Edison Chen On Sneaker Industry Trends

As his Hong Kong-based label CLOT turns 20, founder Edison Chen (陳冠希) visited Taiwan with his family and met the press at JuiceTaipei (Clot’s multibrand store), where he shared his perspectives on fashion.

Bringing his creative energy to “adidas Originals by Edison Chen” in a recent tie-up, the 43-year-old shared “adidas provided a good space, at the same time I’m at a more mature phase, with this opportunity, I can make use of new creativity to implement something and challenge myself,”

Emphasizing that he would be “making shoes and not sneakers” for adidas, the multi-hyphenate hopes to bring something new to the table. Inspired by his recent travel experiences with his family of meeting “new things and new people”, the father of one hopes to incorporate these novel sights into his new projects, revealing that he is already working on a 2024 shoe design and is “ecstatic” for the opportunity.

Designer for Brands the Likes of adidas

Bringing his daughter Alaia around to nearby parks during his free time, he hopes to visit Taiwan again next year.

Commenting on sneaker trends, Edison laments the huge change in the sneaker industry as “too many people are making use of sneakers to make a profit”. “Whether a pair of sneakers is good-looking does not depend on its price”, he spoke, pointing out many raved sneakers nowadays are created from packaging and marketing efforts. So-called “exclusive” sneakers are no longer truly so; he adds “The sneaker market is in a real mess now”.

Describing his own thoughts on future trends in sneaker design and fashion, Edison shared, “More mature, sexier, classier!” Recalling his early days in entertainment, he recalls how his fashion sense was looked upon strangely, whereas he merely felt that his personal style was “special”.

Having carved a presence on planet fashion, with many keen to emulate his streetwear style, he happily expressed, “I introduced a whole new world to everyone”, and hopes to continue leading fashion, twenty years on.

Source: HK01

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  1. The great thing about fashion is that it’s usually inclusive of all designs and styles, including Edison’s tastes.

    I’m not the demographic his designs are targeting, but I’ve looked at them, and they didn’t seem that special to me.

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