Benjamin Yuen Rages Online 8 Times in 3 Years

After the TVB Anniversary Awards, Benjamin Yuen‘s (袁偉豪) tired appearance was harshly criticized by netizens who said he got “uglier” after getting married with rich heiress Bowie Cheung (張寶兒). Firing back with an angry response on Instagram, Benjamin defended himself and also shot down all the negative comments that have grown over the past three years.

He wrote, “Everyone will become old, as they gain more ability, their responsibilities also increase. I work hard to earn money to take care of my family, my wife, and to pay off my mortgage. It is normal that I look a little tired. Thank you for your criticism, I hope that you will continue to criticize me, continue to say that I am a soft rice king, continue to say I am a gigolo, continue to say that I rely on connections, and continue to say that my acting is bad. Your negative comments will only give me motivation to continue to improve myself! I will continue to build my life.”

Benjamin has a history of facing off with netizens. Since 2017 until now, he has fought with netizens eight times and their exchanges often spice up entertainment news. In the past, Benjamin has been very stubborn in his personal stance and could not stomach the online attacks and would reply, “You do not have the right to comment on my character.”

In 2018, Benjamin complained about a moviegoer eating nachos loudly inside a theater. The dispute escalated with a theater employee complaining about the actor’s rudeness online, and Benjamin eventually defending himself on social media.

Though getting married with Bowie has generated another sensitive, recurring topic for netizens to pick on, Benjamin vows to turn the negativity into motivating himself to do better going forward.

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  1. he just beginning honest i don’t see anything wrong for defending himself ppl aging and gaining weight is normal and being married to a rich heiress doesn’t mean your a gold digger or a soft rice king …..however i dont really know about his rising stardom status his acting is average and his looks also average i think ppl are just to sensitive when an artist fires back at there criticism and complain that this guy/gal has a anger issue i mean come on ppl off camera there just a normal human being

    1. @sherla1019 Well, honestly there are tons of AVERAGE actors in TVB. He’s not the only one. haha He’s lucky he got a pretty young and rich wife. The only thing he needs to do is just ignore it I think as most celebs do. What’s the point in firing back? You are communicating w/them that makes them happy. lol

  2. Although i do not condone with some netizens who can simply attack celebrities with harsh comments but as a celebrity, he really has low EQ. If i am the netizen to write such harsh comments to any celebrity, i will be so thrilled to see them triggered with fiery responses. Same goes with Jinny Ng previously who get triggered easily and respond negatively. For someone who is recently happily married, just close an eye and why bothered about it. Wonder how his wife feels about him reacted in such a way. As a celebrity, it would be wise to respond rationally in a smart way. I remember Jackson Wang and some other celebrities who responded in a smart and calm way when netizens gave them harsh comments.

  3. The lashing out about the ruffling of bag of crisps(potato chips) was genius. Any celebrity other than the top few such Francis Ng, Anthony Wong would just let it go. Obvious lack of self control from Benjamin. Either that or he thinks he’s bigger than what he actually is….

  4. Guy needs higher EQ. He knows the more he responds, it just fuel for trolls right? You’ll never win an internet argument.

  5. It is wrong to label him or anyone as gigolo but what is the problem of criticizing his acting? Is he saying that public should not and have no rights to comment his bad acting?

  6. I support him. Not everyone full pf plastics all over their body like neighbouring country.

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