Edison Chen Celebrates Daughter’s 5th Birthday

Edison Chen (陳冠希) and his wife, supermodel Qin Shupei (秦舒培), have been residing in the Los Angeles for six years while he focuses on growing his fashion brand CLOT. With their daughter Alaia turning five years old, the couple prepared a cheerful birthday party in their 4000-square-foot mansion.

Now more domesticated since becoming a father, Edison is known for spoiling Alaia. He filled the home with hundreds of macaron-colored balloons spelling out “Happy Birthday,” and it looked just like the poster of the Pixar movie Up! Featuring a unicorn theme, their pool was filled with unicorn floats and the guests feasted on a unicorn birthday cake. The party looked to be a lot of fun, and a dream come true for a little girl!

Edison had bought their home for US$2.85 million dollars in 2016. The home is equipped with a swimming pool and spa. The large living room comfortably fits two sofas, and there are floor to ceiling windows that allow lots of natural light to illuminate the home.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Edison Chen’s $2 Million Los Angeles Home

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    1. The guy who leaked the private photos was to blame for hurting all those involved. None of the consenting women were married at the time. He was single and sowed his wild oats. He appears to have evolved into a good husband and father.

  1. the past will never be forgotten but he manage to be a very successful business man in the end good for him….

  2. The pass will always come back to haunt you Edison indeed was a party animal and his image was tarnished when the photos leaked and spiraled out of control into the media and destroyed some of the female artist really dont know who’s fault its already pass tense look at him now a business man and a good father to his daughter important thing is that he’s there for her

  3. Why are people so vile with comments? He had many different women who slept with him with CONSENT and they took naughty photos with CONSENT and his laptop was hacked when he sent it in for repair. I am NOT celebrating his player ways NOR am I fan or anything, I simply do NOT understand why everyone is so vile here? His only crime was stupidity; you don’t take your laptop to a public repair place when you got naughty pics saved on it. Calm DOWN people and don’t drag his daughter into this, then y’all are the DISGUSTING ones!

    1. Omg I totally agree with you, and I’m a women and NOT a fan of Edison. But seriously they all consented, but they tried to play victim. I’m more disgusted by people like Ewan McGregor who cheated on his wife of 30 years for a young girl. Now that is sad.

    2. Not a fan of his but agree with you as all involved were consenting adults. His only crime was stupidity and failure to protect those women he had relationship with.
      Especially if you compare him to the bigger predator and scumbag Kris Wu.
      Anyway, good for him for turning out to be a good husband and father. Bet he will be worried his daughter encounter players like him in the future and will be extra protective.

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