Edison Chen Vacations with Family in Hawaii

After retiring from the Hong Kong entertainment industry, Edison Chen (陳冠希) has relocated to Los Angeles, United States. In addition to managing his thriving fashion business, Edison also welcomed his daughter Alaia with Chinese supermodel Qin Shupei (秦舒培) in 2017.

Recently, the family of three vacationed in Hawaii, which Edison shared several photos on his social media. Edison’s elder sister, Tricia Chan (陳見飛) and mother also joined them on the trip. The family flew on a private jet.

In a few photos, Alaia was seen donning matching outfits and posing with Shupei. Taking after her photogenic mother, the 4-year-old is a natural in front of the camera and has filmed commercials with Shupei in the past.

Despite leaving the Hong Kong entertainment scene, Edison continues to remain in the public limelight and is often the target of the paparazzi because of his controversial past. His career shift may also have been a blessing in disguise, as his prosperous fashion business has allowed him to buy a 4000-square-foot home in Los Angeles for approximately $2.85 million USD. The luxurious home also boasts a modern décor, spa, and outdoor swimming pool.

Edison Chen’s $2 Million Los Angeles Home

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Curious to see who actually buys his stuff or if it’s even sold in the US. My guess it’s a bunch of mainlanders that do and it’s really only sold there…Also interesting that he makes his money off of mainlanders yet living in the states…talk about irony.

    1. Let me ask you something. Do you think he would not be scrubbed by China if he was living there and involved in the entertainment industry. He certainly would be. He did nothing wrong in the sex scandal case, and everyone blames him. He is no angel, I’ll admit that, neither am I a fan, but I will not hang a man when he does not deserve to be hung.

      Why so bitter still, after all these years. He has a child, and a woman in his life. If he is trying to build a stable family life, wish him and his little family well. If he cheats on his girlfriend, then nail him to the wall. Asians can be so cold and unforgiving. I once said somethings which are negative, but true about a celebrity. I asked his forgiveness. Instead he hates my guts for speaking the truth. He is supposed to be a warm, friendly, humble, sweet kind humanitarian. Good thing he is all these. .
      FYI, from what I understand, Edison is making millions from all over the world from his product line . I will continue to hope he has truly changed, instead of wishing ill will for him. One more thing, he can live wherever he wants.

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