel good and people are going to make comments on what they see. In recent years, I have stayed off carbohydrates such as rice and pasta because i have never enjoyed these comments.

      3. @jimmyszeto That’s why we should educate people to stop bullying and also think before they speak/comment. Just saying “that’s how life is” is just a dumb excuse for nothing to change.

      4. @eleven
        It’s the entertainment industry. If you watch a pageant, are you telling me you will have the opinion that everyone are pretty and talented? People are judged and commented on appearance and talent by viewers. What right do me and you have in educating others? It’s their parent’s responsibility.

      5. @jimmyszeto how do you know there is no evidence? Must she disclose her personal medical record to the world so they stop fat shaming her? She’s notorious for her image, do you think she simply just let it go, doesn’t care and just eat if she can help it? Be it psychological or physical, she shouldn’t be called by various names just because she isn’t stick thin

      6. @littlefish
        No evidence as in the people who are reading the articles won’t have seen any evidence and unlikely to have experienced it to understand. They are are obviously going to comment based on looks. We get comments everyday on celebrities being thin, bony, old, ugly….etr. as well as the good comments. Gillian is very likely to have the medical problems mentioned to gain weight in such a small period of time but we can’t expect everyone to understand these issues…

      7. @jimmyszeto
        Yes, this industry is very shallow and many just base it on looks. She may have hypothyroidism which is a medical condition that causes weight gain. I think Christine Kuo had that and many were fat shaming her as well. None of us know what she is going through and I hope people will look deeper into it rather than just base it on looks.

    3. @eleven
      She may have hypothyroidism which is a serious medical condition. My oldest brother suffers from hyperthyroidism which is the opposite of that and it made him lose a lot of weight. He had to take medicine on a daily basis in order to gain his weight back.

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