[Celebrity Homes] Benjamin Yuen and Bowie Cheung Buy Home Together

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) recently purchased a $66 million HKD property together, leading netizens to speculate that the pair will start a family of their own very soon.

Their new home is at Mount Pavilia, a new luxury housing complex in Clear Water Bay, with beautiful gardens and pool facilities. In addition to their 2205-square-feet condo with a 568-square-feet private garden, the couple purchased two parking spots worth an extra $4 million.

When asked whether their joint home purchase signified that wedding bells are in the horizon, Benjamin responded, “This is for both of our benefits. We can treat this as an investment as well. Whether this is just an investment or if we eventually live here, it’s a good start. When we have good news, we’ll let everyone know.”

This is not the first real estate purchase for Bowie, who bought a small apartment in 2017. However, Benjamin is a first-time buyer and saved over $7 million in taxes. He only had to pay $2.7 million Special Stamp Duty (taxes on certain Hong Kong residential properties).

Bowie expressed, “This is the first time we’re buying a property together, and this place is quite expensive. It wasn’t just paid for by one person; we both worked hard to earn this money and set a goal for ourselves.”

As today is Benjamin’s birthday, Bowie was asked if she has a surprise for him. She said, “This is already a good surprise for him! The property might be pricey, but I’m priceless!” Like Benjamin, Bowie also promised to share the good news if the couple has wedding plans.

Sources: On.cc, HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Holy sht. I know Bowie is rich but let’s say Ben owns half of it… Thats 33 Million HKD. That’s “fu ho” prices. Insane…. That place looks expensive and I doubt anyone on a TVB salary can afford it. Does Ben have such earning power?

  2. Benjamin and Bowie’s new home is gorgeous! Especially the views and pool facilities!

  3. $4mill for parking spots?!! After paying that much for the property, shouldn’t they get those parking spots for free?!! HK property value is truly crazy.

      1. @megamiaow
        I was actually watching a documentary about coffin homes in HK and it made me so sad how some can live so well versus others who struggle just for a tiny living space. Makes us all feel grateful for what we have.

  4. Monthly payments will be large. Hope they can afford it given the volatile nature of the entertainment business.

  5. Wow, no wonder people are so money oriented these days, especially in HK where you can live like this or in those coffin like homes.

    1. @hetieshou
      I’m not a fan of people who buy assets which don’t match their earning power. People who buy houses, flash cars and jewellery when they don’t have the job to match etr. We know that this Bowie girl does not earn much. Even if Benjamin can earn enough from odd advertising and shows it still does not feel the luxurious house matches his status as a new lead TV actor. A small time lead TV actor in the UK would not be earning fortune and adverts don’t always use celebrities. Maybe HK just lacks in celebrities and every brand requires them and pays ridiculous amounts.

      1. @jimmyszeto
        I agree with you as I hate people who clearly do not have the money but yet try to spend a lot just to show off and look well off when they are not. I have a friend like that and she is very annoying. She brags and spends just to try to make herself look good when everyone knows she is an empty egg cell. I find people like that very sad as they lack self confidence and must lie and spend money they do not have just to try to look good. HK truly lacks talent as older artists just continue to strive while the newer and younger generation lacks talent. HK entertainment is truly stale and outdated.

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