Edison Chen Crudely Asked Gloria Wong: “Do You Want to Have Sex with Me?”

Edison Chen’s (陳冠希) ex-flame, Gloria Wong (黃榕), revealed that he had attempted to contact her earlier for a sexcapade at the Four Seasons Hotel. Edison denied the allegations and said that he did not have her cell phone number. He retorted that Gloria was attempting to gain publicity. Shaking off lying accusations, Gloria revealed the shattering MSN text conversation she had with Edison, in which he asked her crudely if she wanted to have sex with him.

It was rumored that Edison’s friendly reconciliation with Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) at the airport may have sparked her divorce dispute with husband, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). At the same time, Edison’s ex-flame, Gloria Wong, revealed that he had invited her for a sexcapade, which illustrated his intention to cheat behind his girlfriend, Vincy Yueng (楊永晴).  When Gloria did not respond to Edison’s crude invitation, he repeatedly apologized.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Gloria sounded agitated, “I truly did not want to publicize the MSN conversation. However, if I did not do so, people may feel that I am lying to achieve publicity. Fortunately, my boyfriend encouraged me to do so as well. I wanted to prove that I am not a casual woman and refused his offer. I respect my current boyfriend and hope that Edison respects his girlfriend as well. It is important to be loyal in love and [not cheat]. Otherwise, this will make people around you feel insecure.”

Last night, Gloria went to Shenzhen to appear in China Entertainment TV’s  Showbiz Forces <娛樂台勢力> to speak about the incident. The program will be broadcast by China Entertainment TV at 7 PM tonight.


Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: Edison’s invitation for a sexcapade was quite crude and careless. Perhaps his earlier random calls were met with success, but sooner or later, as with Gloria’s case, a non-interested party will reveal his intention to cheat behind his girlfriend’s back.

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  1. seriously he should play in porn movies instead. Can’t take him serious as an artist whatsoever

    1. Exodius,
      I doubt Edison would star in the sequel to “3D Sex and Zen,”

      I am still surprised that Hollywood shunned him after his nude photo scandal and cut his screen time in

      1. I watched the uncut version of Dark Knight and being honest, his scene is no longer than 5s and 1 line. SO cut or not, dun have much effect.

    2. Exodius,
      I doubt Edison would star in the sequel to “3D Sex and Zen,”

      I am still surprised that Hollywood shunned him after his nude photo scandal and cut his screen time in “The Dark Knight.” Normally Hollywood forgives all kinds of scandals, but they shunned Edison.

      1. well he is a nobody in hollywood and the reason the got the play is because of the asian market. If the asian market rejects him then they hollywood would have no use of him. In the end it’s all about the bucks the rest is just conversation.

      2. “Normally Hollywood forgives all kinds of scandals, but they shunned Edison.”

        Because he was a nobody in Hollywood and they needed to sell the movie in Asia.

  2. I have to admit, I’ve done that in the past. It’s a booty call. It’s only wrong if you have a girlfriend.

    1. JD,
      If you don’t mind me asking, what is your success rate with this type of call? No romance and get straight to the point like Edison?

      1. LOL… since Jayne asked, I would like to know too.

      2. @Jayne: lol… where I live guys do that all the time (highschoolers too).. maybe they do it as a joke with ‘intention’ but like it’s a way of flirting =P ..single guys that is. It’s called a one night stand. But Edison is acting like a high school kid.. and you know kids these days, they have sex with whoever.

      3. well i had this same type of call.. never saw him the same since ahah. maybe on other girls :L

    2. Well in this case, Edison DOES have a girlfriend so it is wrong… I personally it is wrong to do it even if you are single.

  3. Once a Dog always a DOGGG.. DISGUSTING!!
    I wonder if he asked Cecilia if she wants to “AHEM” him when they met on the plane LOL.

    1. I wonder the same thing. Edison’s dark past will forever come back and haunt him. I just wished that he changed for the better but I don’t think that is ever going to happen.

  4. He’s obviously an ass. But i do think she’s riding on the publicity! Going to Shenzen to appear on a TV program revealing this incident!!!

    If an old flame asked crudely for a night of “fun”, would you really go tell his boss? or his family? Most prob stop talking to him and then diss him to trusted friends.

    1. She went on t.v. to tell everyone about this incident so that Edison could stop harassing her with his horndog text meassages.

      1. It wasn’t a text message. It was an MSN message. And you can very conveniently block or report anyone whom you don’t want to talk to and she did respond to his messages which makes me think they probably have been in touch on and off. And judging by Edison’s concurrent messages, he doesn’t sound like he was harassing her. He was asking (though very abruptly) and when she failed to reply, he apologized. He didn’t call her any degrading names or tried to blackmail her with their past affairs (if he did, i think she would have exposed those messages instead). So, he is a cheater and has little morality in terms of being a decent man, but i wouldn’t call him a harasser yet.

  5. Edison is like a male dog, when he sees a female dog he just want to hump. I feel bad for his GF.

  6. Not that I’m on team EDC, but she didn’t say no and even asked for his address. Everyone’s putting the blame on him, but perhaps the girls feed his addictions too and saving the conversation? That’s totally fame whoring!

    1. She was probably setting a bail on him by asking his address so the public and media won’t call her a liar for making up stories of her and Edison.

      As for Edison, he’s indeed careless and crazy for sex….. This guy…will prolly gets beaten up one day for asking women for free sex just for pleasure.

  7. and that’s why I like Edison, hes not afraid to be himself and No he is not equipped to be in porn unless it’s in japan.

  8. I am not shocked since Edison did say that having sex was one of the things that he liked doing most. I can’t believe that his girlfriend still stays with him after all this. I don’t think he is suitable for being in a marriage because he simply is not satisfied with having only one sexual partner.

  9. I also wonder if Edison ever accidently got anyone pregnant?? I wonder what he would do if he did. I don’t know if he would take responsibility since he often acts like a kid.

  10. Why is Vincy still with this guy? She’s young, educated, wealthy, and beautiful. She should know that it’s hard to change a playboy into a husband material. Gosh, someone needs to wake her up.

    1. hard to tell since Love is blind, when a couple is deeply inlove..no one not even their family members can separate them.

      1. I think she is really in love with him or else she would have left him long ago. But I wonder if she would even dare to marry a person like him???

    2. Since I’m not familiar with Vincy, I do not know about her personality, but I agree that it’s difficult to stay with someone like Edison. Unless Vincy is the type of girl who enjoys casual relationships as well, I don’t quite understand why she would stay with a man who is sexually unfaithful.

      We have had conversations on this blog regarding fidelity and some people might not mind having multiple sexual partners as long as the emotional loyalty is present, but personally, I still find it difficult to accept a man who sleeps with other women.

      In Edison’s case, his desire for sex is so strong that I find it impossible for him to stay faithful to his gf/wife and only have one sexual partner. Marriage and fidelity would be a problem unless his wife doesn’t mind. Every person has their own lifestyle and if Vincy doesn’t mind and she and Edison has had the talk, they would be able to work things out.

      1. This reminds me of this one lady that I saw on INside Edition. She was the wife of an athlete that I forgot the name of. Basically, he slept with many many women. She knew about it and was hurt, however, she still stayed with him…I was really shocked that she still stayed with her husband and loved him even though he still continued to sleep around… I don’t think most women( and men too) would tolerate their wife/husband sleeping around with anyone else.

        In Vincy and Edison’s case, they are still only dating so Vincy may not care as much since they are not officially married?? But who really knows since I don’t know much about Vincy.

      2. Vincy is still very young. She might think she can quit him whenever she wants.

      3. I also wonder if it will be easy for Vincy to just leave him whenever she wanted to??? It may sound simple to say it, but doing it is another thing. What if he tugs onto her and won’t let go???

      4. @HTS, In modern society, women, just like men, ought to realize that they shouldn’t stay in an unhealthy relationship. If Edison really doesn’t have what Vincy is looking for in a relationship and she is determined enough to leave him, she can do it and his tugging will not do any good. Furthermore, what makes you think that Edison will tug on Vincy? If he loves Vincy enough, the two of them will find a compromise to the situation. If not, since both parties are celebrities, they appear to have a bigger market than normal people. They will find someone who will be suitable for each other eventually.

        How long has Vincy and Edison been dating? In the initial stages of dating, it is important to actually get to know the person and know if the two are compatible. They seem to have been dating for a while now and despite Edison’s rumors with women along the way, it didn’t seem to hurt his relationship with Vincy. I’m assuming they have a relatively stable relationship. It is also likely that Vincy is familiar with Edison’s personality and realizes that he has a desire for sex. If she doesn’t mind his playful habits and the two are able to come to a consensus, then their relationship can work out.

      5. @ HTS: Vincy is still in US now. EDC is in HK. And I dun think EDC is the type of guy that can’t let go a relationship.

        @ Chriselle: They dated when Vincy was 14. Now she is 19 or 20, I dun rmb well. So over 5 years. But not sure if they are still dating, or not. No claim of breakup but nothing can ensure that they are still together.

      6. Ah, I rmb during the sex scandal, Vincy was asked and she said: “I don’t care”. So I guess she really doesn’t care for it.

      7. Somehow I always assumed that Vincy was part of the entertainment circle and was a model. Apparently, when I just googled her, there wasn’t too much information of her that came up. So she’s only known for being Edison’s gf?

        In Edison and Vincy’s long distance relationship and with Edison’s need to satisfy his sexual appetite, then it’s inevitable that he’ll have to rely on these booty calls to have his needs met.

        How did Edison and Vincy meet? Their age difference is 10+ years. I also remember that Edison has a thing for girls many years younger than him. I’m surprised and Edison must like Vincy to a certain extent to keep this long distance relationship going. They are after all living in different countries. There were rumors that they broke up after three years, weren’t there? Was there any truth to this?

      8. @ Chriselle

        Vincy is EEG’s boss’s niece. So, even though she does not work in the entertainment circle, she must know a lot of people in the circle. So, there should be many instances that she can meet Edison.

      9. Kidd is correct. Vincy is daughter of Albert Yeung’s brother (Also a big shareholder of EEG). EDC and Vincy met through Albert (when EDC is still a part of EEG), then he left EEG (before that he bashed Albert and EEG) but still maintain the relationship with Vincy.

        Vincy is studying to be a businesswoman, but ppl say she is kind of Paris Hilton.

      10. Chriselle,
        Edison’s lifestyle, partying habits, and manner of dress doesn’t seem to have changed from the time when he was in his 20s. It does seem like there is a problem for him to communicate with girlfriend who is a decade younger than him.

        Some men don’t mature mentally at the same rate women do in their 30s. No,matter what age, most men find the appearance of women in their 20s the most attractive. Sometimes the companonship of a 20 something woman makes a man feel younger.

      11. chriselle,
        I meant to say that Edison does not have problems communicating with younger women. He seems like a man who likes clubbing and wild parties.

  11. hahaha, the actual conversation makes the headline sound romantic in comparison.

    I can’t say I feel sorry for his girlfriend, to be honest. It’s not like she didn’t know what she was in for.

  12. I am not surprise to hear about Edison with this latest news, he could be a sex addict. He is full of himself! As for Gloria Wong, this is a good opportunity for her to promote herself.

    1. I’m thinking that he might be a sex addict too.

  13. Not surprised…

    I remember hearing on HK Reporter (online radio station) Siu Yuk Yuen(sp?) talked about Joe vs Edison (when Joe was photographed kissing another female) and he said that EDC would be someone like this, directly, and lots will fall for it or even if 1 in 10 you still have that 1

  14. My question is if she was offended then why did she continue talking to him? If it was me I would tell him to f-off, but instead she continued talking him like it was okay. What’s the deal with that? Hmmm….

  15. Darn…this boy still doesn’t learn anything from his sex scandal. Might as well quit show biz business and be a gigolo or watever all he ever want is sex. So sad for his current gf.

    1. Wong Jing should feature Edison as his male lead for his next movie.

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg HAHHAHAHA ok, I’ve seen this type of text/sext and MSN flirting before and it’s not so embarrassing if it’s kept between two people [or laughing with a good gf]…but posted online like this for others to see crushing!

    Sometimes, the oddest part…is that it’s the people you least expect to participate in this kind of behavior who do this. Edison, is not unexpected at all! Him turning over a new leaf would be unexpected.

  17. is there such thing as sex addict? I thought all guys are like that but they ain’t obvious like Edison chen? This dude just messed with the wrong girl. haha. poor him. i hope he seriously learns his lesson this time!

  18. UGH! Why would anyone want to publicise something like this? We all know what type of person EDC is.

    I love how Gloria just wanted to prove she wasn’t a casual woman….whatever…trying to gain publicity for yourself much..

  19. I think it’s a bit harsh for people to be saying he needs help. The man likes sex, nothing wrong with it. he wasn’t harassing her or forcing her. Like someone mentioned, one night stands and “friends with benefits” are common. It happens. Since he’s a “celebrity” it looks bad for him, especially what happened before.

    1. It’s bad b/c he has a girlfriend. Celeb or no celeb, cheating is wrong and unattractive. One night stands and friends w/benefits are not common when one is in a a relationship.

      1. You have a good point of view and I guess what youd like to say “morally right”

        I hate to break it to you, but it’s common, even if someone is in a relationship. You can call it unfaithfulness and that can be it if you like. But just letting you know it does happen. and before you get me wrong, of course everyone isn’t like that, but like I said there are some.

        Also, have you heard of something called an “open relationship”. I doubt thats what this guys going for but just thought Id throw it out there too and let you know there is such a thing.

  20. The girl just looking for publicity ride. Since EC currently all over the news. So it’s a good timing. She can just block or ignore him in MSN.

    She’s already creating a publicity for herself when she 1st revealed it anyway.

    1. I know!! I was going to say the same thing!! He just grosses me out..@_@

  21. Personally, I don’t like that guy at all, but somehow I think that girl is not innocent as well, and this is the private message between them, why she bring it out to the public?,,,not like he chasing her around,,, just my point of view only

  22. Charlie Sheen of HK.

    BTW, why is he still breathing… wasn’t there a price on his head?

    1. That’s what I heard too but nothing came out of it. I guess he is safe to play around again since the first incident is over.

  23. never cared much for this little pr!ck (yes I seen the pictures and the ‘little’ suits him lmao)

    1. That ‘little’ friend of him doesn’t stop him from being active on this hobby rofl

    2. well asian guys have small penis. is that a crime?

  24. Didn’t he get death threats before? I am surprised that he is still not scared and is back to his old self again…

  25. Ethical! not for either party!

    EDC has always been the way he is and that said no excuse for his behaviour!

    As for Gloria, she has obviously in the past taken part in his conquest, as they both appeared to be comfortable with the conversation until a point, then she went quiet. Why has she not confronted him at the time and how do we know the message has not been edited. This leads to the question could it all be fabricated?

    The entertainment industry is so complicated..you just don’t know what really is the truth. Just don’t trust everything you read.

  26. This is kinda karma.

    Cecilia earlier deny her meeting with Edison in her weibo and Edison revealed that they did and even said their reunion was a happy one.

    Now, Edison denied contacting Gloria and Gloria reveal their msn chat showing he ask Gloria for sex.

  27. wow, I would be so pissed off if my personal conversations have been revealed to the public!

    it’s not up to us to judge whether it’s wrong of him to do that or not. that’s HIS life! are we forgetting this? she could’ve easily blocked him on MSN and severed contacts. wtf is this?

    i’m not a fan of edison nor do i agree with his actions. but damn, this whole invasion of privacy to gain fame is very disgusting to me. also, what a self-righteous b***!

  28. EDC looks more and more disgusting day by day. Comparing with his picture 7 years ago, it’s totally different. The way he lived had shown clearly on his face.

  29. That Gloria Wong sounds like a s*** to me. In the past, she must act like one so ex(s) still pursue those actions when spoken to. She’s no innocent bystander here.

  30. Edison Chen is such a little prick – Any girl that slept or sleeps with him is either pathetic or a female version of him – they deserve each other. God, he has this face that you just want to slap. If I were a guy, I’d beat the *hit out of him just BECAUSE of his face. I absolutely hate this guy.

  31. Edison Chen is such a little prick – Any girl that slept or sleeps with him is either pathetic or a female version of him – they deserve each other. God, he has this face that you just want to slap.

  32. EDC is no Charlie Sheen but a Chinese John Holmes wannabe. Yes “Long” John Holmes later died from AIDS from all those porno flicks he did.

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