Did Edison Chen Cheat on Wife While She Was Pregnant?

While Edison Chen (陳冠希) seems to have settled down after becoming a father in March 2017, his promiscuous habits have not completely disappeared. News emerged that the 40-year-old had texted a female blogger asking for sex two times, while his wife Qin Shupei (秦舒培) was pregnant.

In a long post titled, “I Ghosted Edison Chen Twice,” the female blogger tells her encounters which occurred in 2016. Uploading screenshots of their conversations, she claimed the star asked for hookups at his hotel, and she stood him up twice.

The two met online when she messaged Edison through Instagram, and he surprisingly replied to her. As they continued messaging via WhatsApp and WeChat, he suddenly asked if she wanted to meet up at a hotel in Paris. She dodged the question, but still wanted to stay in contact.

Half a year later in November 2016, Edison again reached out to the woman and said that he would be in Shanghai. He texted, “U wanna meet and play????” He asked if she “wanted to confirm it now and make the date” for December 17, 2016. Days before the set date, Edison’s messages grew more urgent and he wrote explicitly, “Are you ready to f**k hard?” and “Can’t wait to f**k me hard? Hahahah.”

Because Edison asked to meet at 4 a.m. in the morning at his hotel, the woman already fell asleep and stood him up again.

Though they did not have any intimate encounters, Edison did video call her. When she asked Edison about his then girlfriend (Shupei), he responded irritably, “None of your business.”

Edison also asked if she was interested in signing with his company as a singer after listening to a song she wrote. Stating that she is not a professional and has no intentions of becoming a singer, the two broke off all contact and have not talked since.

Netizens noticed the timestamps of these conversations, and saw that the dates coincided with Shupei’s pregnancy.

Though the woman’s blog post about Edison was published online in 2019, it trended on social media and gained widespread media attention this week.

While Edison did not come forth to comment on the blogger’s claims, the sex texts seem to match with the star’s communication style. In 2011, actress Gloria Wong (黃榕) had also revealed that Edison texted her for a hookup while he was dating Vincy Yueng (楊永晴). After all these years, Edison’s old habits have not changed.

Source: Netease, Yahoo

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @cutie777 I’m 100 percent certain he cheated, he was such a sex addict. I do think he changed a lot since his daughter was born. But he’s still obnoxious! Lol.

  1. Ewwww. He’s so gross. I always feel like I need a shower to wash the stink off after I read stories about him.

    1. @jesspepperwang I don’t follow him on IG. But I did look at it, his English really is horrible. I think he’s trying to sound cool, but it only makes him look illiterate.

  2. Lol should ask when is he not cheating instead of whether he was cheating only during pregnancy period.

  3. He is very rich, no wonder he does whatever he wants… I doubt he is ever loyal to his wife…

  4. When his scandal first broke out, some ppl still try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he is not helping himself and his attitude became bad to worse and seems like he will not change. So perhaps his upbringing is the problem? To me, he is like a sex pervert.

    Anyway I wonder those fan girls who went crazy over him previously felt disgusted? So conclusion, do not be so crazy over some idol celebrity as we do not know what they did off-screen in their private lives. I am worried for those girls who got really crazy over BTS, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo and spend so much money and time on them, what if they too turn out to be some pervert etc?

  5. He was and still a sex pervert, this guy is really disgusting. I wonder those fan girls who used to be so crazy over him in the past feel disgusted now? So conclusion, do not be so crazy over idol celebrities, u never know what they do in their private live. I am worried for those fan girls who got really crazy over BTS, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo and spent so much money and time on them, and what if they turn out to be some psycho/pervert etc, will these fans feel regret and stupid?

  6. The guy likes to shoot his shot. He wasn’t married to Shupei at the time, so who knows what their arrangement was like back then. Besides, his wife is probably deviant in some ways herself, seeing how she had an affair with Edison even after knowing his history and while being married to her ex. Not the brightest bulb in the box.

  7. Just wait and see his daughter get played like this and or be the player and have x rated stuff when she’s old enough, then he’ll know how it feels.

    1. @exodus
      Exactly my thoughts! These men play women and then have their own daughter. It is sad if their daughters have to pay for their father’s bad deeds.

    2. @exodus \
      oh geez… don’t people say leave the wife and offsprings alone when cursing someone. not their wrongdoing…

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