Fans Think 41-Year-Old Edison Is Aging Rapidly

Once known for his killer mixed looks which had both men and women swooning, actor Edison Chen (陳冠希) is already a 41-year-old father of one. Recently spotted among the audience at a basketball game with his wife and daughter, Edison acquiesced to a fan’s photo request, but netizens were shocked at how much he has aged since his prime!

Edison Chen 2.0: Family Man…?
The actor had settled down in Los Angeles after marrying Chinese supermodel Shu Pei Qin (秦舒培) in 2017 and the couple has a daughter named Alaia. Catching a B-ball game with his family, they posed for a friendly photo when Edison spotted by a fan. In the photo, he could be seen dressed in a long-sleeved Chinese-style top and khaki pants, with greyish white hair and visible crow’s feet, looking very much the fatherly figure.

Seeing the photo, fans were aghast at how time has ravaged Edison’s once swoonworthy looks, commenting that “Even (he) has gone the way of Zhao Benshan (趙本山)”!

Comparing Edison’s looks with that of Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), who is also aged forty-one, some pointed out how Nicholas has admirably retained his youthful looks and even his physique, as a recent Douyin video of him attempting a trending mid-air feat with a hoola hoop wowed fans with his amazing core strength. While most surmised that Nicholas’ regular lifestyle might have contributed to his youthful looks, some came to Edison’s defense, claiming his looks were only age-appropriate, and that he was “still good-looking” in his own way.

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  1. lol, weight gain instantly ages any “youthful” looking person. if he loses weight, he will get his looks back

    1. @m0m0 I don’t think it’s weight gain in his case. He doesn’t seem fat or overweight to me. I think it’s his lifestyle… the combination of smoking, drinking, and staying up late nights. That all catches up to you as you age. You can get away with that lifestyle in your 20s because you’re younger and have more collagen but as you get older, your body doesn’t bounce back the way it use to so it really starts to show signs of aging if you don’t take care of yourself.

    2. i think he gained a little. maybe 20-30 pounds. those are usually the critical pounds that could age someone decades. i am not calling him fat but he is meatier than his hey days and that is what people remembered him as

  2. Edison aged a long time ago, but I never saw it as anything. Obviously, he looks a lot different from back then but that’s because now is not “back then” anymore. Nicholas has aged too, although I think he looks more handsome than back then haha

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