Benjamin Yuen Disgruntled Over “Soft Rice King” Gossip

Two months have passed since Benjamin Yuen‘s (袁偉豪) verbal spat on social media. Although Benjamin has tried to occupy his time towards more productive activities, hints of anger still remain over the harsh criticisms of him marrying rich second generation, Bowie Cheung (張寶兒).

Intent to Improve His Looks

After wrapping up an action scene with his co-star Venus Wong (王敏奕) on the set of The Line Watchers <把關者門>, Benjamin spoke with reporters about his controversial behavior. Benjamin confessed that he was previously overworked and stressed from the pandemic, thus the criticism of his “aging looks” became a trigger point for the actor’s furious response.

Admitting he has difficulty digesting the gossip in the entertainment industry, Benjamin can only do his best to improve his looks and physique. “I’ve found a new hobby, which is to run and sweat before filming, rather than just working out at the gym. I also haven’t been eating as much and would skip dinners. I would eat clean foods such as cauliflower rice. That is why I look okay now that I’ve begun filming again.” 

When reporters teased that Benjamin was looking tired because of babymaking activities in his honeymoon phase, he replied, “Of course not. I plan my time wisely. I am not 18 or 22 anymore where I have so much energy. I am going to be 40, so I will focus on my music and getting more rest.”   

Disgruntled Over “Soft Rice King” Gossip

Similar to Benjamin, Venus is often judged by who her spouse is. Married to director Derek Tsang (曾國祥), Venus insists that she does not get any advantages with her father-in-law Eric Tsang (曾志偉) as TVB Deputy General Manager. Responding to rumors that Venus could potentially replace Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) as “top singer” at Voice Entertainment, she said, “I chose this acting path and also this relationship path. To this day, I worked hard to become a good actress, so I don’t regret any decisions I made. I just want to be the best me.” 

Benjamin could not help but chime in and said, “Well, you can’t say that there isn’t an advantage, because there is for sure a little bit. Instead, it is important to just cherish it, and don’t let others down. You just have to work hard and stay humble. Like my condition wasn’t good and my looks went downhill, so I just fixed it! This field is very difficult because we have to always look our best, yet still be criticized for using a filter. Even if I don’t use it, people still do! Others on the other hand say I look ugly without makeup. What do people want from me? I’ll just go back home and sleep!”

Expressing his anger, Benjamin continued, “When I am serious, people think I am fake. They always want me to speak the truth, but they don’t even really listen. When I sincerely respond, they say I have an attitude. Am I living for others or myself? I’m told that I am eating soft rice, but would I still need to be working then? I could just be enjoying life!”

Using all his bank savings for his wedding, Benjamin is often worried about mortgage payments. “I have to work hard to earn money in the next few years. My goal is to finish mortgaging the home and change the ownership title back to my wife’s name. It’s going to take both of our efforts to get that done.” Listening from the side, Venus applauded Ben for his wisdom.        

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Benjamin Yuen Responds to Criticism on His Aging Looks

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  1. When Ben chimed in, he actually sounded rational, for once. People try not to acknowledge that they have an advantage, when they absolutely do. It’s important to give credit where it’s due and not sweep them under the rug.

    …But then he kept going lol and ruined himself hahaha. I feel like the media is going to play this game with him for a while. The more he reacts, the more it feeds their flame. He’s a great fun target.

    1. @coralie
      I think people who are marrying into rich to stay quiet if there is criticism. The advantages whether intentionally golddigging or not is reality. They can lie to themselves and might be spending most of their own savings but spending your own savings knowing that there will be millions as backup from your partner is not the same as spending all your money knowing you will be broke. He needs to shut up and take it rather than try and make himself out as a hero…

      1. @jimmyszeto I agree. It’s a safety net that they now have without merit. Until they show results in their acting, they won’t really obtain respect. And therefore really pointless to argue.

  2. The guy really does let the slipper rice or the soft rice king labels get to him. He should have just ignored it. More fuel for the fire. Those guys are just laughing at how to troll him next. You are doing social media all wrong Ben. Eat that slipper rice with pride my friend!

  3. Losing weight rapidly for ‘The Defected’ ruined Ben. He’s looks to have aged 10 years and hasn’t recovered even after regaining the weight….

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