Ex-Girlfriend Said Nathan Ngai is a Cheater: “Worse than Edison Chen”

TVB actor Nathan Ngai (魏焌皓) is accused by ex-girlfriend Gloria Wong (黃榕) for being a cheater. Gloria said Nathan is “even worse than Edison Chen (陳冠希)” and urged women to not fall in the same trap that she fell in.

Twenty-five-year-old Nathan made his television drama debut in 2009 after graduating from TVB’s artiste training class. Though Nathan has yet to reach a new breakthrough role after his heartwarming portrayal as Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) paralyzed younger brother in The Hippocratic Crush < On Call 36小時>, he filmed eight television dramas in a span of only one year, which boosted his public exposure.

Nathan is a Player; Dating 15 Women in Two Years?

With his good looks and muscular body, Nathan is very popular with women. Gossip magazines reported that a few months ago, Nathan successfully pursued pseudo-model Gloria Wong, who was photographed entering his home several times. He allegedly cheated on her with Lee Yee Man (李綺雯). The TVB actress claimed that they are just friends and that Nathan is too young for her.

Known for his flirtatious tongue, it was reported that Nathan dated 15 female artistes in two years, including TVB promoted stars Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Tracy Chu (朱千雪), and Tammy Au Yeung (歐陽巧瑩). Nathan would date a different girl every few months, sometimes more than two at the same time.

Metrosexual image stylist Karl (綠魔) mentioned that Nathan is a smooth-talker, hinting that Nathan has also flirted with men.

Gloria Reveals that Nathan is a Cheater

At an earlier event held in Kowloon Tong, Gloria did not hold back on her criticism of Nathan. She believes that Nathan had in fact dated more women than the gossip reports claimed. Many friends came up to her and said Nathan would meet new girls every day. Gloria admitted that she was aware of Nathan’s playful personality when they dated and was always worried if he had cheated on her. Gloria said is not surprised if she turned out to be the third party herself.

“I was really sad about it. Now, I don’t feel sad anymore but happy. I feel very lucky that I got away and I can start a new life,” Gloria said.

Asked if they still keep in contact, Gloria said, “No! I can’t even find him anyway. It’s like he has gone missing. He has definitely disappeared from my life.”

Gloria said the reason why she has been so vocal in revealing Nathan’s nature is because she does not want other women to fall in the same trap that she fell in. “He is really good with words. He is very flirty and makes you happy. When I first met him, he gave me the impression of someone who is very sunny and gentle, but now I know that he is really good with women.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow….cant believe this lang jai is a player I guest every guy goes through the stages no matter if your old or young!!!

    there is a chinese saying which is Thao Sik dont be in the same circle this guy obiviously asking to for it!!! I mean everyone knows one another in the industry

    1. ya every guy goes through that stage. nice generalization. sheesh

  2. Nobody can beat Edison Chen, I’m convinced that must be an exaggeration. However, if he even gets with guys then perhaps he has an even wider playing field lol.

  3. need to see proof or else i will think she is just an angry ex looking to damage his non existance repution

  4. See, people say don’t go by looks. But I got a swarmy feel about this guy from the start. I didn’t find his “good” boy image believable, even when he first debut. Judging by how harshly gloria wong is criticizing him, guess I was right XD.

  5. What makes the things that Gloria says tangible? Unless there is evidence, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    1. So the girls have no responsibility in this? The lipstick, the makeup, the hooker pumps, tight pants and pushup bra? When girls play other girls to sleep w a guy, nothing happens…when a guy plays other guys over a girl, then there’s violence. Who’s got more morals?

  6. What she said isn’t necessarily true, but it gives some awareness to girls who might end up dating him in the future.

  7. Guys will be guys! Why would you stop if it just keeps on coming and throwing themselves at you? Who’s to say no? Some can and some can’t.

    1. Better check that whoever is not already married. There are tons of married men out there clubbing.

  8. Regardless of whether it is true or not,just the fact that she is badmouthing her ex to the public partially shows what kind of character she is.

    1. Tell only the good? That doesn’t sound right either. If it is the truth, nothing wrong with telling it like it is. If he does it, he can face it. 🙂

      1. Not to say tell only the good but no need to badmouth to the public,especially if your ex is a public figure.

      2. If he is a public figure, he himself should be more careful about his own actions (if he wants to protect his own image).

        “If he can do it, he can face it.”

    2. HTS, I disagree. She may be angry (and she has the right to be if it is true) and there is nothing wrong expressing this when he is a player and no one knows. If anything, it shows your character to go assuming her character is bad rather than reading gossip for what it is.. Gossip.

      1. It amazes me that we can stand up for ourselves. Regards of whether the person is a public figure or not, cheats are cheats and there is nothing wrong with expressing that moderately. That doesn’t strike me as a bad character.

      2. agreed! if someone does something bad, they should suffer repercussions. that doubles for public figures. so if you’re in the public eye, pay attention to your behavior.

        people who never voice the other person’s misdeeds is what cause people like bill cosby to continue perpetrating his crimes.

      3. Agreed, “bad character” more appropriately describes the cheater. 🙂

      4. Excuse me,but what right do you have to judge my character? You are commenting here just like anyone else,so what does that make you? Not trying to defend this guy since he sounds like a jerk,but for her to go around badmouthing him does not seem to make her an angel either. But since none of us know the truth,who knows if any of it is true or not? The next thing you know,she can just be bitter towards him and is out to ruin his rep too,so honestly,who truly knows the truth?

      5. @HeTieShou

        If the accuser is lying, s/he’ll get found out eventually. Just a matter of when. And when that happens, the person will get double the returns.

      6. HTS, I reflected your assumptions of someone else onto you. Doesn’t feel good does it? Gossip is gossip. I just think judging someone for expressing their views/opinions/experiences isn’t fair. Especially when she has stated it once (if she constantly goes on about it.. That’s another story).

  9. He does has that cheater look. Can’t stabd him a bit and don’t think he is Leng jai. Good on her, there is no reason for her to bad mouth him if it is not truth. He must be a terrible person. Didn’t hear any Ruco`s Ex badmouthed him.

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