Edison Chen Has a Schoolgirl Fetish; Cammi Tse: “I Did Not Have Sex With Him!”

Despite weathering the nude photo scandal, Edison Chen (陳冠希) remained fearless, shockingly discovered to be dating 16-year-old model, Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙).  Yesterday, the couple’s private kissing photos were exposed. With his image shattered, Edison drew quick boundaries from Cammi, while announcing that he had broken up with former girlfriend, Vincy Yeung (楊永晴) six months ago. Cammi was left alone to face the media’s intense pursuit and in a quivering voice, insisted that she did not have a sexual relationship with Edison Chen!

With the turmoil following his 2008 nude photo scandal, Edison’s reputation and career were emptied in one shot. Although people may have expected him to turn over a new leaf, it turned out that Edison was still obsessed with taking photos.  After the Oriental Daily newspaper initially published a lip-locking photo of 31-year-old Edison and 16-year-old Cammi yesterday, additional photos of the couple circulated online last night. In the photos, Edison’s naked shoulders were apparent while he kissed Cammi ecstatically.

Cammi Modeled Lingerie and School Uniform for Edison

According to an inside source, Edison frequently invited Cammi to his house, requesting her to model  maid-inspired lingerie and her school uniform to satisfy his photography fetish.

Romantically linked with Edison in the past, Gloria Wong (黃榕) complained that he had gone too far by dating a 16-year-old student. Gloria said, “I’m not surprised that he is dating a 16-year-old. He is interested in all types of women! The worst may be that he asked her to wear her school uniform to take photos! It’s too much! He should see a psychiatrist to curb his lust!”

Edison Chen: “I Broke Up With Cammi Tse!”

Although Edison’s relationship with Cammi was only exposed yesterday, he rushed to draw clear boundaries between them. Currently overseas, Edison’s manager responded on his behalf, “After seeing these reports, my mood has been very complex. About six months ago, I broke up with Vincy. The feeling of lost love did not feel good and when I met this girl Cammi, I thought there was a possibility to develop further. Our relationship had only started and this incident [circulation of kissing photos] happened. I do not have anything to respond and can only tell you that at this moment, I have resumed my single status!  Thank you everyone for your concern!”

Due to the exposure of the kissing photos, it was understood that Edison and Cammi contacted each other to discuss the situation. Although Cammi wished to mend the relationship, Edison was intent on breaking up.

Cammi Tse: “I Did Not Have Sex With Edison!”

Aside from announcing that he had broken up with Vincy Yeung half a year ago, Edison also coldly broke up with the underage Cammi. In a telephone interview, Cammi said, “I knew he and Vincy had broken up. We had started dating for a short period of time.” (After the kissing photos surfaced, have you been in touch with Edison?) “We exchanged text messages as regular friends. We have already broken up, which was not due to this incident.”

Asked whether Cammi had broken up with Edison yesterday, she said in confusion, “I do not know! It’s not that one person asked to break up, but we both know it happened. We broke up under good terms.” Asked whether she had taken intimate photos with Edison, Cammi said in a quivering voice, “No.” Asked whether she had a sexual relationship with Edison, Cammi said, “No!”

Living in Fear

Cammi indicated that she had lost her cell phone earlier and suspected that her kissing photos were leaked as a result. Cammi was very scared and afraid that her family, who was [unaware of her dating Edison], would see the photos.The administrators at Cammi’s school were concerned about the situation as well, but did not ask her to stop attending school. Cammi indicated that she will continue to go to school.

Allegedly, Cammi’s management company will help her file a police report. Cammi insisted that no additional revealing photos were taken. The reporter asked whether Cammi and Edison had taken the photos willingly, she responded, “I do not know how to answer, but I am already 16-years-old!”


Excerpt from Orientdaily.on.cc

Jayne: Didn’t Edison also date Vincy Yeung when she was only 17? Apparently Edison’s mentality and lifestyle may not have changed too much over the last 10 years. He appears to still love to party and date young girls.

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  1. Offtopic : Is that Cammi’s original look (minus the makeup, big eyes contact, fake eyelashes)? She is not that pretty from what I saw in the earlier post. She looks rather “plain” just like normal school girl. Makeups can really do wonder didnt they?

    OnTopic : that’s the lesson for someone young like Cammi for dating someone who’s far older and has more experience than her… even if she said she didnt have any sexual contact with Ed…who will believe her with all those intimate photos of her kissing ED leaked out?? hehehe..

    1. yup, she’s is rather plain and regular. by the picture ed with her, it look like they did have……… look closely at the pic and youll notice something weird

    2. Does anyone actually believe that Edison would have taken pics with her and had a “relationship” without sex? Come on, of course that’s what they’re going to say so that this thing doesn’t blow up more, but anyone with a bit of intelligence knew what type of a relationship he had with her…………”sexual” of course! What other type would he be interested in?

  2. Just when you think he couldn’t get any more disgusting, he manages to top everything else he has done before.

    1. Hear hear. He is bad news. Can’t understand why girls still fancy him. I thought he said he will not return to HK but he did after a couple of years and cause problems

  3. Oh man, if that girl had her lashes on when she met him then he still has some taste. But if he is into the average middle-school-girl-look, like that one picture, then he’s got some sick and demented taste. And judging from the second photo, it just screams ***. Hahaha poor girl. Hopefully he can find someone thats young but intelligent. Oh but intelligent ones wouldnt be with him.

  4. Another cellphone was lost. Wonder whose photos will be next, Ron Ng? Since Vianne lost her cellphone earlier.

  5. wow, the power of eye makeup really does wonders. :O seriously though..can’t Edison just vanish and I thought he was quitting the entertainment industry. This girl is so naive though, well I guess she can keep being a leng mo. Just wondering, isn’t 16 years old too young to be a leng mo or is that normal in Hong Kong?

  6. The picture on the bottom right hand corner isn’t a very good picture of her.

  7. Hmm, she doesn’t look very attractive does she? But then again, HE is not attractive either lol

    Poor girl!

  8. EDC started to date Vincy when she is 14, Jayne. A picture in the sex combo of EDC showed Vincy and it’s when she was 14 few months. But not a big deal because thestate Vincy lives allow ppl to date from 14.

    1. Vincy was 17 turning 18 when she started dating Edison. He started dating her after he left EEG. Their relationship first surfaced in the summer of 2006.

      1. He himself said that he dated her even before he started to bash the company of her uncle (EEG).

      2. Watch the CNN interview, Edison dated Vincy in 2004 and that’s when he decided to delete those naughty photos because he fell in love with her. So, yes, Vincy was 14/15 at the time.

      3. My mistake, I did remember him saying that they started dating in 2004. But Vincy is about 8 years younger than Edison, so she was around 16 when they started dating not 14. God that means Gillian was still sleeping with Edison when he was already dating Vincy! These girls need to get themselves check, and shame on Gillian + Edison! Edison clearly has a sex addiction but I kind of questioned the girls he has been sleeping with too. It is nearly impossible for Gillian not to know Edison was dating Vincy but yet she continues to sleep with him. It sure says a lot about her personality and Joey recently said that Gillian is a person who revolves her entire life around love which is why those around her are scared that she’ll make mistake. Her and Edison are made for each other at some point. All along when Edison was having rumors with Bobo and Cecilia, Gillian has always been in the picture regardless.

  9. I am not that shocked since we all know that it is hard to change how a person really is…

  10. i feel a sudden urge to really slap him on his face. I hope one day he’ll got locked up for doing this to minor!. All pedo should put behind jail!.

  11. I will give the girl the benefit of the doubt tt nothing sexual in nature had taken place. But perhaps, she is too young and gotten too excited to date with Edison as he is a start or rather a fallen star?!

  12. Monica says:

    Edison, what are you doing? After the nude photo scandal, he should have been more matured and learn from his mistake. But apparently, I am mistaken. I am really disappointed and angry with him for taking advantage of a 16 year old. And Cammi, you should know better than to mix with a guy with such a bad record. Disgusting and no respect for women at all.

    1. The other lady was right. Edison should do something to stop his lusting habit. He keeps going with this over and over again!

  13. She look like a typical schoolgirl without makeup! There’s nothing extra ordinary about her looks.

    1. LOL, without any makeup about 95% of all girls look ordinary 😛

      the remaining 5% are the real beauties…

      1. Your statics only quite right to entertainers, but change it to 98% and 2%. Not much real beauties without makeup.

        For normal ppl, more ppl look good without makeup.

      2. it’s obvious that you will find more real beauties among normal people since there are alot more of them…

      3. I just want to add that it is also because normal people don’t do as much so we see the more real them. While with entertainers, we are used to seeing them all made up so when we see them with little or no make up, it surprises and scares us…

  14. he is disgusting.
    guys before you diss her, please remember she’s only 16. really just a child.

    she was like probably flattered by his attentions etc.

    edison is disgusting seriously.
    no wonder when he was at some big party at singapore there were reports of local party goers shoving him and all.

  15. EDC is fast becoming a pedophile. The parents of this 16 year old Cammi are either blind and ignorant or status seeking money-grabbing imbeciles. Good loving parents should be setting the guidelines on who and when their daughter should date especially if she is still immature…Just because someone is 16 years old physically does not mean that their mind has matured to think at that level of complexity…

  16. she isn’t that great looking n neither is him mean for each other

  17. Can someone direct me to the youtube videos that can teach me to do makeup like her? 🙂

  18. he deserves a good beating with hammers on the face! break his arms and legs, that’s what people had done with pedophile like him. just don’t kill him, give him a good beating.

  19. i suggest Edison seek treatment too since he can’t control himself antmore

  20. If anyone of you have read the messages that EDC and Cammi sent to each other, you will know why ppl seem too harsh on him like this. It sounds so sick and he is definitely a lolicon in these messages. He keeps talking about letting him to see her in “real uniform” or “swimsuit” or “cutecute clothings” only =.=.

    BTW, the girl is also trying to act “small girl” but from the messages, she is not. She is “ok” with EDC quickly.

    1. Oh…that why we saw the police uniform in the lady you-know-who nude pics.

    2. i don’t think the girl is innocent either. Now a day kids mature very early.

  21. It is real easy fix to take care of EDC’s urge – just castrate him.

  22. A male model came out and said that Cammi is the one who seduced EDC and revealed the pix to get fame. She did that to this male model (saying sweet and sexy words, then reveal to the public that she is a victim of a sexual harassment from the guy). Cammi herself said to the media that EDC is her first love but this male model claimed that Cammi has a long list of famous guys that she seduced by using cute face and the school girl label.

    My opinion: Cammi might be a cunning girl but EDC can’t run out of the responsibilities. From the dirty SMS text between them and the pix, it’s very hard for ppl to blv that they dun have sex.

  23. Why the entertainment industry still gives this call boy chances to film, sing, show-off his pervert face? I only knew him after seeing nude pics of the mother of Tse’s kids. Surely, he was nothing near famous in Asia, except HK

    1. Oh goodness, why am I not shocked?? Maybe she is trying to use this to promote herself.. How sad, low and pathetic…

      1. Even it is nothing special knowning her virginity taken away, it is fun to see these sl*t act …naive: it is all about love.

  24. hey people,

    come on, it’s on a girl cell phone so don’t blame on him.

  25. FINAL WORD…She is a dog-looking hoe and he is a perverted john. Aaarrrgggly.

  26. What a disgusting PEDOPHILE!I sure hope he gets into jail for having sexual relationship with a minor!

  27. Man that girl is fug…

    What happened to your taste in girls EDC?

  28. Guess is this girl that did it on purpose so that she will be famous.. Oh god the picture of her without makeup just so fugly.. zzz sometimes things dont go one sided.. 16yrs old is old enough to think.. edison might be the victim for this case 🙂

  29. wow… that girl is mad ugly..
    i guess that’s the best edison chen can do now huh?

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