Edison Chen’s Ex Cammi Tse Embroiled in Cheating Scandal

Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙), who dated Edison Chen (陳冠希) and once had rumors with Vincent Wong (王浩信), often posts about her flashy lifestyle. Regularly posting sexy photos on Instagram, Cammi would flaunt her branded bags, luxurious hotel staycations and private plane trips. However, the influencer has a controversial dating life and was accused by her Taiwanese ex-boyfriend of owing him 800,000 yuan.

Has Never Dated Another Hong Kong Man Since Edison 

Cammi revealed that the only Hong Konger she has dated was her first boyfriend when she was 16. “My male friends are mostly foreign. I don’t know why–can someone tell me what a Hong Kong guy is like?” The first Hong Kong boyfriend she referred to is likely Edison Chen.

Evolving Looks From Plastic Surgery

On January 31, reports surfaced that Cammi owes her Taiwanese ex-boyfriend a sum of CNY 800,000. When he started dating Cammi in February 2019, he spent CNY 500,000 that same year to organize a birthday party for her at a five-star hotel. He also claimed to have financed her plastic surgeries and breast enhancement surgeries.

A look at Cammi’s before and after photos show her shocking transformation. Initially resembling Hong Kong designer Nelson Cheung (張學潤), the 25-year-old now resembles a doll due to her plastic surgeries, and overly photoshopped photos which show a disproportionate figure.

Ex-Boyfriend Accuses Her of Cheating

Cammi’s ex-boyfriend claims she cheated him. Speaking up to get “justice for himself” and to prevent others from getting cheated like he did, the man claimed that he is spilling the details now as he realized Cammi was still in touch with other men when they were dating, and even travelled to Australia with a man from Guangzhou during their relationship.

To support his claims, he showed the media screenshots of his money transfers to Cammi. In one video, he can be seen accusing Cammi of pretending to be single in front of her female friend, and another video showed Cammi leaving a Korean hospital after breast enhancement surgery.

When Cammi denied they were ex-lovers, he leaked two of their intimate photos. The couple was seen sleeping in bed and another photo showed them kissing.

In response, Cammi claimed that the alleged Taiwanese ex-boyfriend was a spurned lover, and had previously harassed her through phone calls and tailing her, adding that she filed a police report. As for the intimate photos, she explained that she has no impression of them and added that the photos may have been taken by others unknowingly while she was in a drunken state. She also emphasized that she had never borrowed money from anyone.

Source: Hket

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. at least her surgeries are pretty successful. lucky her…she looks like Lin Zhi Ling now.

  2. I remember her on tv a bit when that whole scandal broke out acting all innocent… she seem so fake now looking like a barbie doll lol

  3. I don’t get why people feel the need to air their dirty laundry out like that. I mean, the guy spent money on the girl and realized he’s been cheated on… well, so be it. Lesson learned. Does he really think airing this stuff out will make her pay him back or ruin her future potential suitors? Why even bother wasting your time? And as for her… I don’t know of her as anything other than Edison Chen’s ex. But I wish this nonstop plastic surgery obsession with these girls would stop. Honestly, they all look the same and that’s sad when you wake up, and you resemble nothing of your former self. Wonder how their parents feel too. I doubt these girls feel secure even after all the ps. Confidence comes from within, not just by how you look.

  4. I gotta give props to her current BF. He really doesn’t give a sh*t about what her ex-lover or whomever wrote about her. He even badmouthed her ex lol. That’s what I call loyalty.

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