Gillian Chung Vacations With “Edison Chen Look-alike” in Saudi Arabia

After completing a 14-show concert, Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) went on vacation to Saudi Arabia to decompress. Sharing a series of photos of herself in cultural wear and eating meals at a restaurant with a beautiful desert background, Gillian seemed to be enjoying herself.

She wrote, “After the concert, I am taking a long, restful break. I very much need to recharge. This mysterious desert possesses beautiful sunny days and romantic starry nights. I also challenged myself to go paragliding. This is a vacation I hoped to never end.”

Coincidentally, Gillian’s “Edison Chen Look-alike” rumored flame, female influencer Sam (who is also known as Huangfu Shenghua (皇甫聖華), also vacationed there at the same time. Since Sam and Gillian’s photos had similar backdrops, netizens deduced the duo vacationed together. In one particular photo, Sam shared a scenic photo of the majestic mountains in the desert. The tables and chairs in the forefront of the photo were exactly the same as those in Gillian’s restaurant photo.

Responding to her recent vacation which was taken around Valentine’s Day, Gillian expressed she travelled with friends and did not respond to the romantic rumors. “I went on vacation with a big group of friends. I’ve already responded to this matter before, so I don’t want to speak about it again. The trip is already over. I will return to Hong Kong in March to film variety show, Girls’ Spectacular Journey (是朋友呀2). I also have filming projects coming up and will focus on my work.”

It was not the first time Gillian vacationed with Sam. In 2023, the pair reportedly went to Phuket, Thailand together.

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Gillian Chung Vacations with Female Influencer

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  1. I mean…the woman’s handsome, wealthy and prob very considerate in general (hence numerous other celeb friends.) What’s not to like? If Gillian can find happiness and love with the same gender, then great for her.

  2. This girl gets so much hate when her privacy was exposed and she was the victim. When she got married and divorced. And now if she’s dating a woman. Why are people like this? Gillian is over 40, she can make her own decisions. Do you see her stealing other people’s husband? No. Do you see her evading taxes like other artists? No. Do you see her getting DUIs? No, no, no. Chill it folks. She might not be my favorite actress but you cannot deny she’s so pretty facially speaking. Even mainlanders say she is amongst the prettiest in ancient costumes.

  3. I didn’t really see her appeal/beauty when she first debuted in Twins, but over the years, she seems to have become prettier and prettier. I saw her in the trailer for Yong Ye Xing He (the new drama with Ding Yuxi and Esther), and I seriously thought she outshone every other female actress in that trailer. I hope she finds her happiness, whatever it might be.

    1. You are right. She has gotten easier on the eyes as the years go by. Then again, that is what Plastic surgery can do, especially in Asia. I guess the new criteria for having the ideal quality lover is that lover has to be rich, good looking and low other famous people. There is a certain man that people worship, actor, producer, singer and he is worshipped in Asia. He has a perfect public image, awesome husband, haha and devoted father. A philanthropist, helper to his friends and role model to upcoming artists. I would not touch him with a ten foot poke cause everything about him is fake. I’m so glad I’m awake.
      This relationship too shall pass, as all of Jillian’s relationships do not last. Beauty, money, status, possessions and caste do not buy love and true happiness. If they did, she would be happily stable in a relationship.

      1. A name ‘Andy Lau’ pop into mind on the adoration part… but I hope I am wrong.

  4. I would rather no namesbe mentioned. If there is any news relase on anyone, I will name names then, and go all parrot. I do know quite a bit about these celebrities, and it is not gossip or fake news.
    Even if it was Andy, why would it be so hard to fathom? Never think any celeb is above scandal. The higher they climb, the more ruthless, indifferent, soulless and inhuman they become. Like I always say an image is a very powerful and wonderful thing. Many of the celebs have stellar public images which contrast drastically from their true private lives. I got roasted for saying a young man is sleeping with his married minder, and he himself is married. It is an open secret they are a mother- son couple as she is an old as* woman. They also smoke dope together, taking numerous trips out in nature, and nature takes it’s course, of course,hahaha.

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