Edison Chen Issues Press Statement: “I’m Not Dating Cammi Tse Anymore!”

Rumors spread that Edison Chen (陈冠希) has resurrected his relationship with 17-year-old model, Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙). Allegedly, Cammi had stayed at Edison’s apartment for 4 hours in the middle of the night in February. Fans were shocked as to whether the former lovers were taking their romance underground, after critical backlash erupted last November.  Tired of being linked to Cammi and being called a “cradle robber,” Edison released a press statement denying current romantic involvement with the high school student.

On April 11th, Edison Chen’s press statement was issued under his company, CLOT Media Division Ltd. He stated that the contents of recent tabloid headlines were false; he was no longer dating Cammi Tse and did not wish to be linked with her. Edison felt tired and “used” in generating publicity for Cammi. Hoping to avoid negative rumors which impacted his image, Edison steered clear of controversial topics in recent interviews, speaking mainly about his business and product ideas for his apparel retail store, Juice.

Below are the full contents of Edison Chen’s press statement:

“First off, I haven’t seen or contacted this person in many months, nor do I wish to have contact with her.

The details in this magazine are absurd and have no truth so nor do I wish to comment or respond to anyone’s writings/reports in the magazine as I have found them to be from unreliable sources.

“I am tired of having people using me for promotion and for stardom, please I wish everyone well, but at the same time I wish myself to be well and to be able to live my life freely without stories and rumors that potentially damage my own personal well being.”

Source: Sohu.com

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Jayne: Edison made the right move to issue the press statement. However, the statement itself was worded a little strongly and it does seem that he wrote it himself, rather than his lawyer. So Edison is tired of people talking about his love life and would rather want to be seen as a serious businessman these days….

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  1. Well, if he keep his pants zipped his personal life won’t be a issue. Now he’s mad because the media keep catching him in these outrageous relationships. If he stay single for a year or two and focus only on his business then maybe the media will give a him break. No doubt he is brilliant at running a business so I can understand his frustration but he must control sexual behaviors if wants people to respect him.

    1. i agree… its as if addiction behavior going back to rehab

  2. If he wants to go out with a different girlfriend every hour then do it but don’t take evidence to show it, most celebrities have different girlfriends but they keep it secret, If it’s like dating a 16 year old girl. I hope he actually finds a proper girl instead of girls that just want stardom from him.

  3. Well edison you asked for it, so stop acting like a victim. 30years old men would know better when decided to play around 16 yrs old girl.

  4. His statements doesn’t mean sh*t, just like his “I will leave the entertainment industry indefinitely”

  5. Well if Edison wants respect or anything, then he must earn it and not just expect it. His actions and words don’t make him credible at all….

  6. well to be fair…he never successfully came back. it’s too bad he’s such a screw-up. he showed a ton of promise as that mute cambodian hitman in dog bite dog. he’ll be lucky to get bit parts now. maybe ricky wong will cast him in something for publicity.

  7. I think he needs to realise that no matter how hard he tries chances are he’ll always be judged on his past, and his private affairs will always intrigue the media more than his business accomplishments.

    But this makes me wonder if Cammi’s side leaked the news. So convenient how it comes around the release of her book.

    1. What’s with all these celebrities cheating these days or people in general…where are all the decent ones

  8. I agree with Jayne that a polite professional statement was probably merited at this time but his statement was far from that. He sounded angry, petty, egotistical, and downright immature. And for those reasons, I believe he wrote the statement rather than it being from a hired professional.

  9. If the visiting is true, sure that Cammie is the one who revealed. Somehow, I think it’s true, but maybe not recent.

    And look like EDC is tired of Cammie.

    1. Ed may not be seeking for Media Attention while Cammie is.. of course Ed will get tired of this publicity wh0re cammie for using him to make big name. maybe a soft porn producer should start approaching Cammie now to see if she’s interested or not..

  10. Forever tainted by that ONE scandal. Sorry, I’m not sympathetic towards him at all.

  11. Come on, that was in February. Even if it was true, so what? Two months on, they could’ve broken up again.

  12. Really, does Edison have anymore healthy image to be impacted?

  13. Is it even good to use Edison to enter the circle or get famous??

  14. Oh please. This is a guy who took pictures of numerous female artist’s gep gep several years ago and he wants to “wish myself to be well and to be able to live my life freely without stories and rumors that potentially damage my own personal well being”. Oh you, that ain’t happening.

  15. His pissed off coz Cammi is clearly using him for publicity hahaa Oh wells

  16. Karma is a b*itch and it sure bites you in the a** .

  17. “First off, I haven’t seen or contacted this person in many months, nor do I wish to have contact with her.

    Boy, EC sounds exactly like President Clinton only he uses “this person” instead of “that woman”. He listed “First Off” what is the second? Am I missing something from this article?

    He may not be dating Cammi any more because she is getting too old for his taste, he is going for someone younger now. Who knows what is next with this pervert!

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