How the Hunks of “Tiger Cubs 2” Sculpted Their Bodies

Above: Vincent Wong and Nathan Ngai show off their hard bodies while training for “Tiger Cubs 2”.

TVB’s upcoming drama Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎Ⅱ> not only promise lots of adrenaline-pumping action, it will also feature five body-beautiful hunks aside from male lead Joe Ma (馬德鐘).

Oscar Leung

Although only 5 feet 7 inches tall, Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) impresses with his well-defined muscles and 38-inch chest. He has been working out for years and made sure to pay for his gym membership even when he cannot afford other luxuries in his early career. In achieving a more ideal body shape, Oscar turned to the experts: Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and other Mr. Hong Kong participants.

What is the secret to Oscar’s body sculpting? He focused on working out his shoulder and back muscles while “cutting back on cold drinks, sweets, and rice, and slowly forging the [muscle] definition lines.” Oscar added, “It can’t be rushed, as it needs to be proportionate to my figure. Otherwise, there’ll be a small head and big body!”

Benjamin Yuen

Since Benjamin Yuen’s grandfather was a bodybuilder, he had an insight into the secrets of body sculpting early on. Benjamin started training his body as a teenager, as he was surrounded by well-built friends. But it was seeing Brad Pitt in 1999’s Fight Club that motivated Benjamin to work out religiously and obtain several fitness trainer’s licenses.

The 41-inch-chested Mr. Hong Kong shared, “If you want to inflate muscle mass, you need to eat more carbohydrates. If you want more muscle definition, then eat oatmeal and 3 boiled egg whites every day on top of vegetables.” Benjamin also lives by the belief that the muscles have to be trained until they are torn. Only when the muscles recover from the trauma can they become strong and effective.

William Chak

For years, William Chak (翟威廉) has been training his body nearly every day. Aside from weight lifting, William also practices Taekwondo for about 6 hours every week. Possessing a 40-inch-chest, William said, “With my height, it wouldn’t look good if I got a bigger chest, so I am just focusing on muscle definition.”

Vincent Wong

Among the Tiger Cubs 2 cast, Vincent Wong (王浩信) possesses the largest chest at 43 inches. Although Vincent has not been working out consistently on a long-time basis, he achieved startling results within a few months prior to the filming of Tiger Cubs 2. Practicing Muay Thai, Vincent revealed his strict diet, “I ate 16 egg whites and boiled chicken breast daily, to the point that I never want to eat them again!” Vincent’s wife, Yoyo Chen (陈自瑶), fell in love with Vincent’s new body asked that he maintain his current muscles.

Nathan Ngai

Like Oscar, Nathan Ngai (魏焌皓) started bodybuilding because he felt he was too thin at his previous weight of 120 pounds. Last year, Nathan obtained a trainer’s licence and hopes to open his own gym one day. Currently 140 pounds and building up his chest to 41 inches, Nathan believes that he can sculpt his body more.

Oscar, Benjamin, Vincent, and Nathan spend hours at the gym each day to maintain their muscular shapes. Their improved physique gave them greater confidence and allowed more filming opportunities at TVB. Tiger Cubs 2 will be a perfect platform to showcase all the hard work they have put into training their bodies.


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  1. I thought Vincent Wong character died in the first installment of tiger cubs?

    1. I was going to ask the same thing. Is he coming back as a twin, villain, or reanimation?

    2. This is why I get so tired of tvb. Dead characters are revived by using the stupid twin brother concept.

      1. Now with the advancement and usual usage of those In Vitro thing, expect THREE or FOUR or FIVe twin brother concept.

    3. I thought so too. I was checking the casting list, Tiger cubs 2 has not mention of Vincent Wong’s name…. Interesting… twin? no mention…

    4. I was just going ask the same question didn’t he die. Are they going make him his long lost twin or new person with same face like zoe and summer.

  2. Nice!

    “Although only 5 feet 7 inches tall – Oscar Leung”


  3. OMG VIncent Wong looks so funny in the pic. Especially since watching Will Power where he is acting as a handsome guy.

  4. vincent improved his body but at the expense of his looks. he looks gaunt. i think these guys take steroids or growth hormones.

    1. I almost didn’t recognised Vincent Wong! Haha
      I prefer the old him

    2. Vincent doesn’t have a 43″ chest.
      That doesn’t even look 40″.

  5. These male artists are exaggerating on their chest sizes like the females do. You can’t be 120 pounds and have a 41″ chest.

    1. This + using proportion as an excuse to explain why they look like they would have trouble holding up a mic

    2. Agree with Michael 120 pounds and 41 chest kinda seems a bit fake. But guys don’t do breast implant. They either lie about it or just fat that just turned into muscle so looks so big.

    3. You misread that part. Nathan Ngai was 120 pounds and now 140 pounds with a 41″ chest.

    1. What you mean. They are married of course they are still together and forgive what.

      1. There was a rumor that he cheated on her not long after they got married

      2. Really?? No wonder I heard about some rumours of divorce. That is sad if it is true.

  6. these guys are on some sort of drug to get rip, they’re not big by any chance (and no Oscar Leung is not 5’7, he’s at best 5’5 or 5’6, my friend is 5’5 looks really similar). But they really have too much definition, the body don’t like to have so little fat. definitely on something. And i’m not sure why they’re citing “chest size” as an indicator for having a good body haha.

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