Gillian Chung’s Rumored Flame Attends Twins’ Concert

Hong Kong pop duo Twins held a 14-show concert in Hong Kong recently. Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) performed with Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), igniting media attention over the stars again. Particular interest was strong over Gillian’s romantic life.

Gillian’s rumored flame female influencer Sam, who is also known as Huangfu Shenghua (皇甫聖華), also attended the concert to show her support. Due to Sam’s shockingly close resemblance to Gillian’s ex-flame Edison Chen (陳冠希), many wondered if Gillian is romantically interested in Sam.

Gillian with Sam

After divorcing her ex-husband Michael Lai (賴弘國) in 2020, Gillian met Sam through mutual friends. Their alleged romance first came to light when Gillian was spotted behaving intimately with a short-haired friend after a late-night get-together. The friend was later exposed to be Sam, who was allegedly embracing Gillian and giving her a kiss.

Later, Gillian also posted a photo of the two on her social media page, leading to heated discussion as to their relationship. Addressing the claims in a joking manner, Gillian responded cheekily, “Don’t worry you guys. I still only love my Charlene.

Their relationship rumors were further fueled when keen-eyed netizens noted they seemed to have vacationed together in Thailand, as they posted similar vacation photos one after the other.

Now with Sam’s very public attendance and support of Twins’ concert, some fans are even more convinced Gillian and Sam are involved. Others blasted nosy fans for unnecessary speculations and urged people to leave Gillian alone.

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  1. He looks like a whipper snapper young punk. If that is the best that she can pick from the crem de LA crem, with her status and Dinero, then I shudder to imagine her choosing an ordinary guy.

    1. Actually it is a she… she just dresses like a guy and looks like Edison Chen. Do know if they are dating or just good friends, but they do hang out quite a bit..

      1. I guess I was right about this one not being an ordinary guy. This one is far from it, LOL.

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