Gillian Chung is No Longer Interested in Younger Men

Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣潼) romantic life is marred with many ups and downs. Despite multiple failed relationships, most notably with Edison Chen (陳冠希), Juno Mak (麥浚龍), and Tyler Kwon, Gillian still believes in love and remains hopeful for her Mr. Right.

In 2018, Gillian seemed to finally have found the one when she tied the knot with Taiwanese doctor, Michael Lai (賴弘國). Despite often publicly gushing about one another, the marriage came to an end less than two years later. Their divorce seems to have shifted Gillian’s once hopeful outlook on love, who stated that she will never get married again.

Although a sucker for romance, the 41-year-old now has more practical expectations when it comes to relationships and her significant other. Stating that she no longer wishes to date anyone younger than herself, Gillian expressed, “No matter how [the love] comes or how happy you are, everything is up to fate. I will not settle, nor will I cater. I don’t want to watch him grow up or take care of him. I am not his mother, so I shouldn’t have to be his teacher.”

As her ex-husband was eight years her junior, netizens speculated that her divorce with Michael may have affected her deeply.


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    1. I don’t think it is about money. Look how many Asian and Hollywood Celebrity women married men who have lots of money and they still get divorced. Money, lookd, social status and education are the fuel that sadly drive the chinese people. I know many chinese celeb couples, or one half is a celebrity and they are not happy. I know one whose best acting is found in the way he preserves his off screen acting through his carefully crafted ‘sngrlic’ image. In reality his wife is deathly afraid of him. Plus, the things he has done, and do to keep rich and famous, these things are too dark for him to be really, truly happy. Gillian needs to grow up and stop being so bratty, frosty and self absorbed. She needs a lot of work done on herself, a lot of soul searching, and come down from her high, narsacissitic horse. It is not about being younger or older, but being able yo communicate, respecting, caring for and liking one another. Having your own lived, independence, dreams and individuality, but also having shared goals, morals, dreams and hobbies etc.

  1. She needs to find a partner who is rich enough to support her lifestyle… her ex could not support her needs for long.

  2. Hmm. There’s pros and cons to dating younger or older. It just depends on perspective. Dating someone around your age is better than dating across different generations.

  3. Good for her… Now she will looking a 90 year olds…. No need to have S with them

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