Benjamin Yuen Admits to Being “Over Sensitive”

Reflecting on his character on a YouTube talkshow, actor and father-to-be Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) tackles the criticism around his low emotional intelligence!

On Intricate Relationship with the Media

Started out as a promising siusang at TVB, Benjamin is no stranger to bad press and controversy, given his record of engaging in a war of words with netizens and angry rants at the media in recent years.

Asked to sum up the relationship between celebs and the press, Benjamin feels that “neither party is indispensable”, and notes that in the recent 3, 5 or 7 years, there has been a shift in the way the media works. “In my world (view) the industry isn’t like this, I was born in the 80s, and grew up watching the media in the 80s and 90s; I will hear from (seniors) I knew personally, about the ways (those in) entertainment circle should support each other should there be any situation,” he said.

Once so affected by media reports which highlighted on his rapidly ageing looks, labeled him as a “soft rice king” and criticized his poor emotional control, that he had insomnia and sought professional help, Benjamin now filter what he reads, and says he will not actively respond to news articles related to him, as he has “fallen into the trap too many times”.

How a Senior’s Callous Words Made Him Tear Up

Asked if he has encountered any workplace criticism so harsh as to make him think about quitting, Benjamin shared an episode over 10 years ago which on hindsight, made him realize his own flaw.

Referencing the 2010 film 72 Tenants of Prosperity <72家租客>, he recalled, “It was a publicity event, after we did interviews (with the press) there was a tea reception for those present and we had to queue for the food, I was right in front of a coffee machine and so I politely asked, “So sorry, is this the queue for getting coffee?” A veteran actor then directly responded, “That’s right, please queue up first, newbie!” and after saying this he walked away, (instead of) queuing,”

Feeling that that the veteran actor’s words were a veiled meaning that industry newbies like himself should await for his chance, or was simply undeserving, Benjamin reflected that he had a “dramatic” reaction after the event ended, and even began crying while driving home in his car, putting on his shades and “calling (my) then-girlfriend”.

It was only 2 years later when he got to work with the same veteran actor and shared his feelings with him, that the latter’s reaction put things into perspective. “Is it? Did I ever say that? I was only joking with you”, the veteran told Benjamin. Calling his sensitive traits “a strength as well as a flaw”, he sums up, “I’m too sensitive, that makes it easy to self-indulge…the so-called making self-fulfilling assumptions.”

Source: HK01

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  1. I think that’s what made me stop liking him, his low EQ. Reading his little incident, if you even call it that, with the senior made me laugh. Like wtf… how was that comment anything?? And to break down and cry your eyes out and call your gf to express grief… I just can’t. He is overly sensitive. Don’t know how his ex-gf or wife put up with him. Hopefully he has changed for the better but by simply not reading his own news, that is simply relying on ignorance is bliss rather than emotional maturity. And you need to have thick skin in this industry.

  2. I think we’re all humans and I have no problems with him expressing his issues with the media and how it affects him. But it matters how he expressed himself. His complaints are coming off more like whining and less of discussion.

    I don’t like him because he’s a bad actor, but I can tolerate and accept his complaints because everyone should be able to defend and explain themselves regardless of position.

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