Edison Chen’s $2 Million Los Angeles Home

Former Canadian Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen (陳冠希) has now permanently moved to Los Angeles, California to focus on his multimedia street wear business, CLOT. In 2016, he purchased a 4,000 sq. ft. home for US$2 million. The house comes with a swimming pool, a spa, and large floor-to-ceiling windows to open up the indoor space. In the house, Edison has left room to display his art collection, including the collectible Bearbrick toys from Japan.

Formerly a style icon and entertainment idol of the Hong Kong entertainment industry, Edison slowly fazed out in HK entertainment following his infamous sex photo scandal back in 2008. However, Edison’s popularity never exactly faded, and over the years he has been slowly building his multimedia empire, dabbling in music, fashion, and the arts.

In August 2017, he and girlfriend Qin Shupei (秦舒培) welcomed their daughter, Alaia Chen. The family of three have been living in LA ever since.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Nothing against he family but later when her daughter grows old enough when she’ll google her dad incident it’s not going to be nice to see… he shock the whole HK industry with those pics…

  2. 4 thousand sq feet with such a nice view and brand new?! very nice fine indeed not pricey at all compare to most major us cities. 2mil where i am gets you a run down home that needs a complete flip with no parking space and a small yard cramped up with your neighbors.

  3. what i am most worried about is his uhh interest in young girls, cammi tse rings a bell. hopefully, this amounts to nothing and he is indeed a good dad.

  4. Their choice to reside in L.A. is a good idea since his scandal was like a strike of lightning to the HK entertainment industry lol

    Besides, HK education is too stressful. It’d be easier for his daughter to study in L.A. 🙂 Hopefully, his daughter grows up happily before she finds out Edison’s past.

  5. It’s kind of ironic that he has a daughter, hopefully she doesn’t become some type of well you know 😛 Since it looks like she’s being raised in LA. Although very interesting how they moved to LA, is he a US citizen now or…Daughter’s name is cute, and I’m guessing she’s an anchor baby too…Got love it…sigh.

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