Gillian Chung Befriends “Female Edison Chen”

Divorced for three years, Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) maintains a flourishing career and often films for variety shows in China. Recently, she was seen cozying up with a female influencer, who ironically strongly resembles Gillian’s ex-lover Edison Chen (陳冠希).

After attending a meetup with Grace Chow (周揚青), the influencer was seen pulling Gillian close and kissing her cheeks. They chattered happily and laughed loudly on the streets. The influencer was wearing gender neutral clothing and sported a buzz haircut.

It turns out the influencer is Sam, who is also known as Huangfu Shenghua (皇甫聖華). Often taking selfies with a crooked smile, Sam is dubbed by netizens as “Female Edison Chen” due to their striking resemblance.

Born in Shanghai from a wealthy family, Sam is known as one of the very first generation of Chinese influencers and has always preferred wearing gender neutral clothing. With more than 2.26 million followers on Weibo, Sam has launched her own fashion line and even appeared in Chinese dramas. Sam is also good friends with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and model Ming Xi (奚夢瑤).

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  1. Gosh, the resembles is so strong… but to be known as Female Edison Chen is just a horrid tag…. she is her own person. And Edison Chen is a scumbag.

  2. She must miss Edison so much to hand out with this look a like… maybe she will do another shooting like what she did with Edison…

    1. Those shoots were so sick, I shiver just thinking about it. I am around his victims age thus I really feel for them so much. I cannot imagine how they cope with the exposure…

      I highly doubt Gillian will be so naive anymore…at least not to that level.

  3. The comments are vile. Is Edison rude nowadays? Yes.
    Is he a scumbag? No. Edison’s laptop was hacked. The women took consenting pictures with him because they were dating like people in their 20s. I am NOT a fan of him but was he good looking and really popular before the entire scandal? YES. Gillian just got divorced not long ago, I am pretty sure she does not appreciate this kind of press. She can’t even make friends now.

    1. I’m with you here. It likes people are not allowed to make mistakes! Or friends who look similar, because you know, you should judge ppl based on their cover -.-

      1. @LittleFish Oh I see, if you are referring to Gillian, I am with you on it. I doubt she will risk such mistakes again. Her mistakes cause huge damage to her young life… I do see her as a victim…thus hounding her is unjust.

    2. There are mistakes and there are mistakes… I am one who will admit if I make a mistake in my comment on hindsight. But in this case, definitely No.
      The reasons why I call Edision a scumbag is because he knows his wealth, status, good looks and trusting looks can bag him lots of girls. He abuse those trust as the girls are naive, silly in love with him etc… He will then groom them to do thing to feed his pervert fetish. You say the young women are old enough to make their decisions. That is so not true even at 40yrs, many people still make bad judgements on people or bad decisions.
      I am unsure how much you saw those photos, but I did when it first come to news, the photos were splash online and I can imagine just how despair his victims felt. Gosh, some were even married . The photos was pixel at parts but the photos were sick and demeaning to any female. His victims are naive to trust in him and stupid to believe him. And I know they do love him too. He knows how to put his victims, these girls were not the brightest…. They suffer for their actions. I felt so sad for his victims as I can see just how much trust they had in him to allow him to take such huge advantage of their misjudgements to feed his disgusting fetish. He even kept those photos so he can see them in those state as he please.
      Edison is a scumbag… has he changed? Maybe, maybe not. But his deeds cause such hurt, harm and long term damage to his victims. And his action shows how he has no respect towards female. He used his strength to his advantage to groom, coax and bag different admires of his. Just because he hide the evidence of his deeds, it does not make it okay. As It is not okay. No respectful man would harm any one in that manner… He even did not have the guts to apology to his victims when They found out how used they were. And how he has a huge collection of victims because he managed to make his victim feel special and they give him their heart.
      He will forever be a scumbag similar to Kris Wu etc… their deeds are not just small mistakes that can be forgiven.
      I have no intention to offend you both: @jesspepperwang and @LittleFish, but as I have said, everyone have right to their opinion. And we dont have to agree with each other. Just be respectful to each members. And we can still chat on subjects we agree with in future. No hard feelings at all.

      1. @Hohliu i should have included the “making more videos” to specify whom I was talking about. My comment did not directed at you, your comment was fine btw, if you are wondering about my thought on it. I was mainly aiming at the person who think she will make more videos because she befriended someone looks the same as her ex. Idk about you but making those photos were her mistakes, but to keep hounding her on those mistakes after so many years now is like petty. And to straight up saying she will make those videos are just vile. You (not you, that other user) hide behind a screen and being vile to basically a stranger. *shake my head

      2. Wait, what? They were all victims of the person who decided to leak the photos. I say this as a non-fan of all the celebrities involved and would’ve gladly seen them retire, but I didn’t want to see it happen in such a manner.

        Yes, some people do have a “prettiness advantage” and Edison knew he had the looks and fames to pull girls. But the girls were consenting adults with their own agency – some people don’t mind partaking in certain activities and taking nude photos/videos. It may not be for me/everyone, but no need to frame it as being sickening and as if they’re being coerced into it. (Or were they? I don’t know the full story…) He would be a scumbag, however, if he kept (and distributed) the photos without the other parties’ consent.

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